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Toyota Celica (29 Reviews)
I have a 1993 Celica GTS and it has been a great car. It had 17,000 miles on it when I got it and it now has over 208,000 on it. It has been my main driver since '93 and I have had very few problems with it over the years. It's still a sharp looking car after over 20 yrs. and very reliable.
can a rav4 engine fit a celica ???????
I own a 95 convertible 2.2 I've done basic preventive maint.shocks, converter,new top(not basic but someone decided that I needed better air circulation)anyway I keep my car in a garage as I live in the city.I have no dents an I also had outside and inside detailing done.This is my baby,anyway I have one problem,maybe one of you can give me some advice.I recently noticed my check engine light go on,I've checked the basics to no avail,ex:gas cap,fuses hoses etc.any Ideas would be appreciated,Thanks
Good reliable car with no issues at about 176000 miles. With the automatic it is still quite fast and can get over 30 mpg on the highway. Very few repairs needed, such as an oil pump and the coolant overflow bottle leaked. Handles well and just seems like it will go forever. Much better than an Accord of the same age that I own. Very rare and people hang onto them.
A great second car, but not one for the claustrophobic. Just now ready for our 5000 mile checkup with 5048 miles. First car is a 1997 Previa with 160,000 plus miles. Never owned a better car (nor van).
Bought mine for 2500 dollars love the car,but it seems to have a pickup problem even after having a tps and maf put on it, now it rattles real hard from time to time at stops. Just can't figure it out. If anyone knows a solution please respond. Neal
Just recently turned over 326,500 miles on my '92 Celica ST! Replacing some hoses this week, but besides routine stuff, can't complain. Great body style, good interior, still chugging along, paid for, AND averaging 30 MPG!!!
On my 1991 Toyota Celcia I had to replace my fuel pump twice. First one only lasted a year and half.
I bought a 91 celica gts, and i like it, however, id love it if it ran, i drove it home the day i got it, the very next day it died, it would try to start but wouldnt hold. We replaced the fuel pump, and charged the battery, now the car wont even turn over.....any suggestions, or ideas.
i have a 1994 toyota celica and the only proble im having with it at the moment is the drive shaft.great sporty car
It is lovely and looks cool! All of my friends love my car because she has full racing TRD body kit. Suspension is excellent! so I can drive crazy in sharp corners ^^ Do not expect the engine would suprise you ... but I don't care.
I bought my 95 celica convertible 5 years ago with 119.000 miles on it. It has 179,000 now and still runs like great. I love this car and was wondering what people thought re: putting money into it to recondition it? New paint job, new top etc. just don't want to do this and then the engine goes. Any comments would be appreciated.
I have owned my car since driving out the door from the show room, she has over 150k miles on her and still runs sweet. Most all of the part are original on the block and are almost as clean as the day they where put on. The wind flows approximately an inch off her surface and she slides and hugs the road effortlessly. The only major repairs I have had is at 130K the catalytic converter and sensors required replacement; at 100K the air conditioning unit required full replacement because I failed to catch the unit failing and it spewed ball barings through out the system. I hauled many things in the hatch area and found it carries approximate equivalent of a small pickup open area.
I just bought a 1992 toyota celica gt and it needs work because it has been sitting but i was wondering if anyone new how to take the valve cover off because I cant seem to find the bolts if you know please email thanks
I loved this car when I first bought it 2 yrs used. 48,000 miles, ran great, handled great but once I hit 80,000 mi. it began burning oil, up to a qt / week. There was then a significant loss of hp and it emitted a good amount of white smoke. I have read around various websites and blogs only to find that this is a common problem up thru the 2002 models but not significant enough to warrant a recall/ or class actions suit. (or maybe too expensive of problem for toyota to admit to) However, shame on me...I have not fixed nor replaced the engine since 2005 and the dang thing still runs well with the exception of the loss of power. If I were rating it based on how tough/reliable it is...then it would be rated all 5's.... but the problems do exist. Other than that, some minor problems with headlamps and interior accessories.
Great Car! Defiantly go for the GTS it makes all the difference in the world! Only issue would be weak support for large lights; the plastic breaks over time.
I absolutely love my Celica. Maybe, because it's my first car, or maybe because it's just amazing. It's 16 years old now, but I can still feel like the king on the road, while I'm driving it.

If you're looking for a low budget sportscar this is a very good choice. Highly reccomended!
1995 Toyota Celica ST. I LOVE my car and have had it forever. I had to replace some things due to it sitting, but other than that..great. more recently, the ring in the third cylinder went and I needed to replace the engine..boooooo. :(
I bought this car one year ago with about 130,000 miles on it. I have had no problems at all. Today I did find a leak in the main oil seal so i'll find out what that'll cost. This car has been great
Cool car, hard and expensive to find parts for!
This is the best looking sporty car. I have had no problems ever. its great on gas and gets a lot of complements! Makes you proud! I love it!
Cool Car.chick Magnet!!
I love my 93 Celica GT Convertible with a 2.2 engine. I have owned many many cars and this little cherry has out performed and out lasted even my BMW. this car is fast...the GT gets up and goes, I blow V6's away like they are standing still. its helpful that it weighs about 150# !! the interior is surprisingly comfortable with more than enough leg room. I expected a jerky, bouncy ride but this car glides like Cadillac!! You have no clue you are going 90-100mph!! I only have 125000 miles on this so its well worth investing a new clear coat (oxidation from the previous owner) and the front end half shafts just starting clicking.. I paid $2500 for this little gem and every single thing still works!! The power convertible top, all 4 windows, all locks and releases.. ONe of the best vehicles I have ever owned!! I do not reccomend driving this car with a convertible in the winter however, the snow accumulated just one time on my roof and split my back plastic window right in half..I will be buying a Toyota 4runner for next winter. Thank God for comprehensive insurance!!
I bought my 1995 Celica less then a year ago, it has 100k miles on it and still ran great. Outside of a tune up I have had no issues out of her. I would not give her up, love the pep the GT model has with only a 1.8 in it
I love my 1990 Celica - it is a reliable ride for many years now. Zippy, light, yet powerful, and the GT gets me around with a little zip.
My 1994 Celica is the best car I've ever had. I think that much higher priced sports car drivers are surprised when I out corner/curve them. I have the 1.8 engine ST with an auto trans. The best thing? It has 246 thousand miles and still drives great! The road clearance is amazing considering it looks low to the ground. I've taken it camping on rough roads and the little bugger is very tough - I even slammed the front wheels into a unseen ditch on a dirt road and rocked it out by slamming the tranny fwd-reverse, fwd-reverse until it pulled me out in reverse. No damage.

The original cloth upholstery still looks good (I weigh 220 lbs) and the driver seat lumbar support still leaves me feeling rested on long drives. My 6' tall friend was forced to ride in the back seat for 450 miles and when I asked how it was he replied "Pretty good". I could go on and on, let's just say that this is one hell of a car. Oh, did I mention the very responsive and intelligent gearing? Ok, nevermind.
Fun, zippy little package. The extra 40 horses in the GT-S doesn't make as much of a performance bump as does the shorter gearing of the 6-speed tranny. All in all, I'm totally happy with my GT.
I've been with this car since 2004. Apart from the fact that some parts are only available from the dealer and are expensive, this car is a work horse and only needed the common oil change and one or two services in between.