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I have a 2005 Camry xle v 6 3.0.liter. The car overall is great except for the door lock actuater went out on the driver door. The main issue i have is the alignment.First, I've had the alignment done 3 times and shortly after being fixed the car goes in either direction to the right or left. This occurs when I get the tires rotated and the allignment goes to the left, it's is this endless cycle of turning hard to the right or hard to the left after tire rotations. I don't want to spend any money until Im certain the cause of the problem.Second, when the car is travel over 65 to 75 the steering wheel vibrates violently. Any suggestions or insight would be greatly appreciated . Thank you
My car has 98,000 miles on it. As a stay-at-home mom, I use it sparingly during the school year, and on long-distance car trips each summer. It's been a great car for us.
I have a 3.3L 05 Camry SE. Love it, drives so smooth compared to the newer camry. The water pump leaking seems to be a recurring problem from this message board and what my car has.
I am the only owner .I bought it new in Rome,GA.@Riverside Toyota Dealer The radio plays but it rejects the C.D.disk.Where is the cheeps place that I can have it repaired?
2005 Camary bought new. Serviced regualarly @5000 miles with synthetic oil.Replaced plugs, brakes @ 100,000. Just had to replace right wheel bearing at 127,000.Steering has a popping noise. Dealer said Mfg sent out a notice on repair but safety was not an issue. Replaced tires at 63,000 due to road noise. just put a new set of Michlin Harmonys on. Great car for dependability. Will buy a Avalon next, much better ride and very little road noise.
Bought 2005 Camry 4 cyl used with 15000 mi in 05 now has 90000 havent had a problem until i took it in for 90k checkup and found out it had leaking water pump and 4 broken motor mounts. Yes i said 4 which the Toyota service center quoted me $1400 to replace. I have been very diligent over the years changing oil, rotating tires, replacing brakes and getting the front end aligned . I feel the motor mount problem is strictly a Toyota design flaw or a manufacturing defect which i shouldn't be made to pay for their mistakes!, Been driving for 46 yr never had this problem!!!
Other then new tires, brakes, battery and oil changes every 5,000 miles when the light goes on, I have had no major problems with this car. Bought brand new August, 2005 and have almost 62,000 miles on it. Just sold my 1987 Camry with 210,000 miles on it and still running strong. I have had good luck with these cars.
I've had this car for 5 years now and have put on 40,000 miles, mostly in NYC pothole crazy stop and go traffic. This city is rough on cars! The Toyota has held very well. I've had to replace the original Goodyear Integrity tires ASAP as they are horrible and unsafe. I've had to replace front brake pads with ceramics at about 25,000. I've had to replace the lower arm (steering) and front shocks at 35,000 ($600) and that's all. Aside from that all I've done was 5,000 mi oil changes (Full Synthetic oil and filter), cabin and engine filters every year and I've changed the power steering fluid at about 30,000 mi. I do add fuel injector cleaner often though as the injectors tend to get clogged up. I have some major issues with the car's soft paint that dings and chips too much, but aside from that, she's been a champ!
2005 Toyota Camry le 2.4 bought brand new. It has 121000 miles on it now. Paint is peeling everywhere even with biweekly washing. Brake pedal feels very mushy and there is too much travel before it does anything. Half the interior lights in the dash board doesn't work. Engine has no power and is definitely not a pleasant thing to listen to. Heating and Air conditioning has been good so far. Steering is so numb and light. They give no feel of what's happening on the road. The only good part about this car is it's never broken down on me. I hate every part of it except its reliability
My wife bought my 2005 Camry XLE V6 new in 2005. She rear ended a pickup truck once taking out the hood, headlights, radior and such. Loved the car and was afraid they would total it, but it as about $500 short of being totalled. Had the thing fixed at the dealer and you can't even tell it was wrecked. This car is still awesome. I took it over with 92,000 miles on it and it now has 103,000 on it with no complaints whatsoever. All service done by one of our local toyota dealers. Toyota builds a quality car, but you must also do your part to keep it properly maintained and not abuse it.
Hey everybody,
My wife and I bought our 05' Camry LE 4-banger brand new. I believe it to be a worthy automobile. It now has 94,000 miles on it and we have replaced the following:

1 rear motor mount

1 front motor mount

2 brake job on front yesterday with new rotors this time (normal for between 20-40k and I drive it hard)

It has been suggested to do the rack & pinion as it has begun to leak a little

All in all one might say thats alot but, considering the driving and type of driving(hard) we do.....I'll take it!!

