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2005 Nissan Murano (7 Reviews)
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I have never owned a car with this many problems. Have had an oil leak repaired x4 and is still leaking. Had transmission and transfer case replaced. We were told we were lucky the transmission made it to 140,000 miles because they usually go out every 100,00 miles. The electrical is awful. The doors lock on there own. I've been locked out x3 and one time I had to wait 2 hrs for a tow truck to unlock the car, it was running the whole time. The head lights keep going out, the dash lights are out, and most of the time the back lift door will not unlock. Just wonder why they do not have more recalls on this car.
Good SUV in best quality. I don't think spent money on nothing but oil changes looks good in mint shape. Have 194K miles runs like a champ. Finish paying off so I am still happy with reliability of my Murano no problems hope last me a long time without no mechanical problems.
I'm wondering if anyone else has had a problem with their electrical. Seems like it's one thing after the other. First the tire inflation, etc. light on the dash stayed on. Then the air bag light blinks constantly, then the driver side rear door won't work with the auto lock, having to do it manually. Now the Intelligent key won't work. What is next and what will this cost. I checked the fuses on the Intelligent key and the air bags, they looked good.
we buyng murano 2005.very good.nice wife she recommended.all my friend loved my car.
We LOVE this car - the favorite one owned after driving for 30 years. Have two other friends who feel the same. Have 77k on the car so far and have done nothing but scheduled maintence plus front wheel bearings (at 75k) and seat frame repair. The seat frame is a bad design (we took it to a body shop to get the welds fixed instead of paying $1200). The wheel bearings failure were from water intrusion and no way to repack them (we live in wet / rainy Seattle).
Refer to the 2005 Murano as the nicest piece of crap I have owned. There is sooo much potential that is clouded by all of the strange issues. I have 79K miles on it now and have run into very strange issues with the car.
- Power steering hose broke $550 repair
- Both front hubs went bad (severe rubbing/scraping noise) $350/ea repair
- Driver side visor would not stay up (very dangerous when it drops down blocking view $350 to replace
- A/C system randomly stops working, blower stops, then randomly starts after few minutes
- Air intake "pops off" causing insane engine noise. This is after the "recall fix".
- engine make rattling noise at acceleration from stop and maintaining speed at 20mph.

When all is working, I love the acceleration, looks, leg room, and AWD.
My wife and I bought a 2005 Nissan Murano S FWD after renting one for a trip to the Florida Keys. The Murano is very comfortable front and rear, offers plenty of utility and flexibility, and we've been averaging 19 mpg since purchase. It does have a rather stiff ride quality, so if you want to feel like you're gliding on a cloud this is not the right car for you. Also, our biggest complaint about our Murano is the number of squeaks, rattles and buzzes from the interior trim. Otherwise, this vehicle has served us extremely well. If you don't find the car to be ugly (many people do, but we don't -- depending on the angle at which it's viewed), you don't need a third-row seat (one isn't offered on the Murano) and you want to feel the road from the driver's seat, I strongly recommend the Murano for people wanting a crossover SUV.