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Toyota Highlander (31 Reviews)
I bought the 2002 Highlander Limited used with 52,000 miles. The best vehicle that I have ever owned. I had the transmission rebuilt at 212,000 and just replaced both knock sensors at 223,500 miles. Can you say 300,000 miles?? I sure hope so!!
We bought the car new and it now has 205,000 miles on it. Aside from regular maintenance we replaces the air conditioning condenser at about 150,000 mile.

The car is in the shop now for a wheel bearing replacement and a leak at the valve cover. I am having the valves adjusted since the cover will already be off. There is a slight leak in the power steering but the quoted cost for fixing this is very expensive. I expect to get a second opinion and quote.

All in all we are very pleased with the Highlander. The interior is in excellent condition and aside from a few dings the outside is in good shape as well. We expect to drive it to (or past) 300,000 miles.
160,000 miles and still going strong - other than brakes, tires and scheduled maintenance, I've had to replace the alternator at about 80K, one ignition coil at 150K, and a leaking AC Condenser at 160K. Compared to other cars I've owned, and that's a lot with 2 kids in college, this car has been incredible. As it also came with a lifetime power train warranty, I'm going to keep it for as long as possible - and when it finally goes, I would buy another Toyota in a heartbeat.
I brought my highlander in August of 2004 and she is still going. I commute about 100 miles round trip to work and travel to different cities for my daughter club soccer on the weekends. Besides the normal wear and tear repairs my highlander has been excellent. Air conditioning is still blowing out cold air and has never had any problems. She currently has over 243,400 miles with original transmission and engine. I brought a prius in 2013 for better gas but kept my highlander for my teenagers to drive. Dont plan on getting rid of her. Love this car!
Bought new in 2005 v6 AWD Toyota Highlander, now have 148,000 miles. Best vehicle i have ever owned, and i have owned a few nice vehicles before and during owning this vehicler. I have replaced regular stuff like tires, pads, rotors, wipers, battery... normal stuff. Other issues have been that something went on with hot/cold knob where it would not turn to cold. i now have a minor, but still existent exhaust leak. My moonroof stopped working at about 100k and i just leave it closed and never bothered to fix it since Toyota wanted $1400 to fix. I do not know why seeing that i could install a moonroof in a car that doesn't have one for about that price. But that is it, i would recommended this vehicle to anyone
just jacked up the car to fix a slow leak in the tire.after i fixed it the engine light came on as well as trac light then i lost my cruise control.
is this the begining of a lemon ????
My 2007 Toyota highlander hybrid is the best vehicle I have ever had. She was bought brand new and is now approaching 200,000 miles. She has had her regular oil change and tire rotation every 5,000 miles and no problems. For awhile when she was traveling to Denver once a week, she was needing new tires almost every year. She has had one alignment done and the brakes are still the original ones. She averages 26 miles on the highway and 18 in town and cruises so smoothly and has great power and coasting for mountain driving. She is my baby.
Bought new Jan 2004. Just passed 190,000, and bought new Michelin tires so I expect at least another 90k, but want to get to 300,000. Still averaging 25.3 MPG with my 4 cylinder. Great vehicle, great service.
I now have 75,000 miles on my white 2007 Highlander SPORT and could not be happier with it's results. The six cylinder "variable valve timing" gets 19mpg overall including a lot of city driving. Twice hauled a pretty big boat/trailer and of course used my "overdrive switch-off" during city driving, but handled freeway in full overdrive except going over the Hollywood hill or any other steep hill.
The cargo area is excellent (haven't tried the seats underneath - wish I could remove them) compared to all the other SUV's in it's class. Just replaced all 4 struts and repl. tires at 69,000miles. Passenger set wish was 6way. Otherwise, keep it waxed and loved...and my "angel" takes care of me.
have 91000k on vehicle ,very reliable, gas mileage ok not great. The 4 cylinder is a little sluggish but overall a great suv .
I put new tire on my highlander 2007 and take to wheel elinment guy and he told me that may be your Main Rear Seal is leaking an dyou have only 41K mile so must be in warrenty but dealer said that no it is not in warrenty.Since i bought i took for oil change same dealer they were not able to find this problem. whta shoud i have to do beacause they ask for $2300v to fix this problem
I've bought my Highlander new and it is the best and my favorite vehicle that I have ever owned (4 previous Hondas over the years). I can't say enough good things about it...only problem I have had is the CEL comes on sometimes and the deal tells me it's nothing yet change the oil filter and it goes right off!

