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2008 Pontiac G6 (5 Reviews)
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My husband bought his car last year, we have only had it for a couple of months , and most of the time it's at the auto shop. The flexplate keeps breaking , it has already been fixed like 2-3 months and has a new transmission and know we are having a problem with the flexplate again . Since the time we bought it we have really had the car for almost 2 months to ourselves with no problems besides that it's always at the autoshop getting fixed.
On the whole, i still love my car. The issues i have encountered since i bought it (2 years ago). 1)The stock tires were HORRIBLE in the rain (still had great tread). So much i refused to allow anyone else to drive it unltil i bought new tires. 2)My interior light has never come on. What a pain when its dark. 3)Sometimes it will not start. I move the shifter out of park then back to park and THEN it will start. btw, i have the 6 cyl 2-door.
I have a complaint , in which my car decided to not place itself in PARK as my gear shifter indicated. The power doors would not pop open when it was in PARK, and continued to ROLL. I then could not start the car in PARK, and ONLY in NEUTRAL. I then tried to replace it back into PARK and it was NOT IN PARK , and proceeded to ROLL.
I had to place VEHICLE in my GARAGE and place EMERGENCY PARKING BRAKE. 2 hours later mycar decided to START in PARK as it should, and I took it straight to dealer in OAKLAWN ILL. They diagnosed problem as SHIFTER CABLE INTERNAL FLAW ,and said that I could use my EXTENDED WARRENTY in which I pay a 250 deductible. I replied that there is a recall and gave a
NHTSA # 09V073000
THERE IS NO RECALLS ON YOUR 2008 G6 is what I was told,and nothing I could do about it,but pay the deductible.
I filed a complaint with NHTSA, and do not feel that this is MY RESPONSIBILITY.
PONTIAC will loose my buisness, and will be a fight to get this problem on the recall list.

Please if you are experiencing this lets get PONTIAC to fix their PROBLEM !!!
Recently purchased My 08' G6 4cyl for my fiance, it has been running fine although the past week we had issues 1.) The driver side rear door half the time it wont unlock. 2.) The issue started happening yesterday, While driving to work my fiance had the cruise control on (like she always does) but this time halfway to work the Service Traction Control light came on and kicked off the cruise control. She tried to turn the cruise control back on but no luck. After work the same thing she was driving home and Service Traction Control came on and kicked off the cruise control. Has anyone else had this issue? If so what is causing this and how do I go about repairing this? Thank you for reading this and I appreciate any help.
NOt a bad little car, seems to go through brakes though and I am not too fond of the "LOW" profile tires.
Expensive to replace...