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My 2001 Toyota Avalon (purchased new) is fantastic. I have 340,000km (212k miles) and just purchased new Toyo tires Versado Noir and now rides brand new - maybe even better if you can believe it. Tire install felt like having new shock absorbers. I had very little maintenance except making some minor rust repairs as I live in Canada (sorry signed in from NY state to get on site). It rides great and expect more years of great ride (hence new tire buy).

Some minor glitches over years were dealt with but overall I am super satisfied. I did do timing belt at 150k, changed oil/filter regularly. Did not do scheduled maintenance. Replaced strut arm in rear and 1 tire bearing (noisy), that's about it over the brake/tire maintenance over last 16 years.

I see an Avalon post with over 500k km. Wow, even though it cost a pretty penny when I bought it in 2001 it was well worth it. It rides like a Lexus (in fact has Lexus motor, etc) and in the comparable Lexus model/same size was in G class. So all in all super happy!

Hello (after my post),
I submit a few "glitches" I dealt with. Maybe it can help other Avalon owners.

Glitch 1
I was annoyed that after car was turned off, all doors (except driver) remained shut. I saw a post on how to disable the auto shut. It is about a 1 minute procedure with turning key and a few buttons in sequence. It works except when battery is disconnected again it reverts to same old, so may have to do number of times. I keep the instructions handy and this procedure (at dealer if they know how and maybe costing hundreds) is great.

Glitch 2,
3 or 4 times my car did not start or lights were blinking internally. Simple fix: ensure battery terminals are well connected. It loosens after a few years. Again, dealer scratched their head, but simple positive battery reconnect worked.

Glitch 3,
I found rear strut assembly kept sounding clunky after 10 years. Get the right pieces from a reliable service person and replace to make solid.

Glitch 4,
After 12 years, noticed car was sluggish or did not start right off. Clean carburetor for any sludge build-up. 100 buck should do it. Do not get dealer to tell you you need new expensive spark plugs (6 or so -and very expensive). Also at 340k started to use occasional super gas to help clean injectors . maybe even that small bottle of engine cleaner in full gas tank helps. Car now purrs like a kitten.

Positive 1
New right tires make car work great and super quiet. No need for new shock absorbers, etc.

Positive 2
Car uses 8.7 litres / 100 km highway after 16 years. Better than original specs. Amazing!

Positive 3
No need to change anything ,refer to glitches.

Positive 4.
I am perplexed some people complain about minor stuff. Understand if it is major but you get what you pay for, how you drive and maintain car. Maybe with other brands they would be less complaining. You can never please all the people all the time.

Happy driving.