HIGHly recommend this car!!
Bought the Highlander new in 2006. This is my 5th and final Toyota prduct. Trim and interior has been falling apart on this since the 2nd year and dealership refused to handle under warranty. Engine has vibrated since after 1st year and dealership stated it was normal; my ass. Now the waterpump bearing is out at just over 60 k and they are refusing warranty wanting 474.00 parts and labor to repair. The parts are 113.00 from Toyota on line?? WTF Toyota you use to build good vehicles and greed has lead your quality to go to hell. I'm buying a Honda or Subaru at least if you have an issue they have customer focused dealerships.
Six years old with about 90K. Very reliable and still drives like new.

Had to change the battery, timing belt, and a few belts.

Best vehicle ever purchased.
I have a 2001 just turned 200,000 miles. I LOVE my car. I have replaced the sensors ($800), new battery once, new tires once, air filter, regular oil changes, timing belt, this is a great ride. I do roughly 450 miles a week. its a 6 cly 4 wd...I love it and it has been very good to me.
I purchased this V6 Highlander new in 2001. It has over 230K miles. Has had one set of Brake Pads, 2 Batteries, 2 Transmission Oil Changes, Routine Oil Changes (Synthetic). The "Check Engine Light" came on three times, and went off as soon as I had the Air Filter Replaced.

I am 70+ year old high mileage driver. I have worn out a lot of cars in my 55 years of driving. The only complaint I have is that the A/C doesn't get cool enough for high Desert Summer Heat.

I have a local mechanic do the routine maintenance because I took it to the Toyota Dealership for the first oil change. They insisted they put in 7-Qts of oil..It only holds 5 qts.

I can not praise this vehicle enough.
Bought this vehicle new in February of 2004. Just turned 91500 miles. To date the only things replaced are headlights and battery. Decided to be proactive with the battery and test it before winter. Tested at half the amps so went ahead and replaced it.

Runs great and drives great. Look forward to another 91500 miles.
160,000 miles and no problems to report ever! Still on the original brake pads! Car handles like new. What a great vehicle. Expect it to last to 300,000 miles or more...
Bought new in 2005. Have 132,000 mi and other than servicing , one battery (small one) and one headlamp.... not a bit of trouble. Even haul the boat with it. Its dependable, safe and stylish.
80K miles and never a problem. Not one day in the shop other then routine oil service and tire service. Have not even had to get new brakes yet!!!!
Bought in Feb 2005 now have 234,789 miles on it. Still looks and drives like new. Should not be rated for 7 passengers not enough. room
air conditioner warm air through the drivers outlet
60k on the car now, was new in June 2005. Looks and runs like new.
Great car but there are few rattles in the interior and it rides/handles like a minivan. Very roomy with large cargo area. Pleasant interior.
Sweet ride, reliable. Handles well, regardless of weather. Only has 56,000 miles on it but it looks and acts nearly brand new!
great car have not had any problems with it. It is just now beginning to need repairs.
good car, some electrical problems with heating system, and check engine light though.
excelent vehicle
This is an outstanding vehicle in nearly every way. Has a powerful V6 engine capable of passing even on hills. HVAC, suspension, etc are all well done. There are only two complaints I have, both in design. One, the wiper on the tailgate window does not flip out -- this makes it difficult to clean the entire window. Second, there is such an air vortex across the rear end while driving that the entire rear end is easily covered with rain, snow or whatever you might be driving through. The car seriously needs some kind of air dam that would force the airflow downward. If the rear wiper quit working you would not be able to see out in even the slightest rain or snow.