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Toyota Prius (35 Reviews)
I love my Toyota Prius as a college student who is always on the go. I need a car to keep up with me. I only had a few issues with my car so far.The A/C stop blowing out cold which cost a lot of money to replace. The light bulb on the car went out few months ago cost only 7 bucks to replace.
Great car but difficult to understand complexity and if dealers would be consistently honest and affordable this car would be more of a pleasure to own.
2011 Brake Master Cylinder assembly failed at 45,000 miles, not on warranty cost in excess of $3,000 dollars. What a piece of crap.
Best car I've ever owned. 215K miles @ 9 years old and have done little to it.
Front brake pads first time @ 150K miles.
Exhaust pipes @ 170K
1 Rear Shock blew at $165K (so replaced both).

Catalytic converter code just came up at 212K miles and suspension is only now just sounding like it may need attention. Body is in great shape, no rust, and car lives outside in coastal CT. Still average 44-47 mpg.

What more need be said?
Cost to repair this car is more expense than the current price.
many light in dashboard appear in my Prius 2007 with 84,000.
According with the Tech repairs from Headquarter Toyota the ABS assembly was damage. to repair this piece of that car cost me more than US$3,600.00 Between other pieces to running again on this hybrid car I have to place US$4,900 in the table to fix. The current price for this car in the market is in average US$6,400.00. And Toyota USA never recognize to replace that ABS piece since they made other recalls on this cars on 2,012, year when I purchase this expensive car.....saving money on gas, but to repair is more money for Toyota???????
I am the original owner of a 2004 Prius. I have 153000 miles on her. She has never left me stranded. It will be eleven years on the 15th of April. The electric water pump has been replaced three times under warranty. The headlamp leveling sensor has been replaced once and I am on my third set of tires. My windshield has been replaced three times. The front of my car has survived many hits from rocks, stones, bugs and God only knows what else. The paint is chipped but no rust what so ever. Would I buy another Prius? Sure I would, I love my car and will eventually get another newer Prius. But for now, I will continue to drive this one until I can't afford to drive it.
After 8 or 9 months I noticed performance decreasing I used to do well with gas mpg but am only getting 36 mpg after 1 year. I am not happy with this car at all. I could have spent half of what I did to get this kind of performance. dealership in limerick pa gets all defensive when I mention this problem and tells me their are all kinds of factors for poor performance and they can not controll that.I should be able to get at least 40 mpg they claim it can get 52 mpg. I think it is poor customer service. I suggest not going to Limerick PA Toyota!
we were shopping for a small SUV like the Venza, but the Toyota Rep took my wishlist and showed us the Prius V and I was sold instantly! I love the height of the seats so getting in and out is much better than a sedan. I love the roominess of the hatchback on the V, and the gas mileage can't be beat, esp. compared to the Venza at about 19mpg! I'm not too techy so the nav/bluetooth/etc is just a bonus. I do like the handsfree driving on the phone. The ONLY major complaint is the Visors! Yes, the sun visors! They are not long enough to block the sun from the side window position, and just a tad shallow for the front position. Even if a slider were added, that would help, but it's kind of a big deal for me. We are a small family, hubby is 5'11" and he even loves the roominess in front and back. In Cali, we commute and drive at about 25000 miles per year. This has not failed us and have had zero problems. The bonus is the Toyota dealership in Temecula, CA is awesome! I even take our Ford F-150 and Honda Accord to them for routine maintenance!
The air conditioner compressor is defective in these cars and they should be recalled. They are expensive items(2,000repair.) For that kind of money they should not fail. Toyota needs to address this problem. They fail at about 70,000 miles.
My 2008 Pruis started blowing only hot air when the AC was on. I took it to a Toyota Dealer. Who had me bring it back Four times, saying they was puting dye in with new coolant looking for a leak.
In the end I had to pay over $1900.00 for the air conditioner to be fixed.They replaced the evaporator box and a valve. Is this the normal cost for this problem in the Pruis's. Very expensive labor.
What started as a way to save money on gas has been very costly. They kept the car for a week and did provide a loaner car. But if my car is going to start breaking down with less than 40,000 miles on it. I think I might as well forget any saving and get a different car.
Transmission Issues at 150K
Love the car but there are two problems. 1 the headlight bulbs need repalcing every 6 months. 2. the factory installed JBL E7022 radios are junk. I bought this car new. the sales person talked up the stereo / Nav unit. worked fine for over 2 years. now needs to be replaced at a cost of $1500+. talked to dealer, Toyota, and JBL no one wants to help, no one cares. The JBL E7022 is costly junk. and I will not be buying another.
Purchased my 2004 Prius used in 2006. Love it 90%. Great mileage - I can get up to 50mpg in summer and 35-40 in winter (Minnesota). Seating could be more comfy - a little stiff. Also, 2004 fog light lenses break easily and they are expensive to replace. We added an after market (installed by Toyota recommended service) heated seats and I LOVE that option. Surprisingly this car carries tons of stuff we haul around. Only car we've had that my husband says he'd buy again.
I love my Prius, But at 400 miles as I was driving home I began to hear a loud hissing sound coming from the back passenger side seat, where the vent is for the battery. It was not there for the first month and is loud after driving for a while. I took it to Desert Toyota to have it checked out and explained that is takes awhile for the noise to become loud. They never really checked it out and just told me it was normal, so why didn't it happen the first month I had it, and why is it loud enough to hear even when the radio is on. Not happy with the dealer, wish I could redo the survey!
I purchased my Prius in 2008 with just under 5,000 on it. It now has 62,400 on it, so I've put just about 11,000 miles a year on it.

