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2005 Toyota Sienna (14 Reviews)
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Not a fan of this gen of Sienna anymore. Dash is full of cracks. Hard to get perfect alignment as am told no way to adjust rear wheels or needs some sort of rear camber/caster? kit. I keep it as close as possible for tire wear/tear. More and more problems keep popping up as Sienna ages. This has been a "hyper-maintained" Sienna since Day One of in service. Owned it over ten years before reaching 100K miles so less than normal wear and tear miles. Replaced the timeing belt, plugs, water pump and all seals and gaskets early about 89K miles. Then steering rack went out, then was told needed new steering pump, now AC evaporator case in dash has a leak and was told it will be $3000 to replace??? Trying to get AC fixed for less and get rid of this lemon.
I bought my 2005 Sienna LE new in March 2005. It now has 192000 miles on it. I've had routine maintenance done on a regular schedule. I've used Mobile One synthetic oil in it since it's first oil change. A weak point is the paint finish. I have a rust spot on the hood, rubber gasket around the base of the windshield is coming loose. Hence my reason for only 4 starts on body. Interior has worn very well, in fact it shows no sign of wear. I will admit, a lot of the mileage is long distance driving. HOWEVER, the brakes are another story. I've replaced the pad and rotors three times. Right now, I get a thumping when I apply the brakes firmly. I pulled a front wheel off and the pads have plenty of life left and the rotor is very smooth and shows little if any sign of wear. My QUESTION: what could be causing the thumping if the brakes are OK? ? ? Other than brakes, this has been a GREAT vehicle and I plan to buy another new one in 2015. Thanks in advance for any comments/suggestions.
Cheap parts and many repairs. We will not be buying another sienna.
I own a 2005 Sienna XLE. I have replaced the run flats with Michelin tires, 3 times! Currently at 92k. 4 sets of tires and the Michelins are supposed to be rated at 70 to 80K!!

At 18k rear lift gate went and I replaced the struts. Less than 3 month later, gone again. Called Toyota and they were not doing anything. Eventually, there was a recall and they would not reimburse me my money! So the rear door is used manually because I will not pay again.

I have complained several times about a noise I hear in the steering column and it doesn't seem to be able to be duplicated. I hear it every day. My sliding doors are beginning to hesitate when closing...Uh-oh.

The other issue I have is that the transmission gasket seems to be leaking. I wonder if that is covered under my 100k warranty? It would be just my luck that it will run out and then the transmission goes. I have not been very happy with the tires taking such a beating. The alignment is constantly out and I am a very anal car care person. I would still buy Toyota, but I am not happy with the tire issue and the doors.

I drove a 91 Camry 5 speed, whose only real mechanical issue was a distributor at 97k and I drove an 84 SR5 that had 157k. Oil leaked, but I still got 37 mpg...loved both of those cars.
I'm a Toyota guy, and I take very good care of my cars. Currently own a 05 Sienna LE & 05 Camry. I must say, I'm pretty disappointed with this Sienna I bought new in 05. I think this was a MONDAY van :-)

The engine and transmission are excellent and have lived up to Toyota quality standards. My issues have been with the automatic sliding door, rotors and brakes are just terrible, very cheaply made. I am going to replace with performance rotors and pads and not use Toyota's anymore. Also the suspension (struts & shocks) didn't last too long. Replaced at 70K miles which i guess is recommended. The way this van is driven, I think they should have lasted much longer. On my previous Toyota's, I have replaced them after 120K miles.

I also have been noticing a loud humming sound when driving 40 MPH and up for over an year now. I though it were my tires but after swapping them with my Camry, I still hear it exactly the same. I have a feeling it's the drive train going out or something else (non tire related).

Other minor things (that still cost a lot of money to fix), my home-link button for controlling the garage door broke three years ago. Just to fix that, I need to buy the entire unit which costs $700. Again, just a cheaply designed plastic piece in my opinion.

