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I purchased my 2003 Rav 4 in 2006 with just over 30k miles. It had/has been maintained as recommended. It is a 5 speed manual transmission, which I have driven for more than 30 years of experience driving. I have had to replace two catalytic converters, an O2 sensor, a rear barring, the clutch, and now it is making a rattling noise. Each time I have not wanted to take on a new car payment, but this car has been a lemon. I found out the there was issued an extended warranty due to a defective Engine Computer ECM ECU PCM unit, but it expired at 10 years. This is my third and last Toyota. They should have notified me of the problem and repaired it before I replace 2 cat converters and an O2 sensor.
2014 RAV had the RAV at the coast for 2 weeks the rear brakes developed rust so that a continuous low thumping was heard when applying the brakes. Dealer said it was a problem for them on the coast. Cost $140 to have them polish the rust off-after that no thumping. Probably cheap china part.
Just completed two years with the car. Have 20,000 miles on it now and no issues. MPG has been 30 on highway and 26 combined and 20 intown driving
I have a 2013 RAV4 XLE AWD very pleased am at 43,000 miles. Purchased in December 2012 there are few shortcomings be listed about my RAV4 - Screen display has a glare, the ride isn't too smooth and very clumsy driving through snow suspension is so weak. Interior has plastic on dash console center have had problems with air conditioner got fixed at dealer even Toyota Maintenance Care Plan they wouldn't cover the cost. Trans shifts smooth but kind of hesitates at low speed but gets normal again don't know what causes that problem happens after vehicle is starting up . Fuel economy not so great gets 18 mpg lower I tried everything nothing doesn't help switching to several gas stations didn't help either other than that love the vehicle. I would get another Toyota but not a RAV4 with problems had out one have but its very reliable with an good horsepower engine and comfortable seats.
Over 150,000K, 4x4, 2-door. The only significant problem were two separate CEL issues. Trusted local mechanics were unable to fix either problem after multiple tries. Finally, took it to the dealer and, yes, they charged me through the nose each time, but both times it was fixed the same day. Lesson learned: there really are some things the dealer can do better (assuming they're on the up-n-up with you)!
At 65,000, drives as well as new. No major problems. A few flats and problems with tire valves. One set of front brakes. Have been keeping it out of gear whenever possible (red lights, long coasts). Some plastic parts under/around seats breaking off. 2010 Rav4 V6 base, white, bought new, 0%.
very good
100466 miles the head bolt THREADS pulled out of the engine block, causing head gasket failure & loss of coolant. Dealership says $8000 for new engine is the most reasonable way to fix this!
Online search shows it is a chronic problem on the 4 cylinder engines for Toyota.
I have my Toyota RAV4 2012 my daughter drive from school and on her way home she said that the "required maintenance"turn on and arrived home and park in our driveway.After 4hrs.she wants to use it again and cannot start the engine but it crank,what could be the problem.
i have a rav4 2000 when going hill and reach on the flat it start to smoke
I just installed an HID 35 watt xenon 6000k white kit. I had to fiddle with the 3 prong it came with because it was not set up the right schematic. Once I figured that out and the HIDs worked, my fog light seem to stop working.

Here's the kicker, once I plugged my stock bulb again. Fog lights worked, not when the HIDs are plugged in. Is it because I still have the wrong schematic set-up? Or is it because the fog lights are not getting power?
So you mentioned that you're tail lights turns on but no when breaking. I think it is because you have the wrong bulb in the tail like section. The tail light is a parking light (tail light) and brake light combination. The bulb I got is covered blue bulb color with a pair of wires in there one for tail (when parking light is switched on) and for when brake is applied. Did it help? Or you figured it out already.
i have an year 2000 rav 4. this can oftenly feels cold and would even stop on the road when it becomes very cold. it will lower the temperature gauge and start to sound like not firing when the temps are down. when the weather is good you start the car and wait for the temp gauge to raise then the car is good and drives ok. what could be the problem. many mech shops seems not to understand this problem. what could this be.