I've had to replace one headlight, cost me over $300 to do it, excessive in my opinion. Why they designed it so that the bumper had to come off is beyond me, much less $180 just for the bulb.

Had to replace the axillary battery about two months ago for a little under $300.

Just had to have the car towed in yesterday, the Hybrid Inverter Water went causing 5 of the dashboard warning lights to light up, cost for that was $384, which compared to the headlight was not too bad. The extended warranty picked up all but $50 of that.

Had to have it jump started twice when it wouldn't start up, cause of it not starting is beyond me. Sitting in the garage for 2-3 days should not run down the axillary battery that fast. Once was at a rest stop when traveling my fault, I probably left on the lights when I took a nap.

I only have a little under 10,000 miles left on the warranty which will only cover the next year (due to take a 6,000 mile road trip in August. I'm worried about how much more will go wrong with it in the next 30 month until I finish paying for it.....I would really like to not replace it. I ran both of my Honda Accords to around 215,000 miles before they got traded in, I'd like to do the same for this one.

Only one annoying thing, like most, the back up should be heard outside the car to warn people you are backing up, not inside....I already know what I'm doing.
For the most part I liked my Prius up until yesterday. Sure there were a few things that occasionally bothered me. The brakes are a bit over-sensitive, but I learned to adjust my touch and that was manageable. And the heating cooling has no in between mode, always feels too cold or too hot, but that is every car I have ever ridden in so no big deal. But yesterday I found out I have to get my front wheel bearings replaced for $1200 and the problem started when the car only had 70k miles on it and it isn't even three years old. Then the dealer said that this isn't entirely uncommon for the Prius... So two days ago I was thinking of buying another Prius in a couple of years but today I am questioning the reliability and thinking I should buy something cheaper to start if I am going to have to throw $1200 at it every 70k miles!
Best car I ever had! Extremely reliable. First repair (other than scheduled maintenance) was at 150,000 miles when the rear wheel bearings were replaced. The car now has 180,000 miles and still drives like new (no squeaks or rattles, tight steering and suspension) and still gets 42-46 MPG. I will buy another Prius in a heart beat but this one still runs so good that I just can't part with it.
The way I use this car is not ideal for a hybrid. I usually drive over 70 and its mostly all highway miles. I get about 41 mpg.
I love pretty much everything about this car. It feels big and luxurious inside. It is like having a car that is trained to sense you - you never have to insert any keys and it reminds you if you leave your lights on and it doesn't let me lock my keys in the car. It is surprisingly zippy. The reliability is awesome, I never worry about a thing.
My problem? it looks like a dorkmobile.
the best car i've owned. great fuel economy 45-55 niles to the gallon. room enough in back seat for 2 adults. love this care more each day i own it. bought 2011 pruis on may 3 2011.
there is no other car that can do what ths car does .
Great for everyday use, has a high MPG, save the planet! Reccomended color: Black, looks beast + its silent so its scary :D
great every day car, it gives more than you paid for, one of the best deals available, its not a sports car but a great everysay vehicle.
We get an average of 43-45 mpg.