It is a comfortable car with room for this 6'2" 225 pounder. It looks good and the paint and interior have done well.

The garage we frequent says our car will last the 200-250k we want from it as long as we do the maintenance. I asked if it didn't seem like a repair or two to many but, they insured me I was right in the norm for wear & tear.

The 05' Toyota Camry is a good, sound reliable vehicle guys...I'll buy another when the time comes.
I love my car!!! Bought it new and now has 131000 miles on it. First problem was at a little over 100000 miles. Had to replace a back bearing. My advise to some of the complaints on here... Service your car correctly. AND if you are having issues with a know problem, find another dealer to work with. I will NOT deal with one of our dealerships, however, the other one is Awesome!!!
i have had my 2005 toyota camry for about three years now i bought it with 13,000 miles on it.. now it has 56,000 this car is soooo great it has NEVER given me any problems... i have done maintence like oil changes...cabin filter tires what a car needs. i have never heard a bad thing about these cars.. i cant believe the reviews on the bottom.. some advice take your car for some maintence ..dont just run it like crazy.. my stereo is messing up thats the only thing other than that I LOVE MY 05 CAMRY!!
I have a 2005 Camry and it is the best car I ever had. All we have done is change the oil when the light comes on and it just rolled 150,295 mi. Yes we are bad not pulling maintenance, afraid of dealerships. My first problem has just occurred. On the way back from a long trip the fan inside for the AC is acting up, blowing some, not at all, etc. What is it?
I have a 2005 camary and the mailage is about 56000 I BROUGHT IT NEW the steering is very bad and I to replace the rack and pinon and that must be a manufactoring problem but that will cost$1300 i will never buy a camary again EVER!!!!
My wife's le v6 has 56000 miles and needs a new water pump
timing belt top motor mount ( dog bone) rear brake pads
valve cover gaskets.
We change oil and filters every 3000 miles
We will not buy another camry
We bought this car new for my wife to drive and she loves it! My car was a 2002 Camry and the '05 model rides quieter and smoother than my '02. In fact, I just traded the my '02 or a slightly used '09 and love that one too. The '05 Camry gets decent mileage at 25/31.

There are 65,000 miles on the car now and the only thing we've had to do (besides routine maint) was to replace tires (~27K we put on Michelin Harmony tires), replaced battery after 3.5 years, and had to have the Catalytic converter replaced as it caused a 'check-engine' light. The CAT was replaced under the standard drive-train warranty so at no cost to us. This is a great car in my opinion!
I bought the 2005 Camry in November, 2005. At 50,981 miles (November 2008) I put $500 in replacing the intermediate steering shaft because their technician noted the problem when I went in for a routine oil change. I learned later that there was an advisory sent out to the dealers on this issue. Now I go in for another routine oil change and they tell me I need to replace a loose left inner rack on the power steering. That's going to cost me another $500. That's putting $1,000 into clearing up a faulty manufacturing issue which may put my life or others on the road, at risk.
I'm really disgusted. I won't buy another Toyota product. And to think they got all these "rave" reviews from me over the year. Boy was I taken.
I have this 2005 since new and is the best investment i have made ever.
Bought this 4 cylinder Camry in 2005 brand new. Steering wheel is loose and not firm. Took it to dealer several times but he says it is ok to have a loose steering...Car runs good, no complaint.
bought this car brand new within the first two years noticed excessive front tire wear with less than 5000 miles and a continued knocking in the steering column when wheel is turned and no one knows whats wrong but the forums have the same complaints.This car is not good on gas.So far everything else is operating well.interior compartment noisy so if you want quietness in your car cabin,forget about it!!Vehicle mileage now is 17000 miles so imagine down the road...
2005 LE 45000 mi Bought new Battery bad at 30000 mi Tires bad at 32000 Steering bad at 45000 Not a great car for Toyota