2007 Toyota RAV4 Sport v6 - purchased new. Now 75k and this week the fuel pump went out. Cost $850 to fix.
I have a 2011 Rav4 i brought in May 2011. After one month of driving the tire pressure light came on i put air in it. It kept on happening. The dealer check and found no air leaks. That did not stop the problem. The front tire goes flat frequently.
Love this car, of course props to the best shop ever, Old Town Foreign Car. 240K+, thanks for keeping it going, and keeping me from worry and overspending!
I have a 2007 RAV4 sport. So far the drive train had to be replaced and the water pump and the hoses were leaking. Now six months later the airconditioning has gone out and will cost another $2,000 to replace it.
I had the same exact problem and i ended up paying for the whole repair which was $700. I'm so unhappy with Toyota. Now, at 86,000 miles, my engine mounts wore off and they misdiagnosed my car and made me pay for replacing the throttle which was $1100! They replaced my mounts and it fixed the idle problem but then now something is rattling in my car! They told me its normal wear and tear. And because of the new mounts, the engine shifts at different gears and causes old plastic from the car to rattle. So, in other words, they won't fix it.
260,000 miles and i have only done routine maintinance
i have a 1998 toyota rav 4. If i could marry this car i would . it is the all time best vehicle ever. im just now having to replace my clutch but no major problems. had it for 8 years . right now im at 340,000miles. wooooo! get sum, love my car.
at 94,000 miles my '97 Rav 4L is blowing fuses when I try to replace the fuse for the tail lights and dashboard light. Does anyone else have this ploblem? Any suggestions as to where in Oakland to get this electrical prob/ fixed inexpensively?
2006 rav4 for past 2 years I been hearing a clunking noise from my steering wheel. The past 2 years toyota dealers kept saying they couldnt hear it or its not a big safety issue. I just found out few months ago that Toyota knows about the problem but will not do a recall because not enough people have complain and its not a safety issue. With all the bad publicity they have already you would think they just want to fix this issue. The problem is the intermediate shaft, to have it fix will cost anywhere betwee 400-1k. Toyota will not offer any type of assistance to fix this either. If you google this problem you will see several people complain about this issue. Some people have had luck with toyota doing a 50/50 split on the cost to fix or some even had toyota pay for the whole job. My luck so far is that Toyota will not help. People make sure everytime you take your car in you have them note in your account what is wrong iwth your vehicle. My dealer never once noted my issues. I trusted these people since my family been doing business with them for 20years. has anyone else had this issue with a 2006 rav 4
I have had my 1998 Rav4 for 11 now has almost 193,000 miles on it. It has a leak in the rack and pinion steering that I am getting fixed. I change the oil every 3K miles....very few problems. This has been the best mv I have ever owned.
Terrific Vehicle, no major problems, kept up on routine maintenance so far no problems at 92.5K miles!
I have had my 1998 Rav for 13 years and have never had a problem, until now at 140,000 miles, I need to have new brake pads put in. Air conditioning works better than my new Ford Edge.
New car to me had a Pontiac Vibe this seems to be a bigger version. Wish it had hard plastic back seat backs and floor like the vibe did so hauling my surfboards did not damage carpet. Wish the front passenger seat folded forward flat like the vibe and matrix. Like to have instrument color in differant color then yellow maybe blue that is easier on the eyes at night.
Bought new a 2001 Rav4, as I head into my 10th year of owership I have 199,000 miles!
I just this month had to replace the original! I have had no major repair issues with my Rav, in the first few years there was a problem with the check engine light that kept coming on, but there was a recall I think that reset the sensor or something and that has no longer been an issue. I just drove my 85 year mom for a 2 hour drive for christmas...she remarked how comfortable the seating go figure, I keep looking at the pretty new cars, but my Reliable Rav4 is just not going to let me move on to anything new...
Purchased new 4cyl power really lacking. Would recommend 6cyl vs 4cyl. Comfort & ride very good. Mileage in 25mpg range. Cruise control takes some getting use. Like rear door swing open feature. At 30000 miles very happy with RAV4....
Love this car, have it since 04/2008. Milage is 23,700.