Good dependable car. I purchased new of '02 now has over 234K miles. Only things have changed be the maintenance care as the timing belt at 75,000 miles and Synthetic oil at 2,500 mile. I have never experienced nothing expensive replacing except minor small exhaust leak in 2012 won the lottery still driving this old car. Still comfortable, replaced brakes, tires, CVs, oil filter and 2 belts etc. So far my Avalon is a solid car it will go for another 100,000 miles as my '85 Cressida lasted 350,000 miles so know Toyotas are trustworthy cars keep on going and going.
Owned 2 4Runner's until purchased a 2004 Avalon. I LOVE the ride and comfort of this car I'm at 185,000. Gets excellent services oil changes with 3,500 mile scheduled maintenance. Runs smooth with the 6 cylinder love this car its worth everything in the book planning driving until all four wheels comes off. I recently got T-Belt changed @75,000 so far after 6 years owned my Avalon there hasn't been a major problems out this car. Will continue on servicing at three thousand miles no oil leaks or other issues have had with it but brakes/3 batteries its a good reliable vehicle as my '69 Plymouth Valiant bought used in 1974 this car is amazing with Toyota's Quality.
I had a 2005 but got totaled now I am driving a 2007 Avalon Limited purchased in 2011. This car is reliable and comfortable driven have silver color as my other one loving my Avalon its a best pick owning one of these. Does great in city driving plus interior feels like a Buick love elegance in/out of it its in excellent condition. I would buy another in a heartbeat I'm driving this one until 200,000 just did regular oil changes and changed spark plugs at 3,000 miles). Overall Avalon is best car ever owned gorgeous looking very quiet driving after 4 years never given me an problem it's amazing than ever to drive being the best ever.
I like my Avalon Limited BUT .....
I just learned that to replace my headlight bulbs they need to remove the bumper ( P&L) runs over $500 for both lights - my older Camry cost $30 for parts and 25 min of my own labor. What kind of car co. would build a car that requires removal of the bumper to change the bulb. Although other elements in the car seem to work well after my 8 years of owner ship I am extremely worried what other lame brain ideas guided the decisions that will effect the owners ability to repair their car as it gets older. My other complaint is the suspension which is getting loose, noisy, and less luxury in feel. ( however part of the blame goes to Louisiana roads which are substandard to say the least ) Hope I won't be on the site in a few years complaining about repair cost for things I don't even image yet. I kind of feel like Toyota ( which I have trusted for my last 3 cars) has let me down, hope to be proved wrong !
My 2000 Toyota Avalon has 232,000 miles and runs and feels great, I have a 2003 highlander with 96,000 miles but prefer the Avalon because is a better ride and have no problems with it. The Avalon is my regular ride every where. I am the second owner, the music system and a/c are excellent. Is a XLS 6 cyl.
The high millage does not matter as long I take good care of the car and do the fluids changes and tune ups my self.
Bought our 2002 Toyota Avalon XL at the end of 2001. It was expensive but proved to be well worth the price. I drove it the first few years and absolutely loved it's power and smooth ride. My husband then "took it over" and uses it to commute 80+ miles each day to work. It has over 300,000 miles on it and we only gave it one major tune up (timing belt, spark plugs, engine filter)in the last 12 1/2 years we have owned the vehicle. We change the oil every 7,000 miles and my husband replaces the brakes as needed on his own. My motto, "Never take your car to the dealership to get worked on!" It is just now starting to show signs of slowing down a bit. We plan on getting one last major tune up in hopes it will last us another 100,000 miles. :) It's only downfall has been its pearl white paint job which seemed to be like static cling to dirt and the seat control knobs that have all broken and fallen off. Other than that it has been the best car we have ever owned. Unfortunately from the sounds of it, they are not building them the same anymore so like the saying goes, "All good things must come to an end". It was a nice ride!!!
I got this car second hand. The original owner worked for a local Toyota dealer and his wife drove it for 13 years. In that time they had the rack and pinon replaced and had the engine rebuilt due to a recall for engine sludge for this model. When they got into the engine they discovered this car didn't have the same problem and was in great shape. I have all the original service papers/receipts.
I bought the car in Jan 2010 and have only had to do the regular maintenance and replace the battery due to the door switch (engine off) not shutting off my lights after opening the drivers door (sunny days a failed to notice the lights not turning off and it cost me a new battery). It's do for rear breaks and system flush. I should also flush the radiator soon. I've only driven it about 15,000 miles over the past 4+ years.
I bought my 2006 Avalon Limited brand new in December 26,2005. I wrote a shining review on it a few months after I had it. If I knew then what I know now, I would never have bought that car new. I would have leased it and turned it in at the end of the lease and gotten another one. The manufacturers are no fools. They make cars to last up to the end of the warranty or a little beyond. It has been 8yrs and 160,000 miles and in that time I've learned the meaning of what it is to own a luxury vehicle. It means that you pay and you pay a lot for that luxury. The toggle button for the GPS Nav doesn't work right so it takes forever to try and set a destination or scroll through any of the other features of the display that requires the toggle button on the command console thingy. I don't even know how much it would cost to get fixed. The rear shade went up about 3yrs ago and the dealer wants $2000 to repair. I replaced a headlight(HID) and the dealer wants $275. The engine was dropped twice to repair an oil leak under the warranty so I had no out of pocket expense. Now that the warranty has expired and I must pay for the existing oil leaks that keep sprouting up. I recently learned that 2006 was a bad year for the Avalon, but that didn't stop the A/C from malfunctioning. Last year the A/C went up. Why oh why does the dealer want $2300 to repair. I'm so through with owning luxury vehicles. I've made up my mind that if I ever get a luxury vehicle then it would be a lease. I don't know if these are minor concerns or not, but to pay upwards of $40k for a luxury vehicle you don't expect things like this to set you back like they do and it's very disheartening when you buy a car based on the car manufacturer's reputation.

