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2006 Toyota Corolla (8 Reviews)
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My previous cars had more style & swag. However this car is the most reliable and almost carefree. I did change the front disc brakes at 50K. The back brakes should be good until 100K (I have 60K miles on it now).

I drive it to Vegas 3-4 times a year, and it runs like a beaut! 39 miles to the gallon and not too much noise on the freeway going 75mph for a 4 cylinder engine. I changed the transmission oil and changed the radiator fluid at 50K. That is all I have done to this vehicle.

I will keep it for another $100K and then sell it (I have had offers already because it is in almost mint condition). Great car.
88,000 miles on my 2006 Toyota Corolla. Great car up to this point with no repairs except for general maintenance. Recently had problems with the engine racing after shifting, taking time for the car to respond. Also happened when going up inclines on freeways, with the engine racing for several seconds before the car would respond. Toyota service found the clutch to be bad. Repair costs - $1500.00.
I own a 2006 Corolla LE> This is my third Corolla (had a '95 and 2000 before.) I expect this to be the last car I ever buy. I wasn't looking for "sexy." I wanted reliability.And that's what I have. After about 75,000 miles, I just hope it lasts another 75,000. I do have one problem. My brakes frequently squeal when I start up in the morning, they're fine after a couple of minutes, though. I've had them checked a number of times and the mechanic thinks it's because I live in Florida and park outside.
After owning a new '89 Corolla SR5 from 1988-94, I bought my 2006 Corolla CE without a second thought. I assumed (I know, I know...) that the '06 Corolla was a known quantity. And although my 2006 has been as reliable as the sun and gets great fuel mileage, it's a boring, dissappointing, appliance to drive. Granted, it's not a luxury car, not a sports car, and not a truck nor SUV. It wasn't intended to be those things - I get that. But at least my '89 Corolla was fun! It had a personality and was easy to bond with. After I sold it in the 90s, I missed having it around. Compared with my '89, my 2006 Corolla has no soul. It's just a functional transportation device. Nothing more, nothing less. On paper, the 2006 has more room, power, safety devices, and seems nearly better in every regard than the '89 - on paper. In the real world however, something's missing in the '06.

Having owned my '06 for over 4 years and 40k miles, I have only done scheduled oil changes (every 5k or 6 months), replaced the engine air filter and cabin air filter - absolutely no other wear and tear items or maintenance. The original tires are getting worn and the belts and hoses may need replacing before too long. But I haven't needed new brakes, new bulbs, wiper blades, nothing - not yet anyway. The manual calls for plugs at 110k, coolant at 100k, timing belt 90k, and no scheduled auto tranny fluid flush unless fluid appears dark or smells burnt. Very economical to own.

This car does what it's supposed to do - gets me where I'm going safely and economically. If you don't mind owning a soul numbing appliance, then get an '06 Corolla. Perhaps one reason this car is so inconspicuous is because it's so reliable. It doesn't require much attention or TLC. You just gas it up (regular unleaded) and off you go.
I bought my first Corolla in '02 brand new, and was quite impressed with its reliability, fuel performance, quiet engine, and overall build quality. Without hesitation I went straight to the dealership for an upgrade in '06. I really love to drive this car because its just fun to drive around overall.
I have around 83K on it now, and have barely had any issues with it. I had to get new tires at 35K, and recently got new brakes at 80K. A few minor issues did arise though. During the 25K mark, the windshield ended up with a broken seal for some reason, and I had to get it resealed at the dealership. The right front factory tire went flat twice, and the AC isn't all that great. The factory stereo is kind of lame, and doesn't have enough tweet or base to it. But the fuel efficiency is great. I range around 340 on a tank.
i purchased a toyoya corolla and the ac is blowing hot air, what do i need to do
I bought a 2006 Corolla right off of the truck. I have owned Toyota's sense 1994 . I am upset now because my wheel covers are all bubbling and peeling. I spoke with the service department and they said that was rare but sense i have 59,000 miles it's out of warrenty. I have never had this happen before with any of my cars and they had over 200,000 miles on one of the. A car only 4 years old and this happens? What will it look like in another year? Where do you find help?It also had pre-rust on it and lucky I had taken out that insurance and that was covered.
I currently have a 2006 Corolla Xe and have experience the following problems:Leaky water pump, gaskets, and brakes that needed to be replaced. I thought this was unusual in that I am the only person to drive this car and the percentage is rural driving.