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2004 Nissan Maxima (20 Reviews)
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I have a 2004 nissan maxima that I am selling for parts. It was hit from behind and the rear bumper and trunk were damaged,but the tail light are still good. The engine and transmission are great,interior is in great condition!! All leather ,heated seats and heated steering wheel. The doors,windows,are all great! No cracked or chipped glass a/c works great!if you are interested in buying this car contact me @ or 405-837-1120. I'd like to sell the whole car.
I will never buy another Nissan again and have told other people not purchase one either. Bought the car in 2008 until 78,000 miles transmission is jerking mechanic said I need a new tranny contacted Nissan Corp who wouldn't help me since the car is out of warranty and bought used so nice I have to pay getting a new transmission. Took to another mechanic who quoting me $324 on a new replacement don't have that kind of money just pray this car doesn't kill me still making payments. Nissan should be responsible in their actions but this is the last time will ever buy a Nissan I am done Toyota and Honda here I come.
Thanks for these helpful reviews. I don't own one, but was looking at buying one since my older Nissan was so reliable. Now I understand that Nissan is owned by Renault and uses Renault parts and supply chain solutions. Knowing how unreliable Renaults have been, makes me not want to come near a Nissan. Everywhere I read, people complain about how these "post-Renault" nissans become "money-pits". That's something I can live without. Thanks everyone for the heads up.
hooray nissan back in shop again lets see 9 coils 3 battery ground cables 2 batteries transmission slippage b4 and after flush complete exhaust replacement under warranty one dealership honored warr. other refused to i thought it was fed brother has degree from ford i worked for chevy.ive only owned nissans try to convince my wife they are good.everyone i know thinks they are good however 2 other maximas in the neighborhood same problems contacted nissan north america no help free advertisement nissan JUNK.YOU GOT ME BASED ON YOUR PAST HISTORY.BY THE WAY KNOW SOMEONE WHO HAS 2009 MAX. SAME THING JUNK JUNK JUNK
bought my msxima from enterpris in 2005 drove perfect except for the bad goodyear tires collasped on two of tire now at 151k mile all hell has broke loose brake abs system bad transmission downshifts and jerk battery keeps going down thank GOD for jump starters and after reading all these notes all problems are the same it just unfortunate that we are all in the 99percent so why not occuppy nissan for such a bad product.
This is the best car I have ever owned w/o question and I have owned many both domestic and foreign. 76,000 miles (not as many as some here) but the only reapir wrong was an oxygen sensor and that was replaced under extended warranty. I read others comments about blown transmissions and other problems here and wonder about their driving habits. ??? This was my 5th Nissan and my 2nd Max. All the others were excellent as well. I just traded this car on a ...guess..... 32011 Altima they are that good!!! (Retired, didn't need a Max anymore).
I guess I got lucky with my transmission, I'm at 111K and it finally quit. I did the research after I bought the car so I was waiting for it. I got the cam sensor code twice, went away on its own, put in an AEM intake and custom Y-pipe catback exhaust but it sounds great on its own. Regular oil changes at 5K and one transmission flush to try to resolve the tranny myself but I do believe it made it worse. I liked the heated seats and was cooled and warmed nicely but I have to say the defroster is the worst I've ever dealt with.
overall the car is nice but little issues that nissan can take care and not doing anything about
At just under 5 yrs old, the paint on the hood and roof started fading terribly and eventually wore down through to the undercoat. I suspect the hood, roof and trunk lid are aluminum (magnetic signs would not adhere to these surfaces). All other exterior surfaces have retained their shiny black luster. The silver-gray contact paper trim around the instrument cluster is bubbled. Now, at 110,000 miles, the center console cushion has fallen off for the 2nd time (I don't want to spend $200 for a replacement). Although, maintained exclusively by my local Nissan dealer since birth, the engine sounds "tired" (service mgr says this is the normal sound???) and now, they recommend that I use a heavier oil (10-30wt). The moon roof sometimes doesn't close unless I play with the switch. Finally, the auto tilt steering wheel sometimes doesn't tilt back into position when I shut the door. Other than these problems, I love my black Max SL! It is a roomy, comfortable riding car and I judge all other vehicles against it. However, it is the last Maxima I will purchase!
