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1997 Toyota Avalon (3 Reviews)
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I got this car second hand. The original owner worked for a local Toyota dealer and his wife drove it for 13 years. In that time they had the rack and pinon replaced and had the engine rebuilt due to a recall for engine sludge for this model. When they got into the engine they discovered this car didn't have the same problem and was in great shape. I have all the original service papers/receipts.
I bought the car in Jan 2010 and have only had to do the regular maintenance and replace the battery due to the door switch (engine off) not shutting off my lights after opening the drivers door (sunny days a failed to notice the lights not turning off and it cost me a new battery). It's do for rear breaks and system flush. I should also flush the radiator soon. I've only driven it about 15,000 miles over the past 4+ years.
Bought this car new Dec. 1996. Original tires wore out in less than 20,000 miles. Replaced with Michelin and have been happy. Just replaced the first part (sway bar link), and the rear struts are starting to leak. The only other problem is the aluminum wheels, the air leaks from the rims. The battery is still good after almost 13 years.
I have own this car since it was new. No one else has driven this car (295,000 miles) but me. The suspension for the 97 Toyota was beyond bad. Had to be replaced with stiffer struts. Starter went out at 200,000 miles but this was an easy fix. $150 for new starter. I will never own any car except an Avalon and never any bike except a Harley.