Now, in all fairness, I must write the pro's about this car and believe me there are pro's. The acceleration is still mind-blowing. The transmission is quirky at times, but still performs flawlessly. The electronics get a pass for the most part with the exception of the previously mentioned problems with the media console toggle button. Another quirk, though, is that there's no darn volume indicator to show you how loud you are turning the volume up for the blasted radio. Since my income has taken a hit and I have a large mortgage, I've realized I don't have any extra money to pay for expensive repairs on anything so the only wise choice I can make now is to lease my next car. Even still, who in their right minds would pay $2000 to have a power rear shade repaired? I took the fuse out to stop the annoying grinding gear noise from the shade trying to go down whenever I put the transmission in reverse. I've learned a expensive lesson though and LORD willing it will be the last expensive lesson for a long time to come. When it comes to cars, don't buy and hold expensive cars unless you have the finances for the maintenance over the long haul. It's not worth it and you can lease a later model vehicle without all the drama of repairs and finding a good affordable mechanic.

In summary, I would say the the car during the warranty period was amazing to have, but this 2006 Toyota Avalon Limited did not live up to my expectations of Toyota Reliability and I should know because this is my 4th Toyota in 30 years.
Owned Camry's up until this one. I love the conformable ride and so do our friends. Only problem, master cylinder went @ 108,200. All in all the car has been great. Just remember your service check-up, its been a fantastic car for us.
2005 Avalon XL; purchased it used in 2007 with 17K miles. Currently 111K and drives like the day we bought it, great car. Very comfortable, reliable, and problem free. We have serviced it regularly at the Toyota Dealership and replaced the brakes (rotors & pads, all 4 corners, 650 w/labor)at 90K, to be expected. This has been an outstanding vehicle for our family and gets 25-29 mpg with plenty of power. Avalon's are great cars. Advice; try to purchase the 2005 model year to current, depending on budget. The 3.5L motor doesn't have any issues and the transmission's are very solid (5 & 6 speed versions). There's a reason they have outstanding resale.
One owner with 256,000 miles; a great car for over 18 years; only 2 negatives; I have had to replace the front passenger power window regulator twice and the rear suspension has a "noise" problem that neither Toyota dealers or independent repair shops have been able to diagnose and repair. Otherwise, this car is a winner!
purchased 2008 Toyota Avalon XLS 3.5V6 engine with 30, 205 miles
one owner in great shape. Shortly after it started making soft
pinging noises in the engine when first started up. I bought it in Feb 2013, and now 10/30/13, have 37,000 miles and in the engine intermittent and at times much worse than others it sound like the lifters are making noise in the engine. I took it to the dealership purchased from and they say it is nothing to worry about and all ok. I don't like hearing the noise and
would like it fixed, but they hesitate to do it. I bought a 4yr
extended warranty for all major repair. Does anyone else hear these noises in their engine when starting or after driving awhile it will do it and usually when stopping and then starting at a light, it will do it for short periods.
I have had this car from 2007. Gets great mpg and has a lot of power. I have done all the recommended service to car and tires and brakes that's it. Very fun to drive and lot of run.
595547 klms and still going. Amazing car. Balanced, comfortable and well thought out. One of the best vehicles I have ever owned. Just change the fluids every 5K
55,600 miles, only replacements are tires and one battery. Like new and the best driving car ever.
I have owned this 2000 avalon since 2003. It has never left me anywhere. I've had problems with the rear stabilzer links. I had a engine sludge problem, because I didn't change my oil as scheduled. I flushed the engine and had the oil passages blown out. this car just runs and runs. I have 250,000 on it. You can't beat the quality of a toyota.
Bought this one used with 114,000 miles. Have had nothing but continuous expensive repairs. Love the looks of the car, both inside and out. Love the ride and all the conveniences but hate the expense. From papers left in car, new price was $35,774. I paid $7900. Have paid out about $7500. Which means I paid over $15,000 for a car that list at 12,000.
Bought Avalon new and have 140,000 miles on it and only have changed oil, wipers and tires at regular intervals, brakes twice and spark plugs at 100,000 miles ... nothing else. Need to get in for cooling system flush no though overdue
This is the second Avalon we have owned. Thefirst was a 2002 and had no problems when we traded it at 50,000 miles. Other than oil and filter, and wiper blades, we stuck nothing else into it. We have 95,000 on our 2005 Touring and the only thing we have done is the oil and filter changes.wiper blades, a set of brake pads at 60,000 and 2 sets of tires and a new battery in 2010. My wife drives it everyday to work and we have taken numerous trips with it and never had a problem.
My car is making a knocking noise increasing in loudness. If it is not the motor, what else could it be? My car has slightly over 230,000 miles.
this car is like a Camry XLE from later years...solid as can be...
My 2000 Avalon which I bought new, has 187,000 miles. Except for routine maintenance, it has virtually been problem free. I have a new Camry but I love my Avalon best-it rides like a Lexus still.
I have owned Toyotas since 1973, and this is the first dud I've had. It was wonderful at first, but I have had nothing but problems since. I've experienced virtually every problem you can find on the Internet regarding this car, including 4 recalls. The steering consistently pulls right, and I've chewed through tires. I had the oil line burst, shimmy in the wheels at freeway speeds, oxygen sensors go out 4 times, among others. And now, at only 67K miles, I just got an estimate for over $4000 to repair the rack and pinion and an oil leak in the timing cover. If you're considering buying this model, run!
Bought my 2000 Avalon in Dec 2003, with 135K on the odometer. Had brakes replaced in 2010, as well as catalytic converter a month earlier. Now have over 175K. No major problems other than those, and it has been one of the nicest cars I've owned (my 93 Bonneville was roomier). I need to replace my spark plugs and am wondering if the iridium tipped plugs recommended are necessary, or is it just a manufacturer's suggestion. They are more expensive. Would it harm the engine if stock plugs were used?
I live in colorado with steep foothills. I have to replace brake pads three times in7 years. The milage was 50 k when I buytin 2005, 2012 has 148k. Had idler arms replaced, front and rear.
True about toyota delerships replacing parts/ they replaced my water pump after having to repair a hose, to save me labor costs later. Frunt wheel bearings had to be replaced just after I bought it. (squealed cornering.)
The engine has great pickup on the road. Rear seating is quite roomie. The anti skid and allwheel drive is most excellent. It has gotten out of some hairy situations in mud and snow. (just let the computer do its job)
ps the flap over gas cape won't work when you pull inside gas cap cover opener.