Engine is lacking power on take off, but that is the price you pay for good fuel mileage. There has been a problem with one headlight or the other going out and coming back on, cannot seem to find the cause.
Both tail lights went out (brake lights still worked) and we was pulled over by police, come to find out the bulbs were lose in the sockets, headlights still have the problem.
The suspension is lacking as you get a rough ride.
With all that being said, over all it is a cheap car to drive and we would buy another one, but save yourself a bundle and buy a good clean used one!
Good car, great gas milage, comfortable, surprisingly good pick-up. The downsides: 1) very noisy - dealer said Toyota did not insulate as it increased weight (dec MPG). 2) GPS not worth the cost - displays a "there is no house at this address" for homes/businesses that have been there for 20 years. 3) it costs a fortune ($375 in my area) to replace the smartkey remote. 4) many friends will not ride with me if they have to sit in the back seat - it takes a long time to heat or cool.
This replaced our Ford Explorer. Comfortable seating for 5 and luggage space for 4. I've even hauled a 10x12 shed kit with the back seats down. MPG varies greatly with the season. Hwy in winter avgs abt 42MPG while summer avgs 47MPG (flat land). Strange as it sounds we got about 4 MPG better in hilly Wisconsin Interstate. City MPG is about 7 MPG less than HWY but depends greatly on the number of stop&go's or if a straight open road. If we hit the city stop lights just right we get over 70MPG on a 5 mile stretch of city street..
This is our first Prius & I avg about 25K miles/year. I like it. We avg about 45 mpg. I did change the tires from the factory installed to a slightly wider version for better traction - the factory installed tires felt extremely unstable in rainy/snowy conditions, so followed advice on other forums on tire rec's. We did have a problem w/rear cupholder coming off. Toyota replaced it, but it did happen again anyway. I also had a display screen go bad & had to pay $700 to have a refurb installed. All that being said, we do enjoy the car & would purchase another
I love this car (I have had 2 previous Prius's
The only conpaint I have is the body seems to be made from the lightest and cheapest material Toyota could find. By even looking at the car, you seem to get a dent !! Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?
I would recommend this car to anyone that wants a fun and gas sipper for a car.
I LOVE my only two complaints are:
1) lack of space inside - going from an SUV to the Prius takes some getting used to, there isn't much storage (trunk) space, and
2) the "ugly" would be so easy to make it look a little sportier, rather than spacey looking.

As for everyone's irritation at the beeper in cousin (also a Prius owner) found somewhere online that gave directions for disabling the annoying OSHA dump truck beeper sound....I'm not sure how we did it, but I haven't had the sound going since my 2008 Prius was about 2 months old. Makes for much saner driving!! :)
Incredible car. Only problem that has cropped up is that one of the two HID headlights goes out intermittently, requiring them to be switched off, then back on to restore the failed light. This problem was easily fixed by the dealer with a simple bulb replacement.
I love this car, it has been a joy driving it. The only problems I had
was the gasoline gauge was not reading correctly and the rear left
tail light burned out within 3 years. Minor annoyance are the Navigator is not worth getting, it takes you aroundabout way and the radio needs better reception.
The best engineered car I have owned. The radio could have better reception