2004 Maxima with 52000, My car was rattling at first --- then today it acted like it did not want to go.--- took it in and the dealer said the transmission is gone. 49000 miles -- Wow -- what a piece of crap -- I have a 1998 pontiac grand prix with 210k miles -- no problems at all -- BUY AND SUPPORT AMERICAN
Owned every generation maxima since 92 never again, front brakes and rotors every year. struts, headlight bulbs 3 times transmission twice replaced under warranty 2 engines one under warranty one not. all 4 abs sensors and serpentine belts 3 times. oh almost forgot the bose radio replaced under warranty. want a g35 but it's a nissan product same engine cant bring myself to do it.
Like others on here, 2004 Max was the worst car ever. My transmission went at 6,900 miles and I had the steering wheel shimmy from day 1. It was always the tires' problem...never Nissan's for making a horrible product. Had so many issues I could write a book. Brakes were horrible as well. Heat would only work on acceleration, etc. All of the common problems I had. I don't understand how car manufacturers get away with this. There has to be more oversight to protect consumers. Traded this P.O.S. in for a 2010 Acura and have had one year of problem and expense free driving. I forgot what that was like. Shame on Nissan for making a sh$tty product and doing nothing about it. Never will I buy from them again.
04 Nissan Maxima SE is the Worst car I have ever owned!!! One problem after another, but the biggest problem was having to put a new transmission in it after 68000 miles!!! Violent jerking while changing gears & down shifting. Was afraid to come to complete stop at STOP Signs due to fear of Whip-lash. And I am NOT over-exaggerating!!! Nissan should be ashamed of this car. My family & I have been Nissan owners since 1984, we have had Sentra's, 240SX & Maxima's. Unfortunately, I will no longer be a part of the Nissan family. I put my trust in this company & now they will do nothing to resolve this problem. There are over 100,000+ complaints online on the 04 & 05 Maximas for this same jerking & transmission problem & Nissan has yet to recall the product. I resulted in front end damage to my car due to my car jerking forward. This is a safety issue that should be addressed. I filed a complaint with the National BBB USA Site online & recommend that others due to same.
Just as I went over the mileage for the warranty coverage, the transmission started acting up. The transmission started getting rough when it shifted from 2nd to 3rd and back from 4rth to third gear. When I went to get it repaired. The mechanic also noticed that the engine mounts were almost all gone and that the radiator mounts were all torn. The body, engine, heating /cooling, and electrical are all still in very good condition. There is a slight rattle when driving over some bumps. I'm assuming that I'll soon need to replace the struts and/or shocks. The large turning radius sucks but is not a major problem. I would be very happy with this car if it wasn't for the transmission trouble.
72000 my tranny went out. I will never buy Nissan again. I will fix it and trade it for a donkey. hard shifting and I feel as im going to fly out when my car jerks. NMNE-No more Nissan Ever.
The same problem as Kara, Transmission was gone at 73K miles. Called Nissan, they didn't help at all. 2 abs sensors also gone. Never buy nissan again, not recommending to anyone ...
I loved this car when i 1st bought it, i am at 74,000 miles. 4000 over my warranty and the transmission is gone along with 2 motor mounts, nissan of north america had a terrible way of responding to my calls (never) !!!! and denied any help whats so ever. After paying $43,000 for my car its going to cost me $5,100 to repair, I just dont have that kind of money laying around, I exspected allot more from this car, i am truly heartbroken and dont recommend anyone by a nissan due to quality and service provided by the company.
2004 maxima has BIG Problems with the transmission. It shifts extremely hard from 1st to 2nd gear and it has a rattling noise coming from underneath as you accelerate. The issue happens sporadically.
Some minor body fit problems. Goodyear tires are not up to snuff. Most Goodyears are not. Lots of trouble with Goodyear dealer, they have a hard time balancing the tires.