Besides that, this is a pretty good van. I just hate the ride now because of the humming sound and poor brakes. My wife complains about it all the time and that makes it even worse. My Camry on the other hand has 115K miles, runs and looks as if it came out of the showroom. Amazing car!

I should also mention that my sister in law has the exact same model Sienna with about 75K miles on it and has never had any issues. I guess not all cars live up to the same reliability :-)
The Sienna XLE bought brand new from the dealership. Now has 130,000 miles and has always gotten us from point A to B along with C to D. The only 2 problems we have ever had is the very back passenger window leak when getting a car wash and the sliding doors are very used but only one door motor and cable had to be replaced. Vehicle is equipped with a V-6 and has plenty of power. The van is capable of towing 3,500 pounds. The vehicle also has ABS, traction control, and vehicle stability control. vehicle has front and side airbags. Back seats fold back out of the way making plenty of room. The van is very roomy and comfortable for a family of 5. The van is used for travel, work, and a lot of after school activities. Best van we have ever had. Vans we have owned before are dodge caravan (which was exceptional and only in the shop a few times), and a Chrysler (worst mistake ever, always in the shop costing tons of money and very cheaply made). The van also has excellent brakes. Stops on a dime. Average mpg is around 25. I would definitely recommend this Toyota Sienna XLE to everyone. Excellent buy for the money and very safe and dependable.
110K and still going. Never had a problem. Lots of room. Back seat a little uncomfortable but kids don't seem to mind.
I bought the van brand new. It only has 42000 miles on it now. The rear heat stopped working just after warranty stopped. The dealer told me I should have checked the heat sooner. I explained that I don't normally check the heat in the middle of August. Called Toyota and they did cover the repair. Here we are two yrs later and the heat doesn't work again. The sliding doors freeze all the time. Now that the heat doesn't work it is really hard to get the doors to work. I had owned two used toyota cars and they were great. This van - not so good.
This van is a piece of junk and Toyota should be ashamed 2 months after I bought this van I started having trouble with the sliding doors, The dealer couldn't find a problem, although I reported it every time it was in for service. 3 months after it was out of warranty both doors quit working. $900 a piece and $300 a piece labor. One year later trouble with doors again, dealer fixed(same problem) as it was within the year warranty on the new part(I'm afraid to use the sliders so have switched to manual doors. Have to take it back to dealer because the doors won't open manually part of the time. I also(out of warranty) had to replace a steering yoke($600) parts and labor. Struts and bearings($1000)parts and labor. This last with the doors and struts happened in the last month Oh yes, yesterday my air conditioning went out(husband thinks it might be the compressor). I bought this car new based on Toyota's reputation and Consumers Reports boy did I get taken. I have driven a lot of beaters over the years and have never had these kinds of problems. I am almost 70 years old and drove a school bus for over 35 years so I do know how to take care of a vehicle. Oh yes in the winter the doors(sliders) freeze up regularly. The dealer said I should park it in a garage.
I recently found out head gaskets are going on these vans around 80,000 miles. Mine has 72,000 miles and it's needed.
The wheel bearing and belts are also squeaking up a storm.
My sliding doors regularily freeze in the winter making this car not a reliable winter vehicle as I will try to open and then won't be able to open or shut them.
And I almost forgot about the interior lights by the shifter that don't always work. I have to move the shifter around to get the lights to come back on so I can see what gear the car is in.
I bought this Toyota due to the reputation and have been very disappointed mechanically, although the utility of the minivan is great.
We have owned this van since 2004. It has had several small fixes but all were covered by warranty. Transmissions seems to slip every once in a while. My only complaint is the paint. It seems that every little thing leaves a mark or chip. Unfortunately my 2001 Camry is the same.
Great traveling car
A very solid car.
My 2nd Sienna. Previous one had 198000 miles with only maintenance. The only gripe is wind noise in the car. No maintenance problems with this one.