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2005 Saturn Vue (5 Reviews)
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I have a 2005 Saturn Vue 4 cylinder 5 speed love it. No problems I have over 150,000 miles, great gas mileage on hwy & city awesome SUV.
I bought my Saturn 2 yrs ago from a CarMax dealership @ around 25 - 30,000 miles. 4 cylinder manual trans. i drive 50 mi. round trip to work on the highway, plus other places after work and weekends. car has not given me any problems. basic oil changes, tire rotations. 4 days ago i went to my independent certified corner mechanic and one of his employees flushed my engine, rotated my tires and changed the spark plugs, checked the brakes (they were good). yesterday morning on my way to work i heard what i thought was somebody else's loud muffler/engine. i had my radio on and after some time went by, just before i got on the interstate, i noticed the traffic/cars had changed but i was still hearing the noise. it sounded like i needed to go into another gear too, but it didn't. i turned the radio down and noticed it was my car. i couldn't determine if it was the transmission or what. the car runs quiet. sometimes i have tried to start the car when it is already running. i'm taking it back to the mechanic on tomorrow afternoon. i'll let u know the outcome. but other than that no issues and i now have 120,000 on it.
car stopprd running, started back once and stopped wouldnt start back.
Transmission has been replaced 3 times only 90K miles, other than that it was a pretty good car, will never buy an AWD again
I like my 2005 Vue, however I should have taken the warranty, my AC compressor went and now the dealership wants to charge me $1600 to fix it....ouch!! Other than that it runs great, I get great gas mileage for it being an SUV!