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2006 Nissan Maxima (12 Reviews)
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My Transmission is going out, I have talked to several people that have had the same problem, I love my car but I think a weakness is in the transmission of these cars.
Bought a 2008 Honda Accord nothing but problems have a 2006 Maxima SE no problems a dependable car be looking at another after while. I have read about transmission problems thought went from bad to worse but t the car is performing well I use Nissan L matic fluid and oil changes at 6,000 plus rotations a very dependable car with lots if speed. My Max has 187k miles just replaced struts and spark plugs nothing but major ever gone wrong in last 3 years. Next vehicle will be a Nissan waiting on the new Maxima to come out.
My 2006 Nissan Maxima is on it's third transmission at 80,000 miles and has had strut work on right side and need more. On top of that it has a bad power steering leak.

Do not buy a MAXIMA unless you want some problems!
I have owned toyota and honda predominately throughout my life and last year bought an 06 maxima. This past year has been the least amount of trouble I have ever had with a car. It is much more durable and gets better gas mileage, I know because I check. IF you treat a nissan right, it will run forever. If you abuse it, it will break down. I won't ever buy a honda or toyota again.
I bought a used 2006 Nissan Maxima and lately me and my mom have noticed that when we drive it starts to jump and skips up to higher gears can anyone tell me what's wrong?? What could be the problem the local Nissan dealership called which they told me to bring in the car? Please help because I am off of school for Thanksgiving break and I am a Senior in High School which we go back next week urgent information????
I bought my '06 Maxima used in '08, with 35,000k miles. A few months after purchase I noticed problems with what I believed to be the transmission- the car down shifted very erratically when slowing down. As time went on this problem persisted and as the mileage increased so did the problem. At 100k miles the transmission really started falling apart- it was banging into gear when going into reverse and then returning to drive. At 112k the transmission finally let go. My auto mechanic installed a new Nissan transmission at the cost of $3700.00. I heard many others shared this problem!I will never purchase another Nissan product!!
Nice looking no doubt. It's what's on the inside that counts. Brake problems at 10,000, then again at 35,000, now again at 89,000,,,warped rotors,,,the odd thing is is that my wife drives it like a baby and I rarely ever drive it.. A/C hose went out at 88,000. Now the transmission is starting to jerk when put into 1st gear. This problem just started and has been getting worse. If I buy a new car and it gives me 150,000 problem free miles,,,I'll return to buy another. Nissan can kiss that goodbye. I'll go to Honda or Toyota.
My 2006 Maxima did fairly well until the last six months. The A/C went out followed by a replacement of the transmission, an engine fuel leak and cracked engine mounts. Heater blows hot and sometimes cold. Metal sounding noise comes when the car accelerates. The good news is that I've been able to go 80,000 before needing to replace the brake pads. I'm so glad I bought an extended warranty for this car and will likely get rid of the car when that expires. I've owned three Honda's before this Maxima and never had issues like I have with my Nissan. I would never buy another Nissan.
needed a new transmission...from the reviews i have been reading this appears to be an ongoing problem. i bought this car new and i will never buy another nissan again. i would think there would be some sort of recourse re the transmission issue but i guess i am wrong
I am at 4 years and 50,000 miles with this car. It's just the right size, it's a great looking design, comfortable ride but still connected to the road, and it has power to spare. I have had nothing but the usual maintenance repairs- until now- I need a new front wheel bearing- not bad. Lousy turning radius is my only complaint.
This is perhaps thee most affordable driving machine. It is the definition of a road warrior. It has the look and comfort of a luxury vehicle and the performance of a racing legend. Probably the most powerful and underrated engine ever!!!!! The one thing tho, this car is a lady and the better you take care of her the better she takes care of you. I've had this car for a couple of months and I have no complaints. Just as long as you do the basics such as change the oil, rotate the tire, and have it looked at by a NISSAN MECHANIC you'll be in speed heaven!!!!