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Saab 9-3 (9 Reviews)
Turbo, limp home mode, leaky top, hard to start, dies at idle, convertible malfunction due to faulty leaky high pressure line, just to name a few issues. I can not believe that recalls are not on any of the obvious stated above. Crap.
I too love my Saab!!! I bought it in Feb of 14 & I've had to do some work on it. But like the other reviewer I too Google DIY projects, order my own parts & then tell the mechanic what to do. I can also always call Saab USA and their mechanics will help me as well Advanced Auto will help with diagnostics and using their own OBDII lets me know what codes are being thrown, if any and how to handle that problem. But even through all the work I still love that car! I feel safe it handles like nothing I've ever had before. Acceleration at 80 mph is sublime! Roll back the convertible top feel the sun on ur face, another beautiful moment. That is y we love our cars ... Till the next problem that needs to b solved!!!!
I purchased our 2005 9-3 Aero new, and have close to 180,000 miles on it now. Yes HID lights are expensive and it is hard to work on, just went through my first clutch. However, this has been the best little car I have ever owned, I plan on keeping it maintained and make a run at 500,000 miles. Still performs and looks great, I have had all makes and models Chevy to Ford to Volvo and this has been the best out of them all. Likely, because I bought it new, and baby it.
I purchased my Saab in February of 2014. I love it !! I named her "Spunky", because she is that and alot more. So far I've has to put front tires on her, and now an alternator bracket/pulley/belt. She has been well cared for and being a Michigan car her body has only just afew small rust spots on her. Her mileage was 129,728 when I purchased her. I Love my Saab !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am a SAAB lover there's not much I don't love about the CAR!!!
This is the car I always wanted. Bought it in 2008 for $5,800, it had 88,000 miles on it. I knew I'd need to do repairs right away, and this was true: convertible top hydraulics needed replacing, that was $1,500 off the bat. The car has failed on me a few times and it's as distressing and expensive as you might expect. But by googling and researching I find that everything that's gone wrong with my car has happened to other 1999 Saab 9-3 owners too. By researching and diagnosing what I can, and then by ordering my own parts and then telling a local mechanic just what I want done, I'm saving an average of 50% in repair costs. Although I do get it wrong sometimes.
It's a wonderful convertible, it feels good and although it's getting ratty and old, I wish I could keep it forever.
I so wanted to like this car. It had all the storage space I could hope for short of buying a wagon or minivan, it got decent gas mileage but didn't sacrifice performance to get it, and it was comfortable in town and on the highway. The handling was adequate but it couldn't match the Acura Legend I eventually replaced it with.

The real problem was the reliability issues. I owned this car less then two months and eventually had to get a lawyer to make the dealer take it back. It had less then 50,000 miles on the odometer when I bought it but while I owned it, I had to replace a headlight fuse module that cost over $100 (for a glorified plug in fuse), had a check engine light that indicated imminent failure of the DIC (direct ignition cartridge), and worst of all complete implosion of the turbo due to a bearing failure. If the car had had over 150,000 miles I could have chalked it up to hard use and wear and tear, but not only did the car have under 50K, it was actually a previous long term lease car that was meticulously maintained by it's previous owner through the Saab dealership network. The car would have be just what I needed if it had actually run properly.
I owned a 2000 SE convertible from 2003-2007. I loved this car. It was fun to drive - the torque steer was crazy but I liked it. The car was quirky - it had trouble starting if the gas in the tank was less than 1/8th of a tank and especially if the morning was cold. The brakes were squeaky. But this was a fun convertible. Too bad GM sucked the soul out of Saab. I'd buy another if it was still quirky Swedish.

Actually I now remember there was a weird clicking sound coming from under the automatic transmission lever. A couple guys couldn't figure it out but then there was a recall for something and it went away. The mechanic said it was a loose bolt or something.
While this was a fun convertible to drive, I'm sure glad I leased the car and was able to walk away after 3 years. Forget about talking on the cellphone (yes, when the top was closed), it was an incredibly noisy ride. The car did not handle well either.