I have a 96 with 300K miles on it and it still runs very strong. The body is falling apart faster than the engine. Now I have a 2000 Avalon as well and this car is so comfortable. It drive very good and has a strong engine. I change the oil every 3k miles. Car has 110K miles on it and so far I have had no problems. Stick with Toyota folks....You'll love them.
I bought a 2001 Avalon new, has 110,00 miles now and still love it. Needs a wheel alignment & have had problems with the engine light, this is the 3rd time it came on and that is the emissions things. Has never been worked on other than the emissions in 11 years..
I purchased my 2001 avalon xl 2 weeks ago with 126,000 miles and it is flawless. I commute 70 miles daily and with this car I had to look at the speedometer twice and could not believe I was going wind noise, velvet smooth ride. This is my 2nd Avalon the first being a 1995 xl that I retired with 297,750 miles on it. Plan on keeping this one for 6 years (120,000 miles). I went to have an alarm installed and across the street was a used car dealer and I observed a family test drive and look over what appeared to be a '99 Avalon so I walked over there and asked the guy if he was buying the car, he responded that he was thinking about so I told him flat out 'Buy it". Avalon's are the best kept auto secret.
Replaced condenser at 15,000 miles for $500 as rock hit condenser and damaged it.
Toyota said road hazard no warranty coverage.

Same thing at 62000 miles. Another500$.

This is obviously a design defect.
No more Junk Toyota for me. Obviously there is improper protection for the condenser.