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2005 Nissan Altima (11 Reviews)
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Despite regular maintenance I had a blown head gasket, replaced two catalytic converters, the AC never really blew cold after 50K miles. The heater is a joke on cold day if you drive slower than 60mph. The engine constantly burnes oil keep at least 2qts in the trunk. I’m at 230K miles and the catalytic converter and O2 sensor is out again plus the engine is over heating after I drive it 30 minutes. With a state vehicle inspection coming up soon it looks like $4000 just to get it to pass. Never really a good car, stylish.
I was living on cloud nine with my 2005 Altima I was thinking I would probably replace it with another when the time came. However, at 41,000 miles my alternator failed. Left me stranded. To replace it was $718.15. Not happy about that. Garage kept, no dents, and only 41,000 being an 8 years old and I have to put out that kind of money burned me up. Not sure what to do now because I don't know why a part like that failed. 10/07/13
I have a 2005 Nissan Altima. I have nothing but good things to say about Nissan. My Altima runs perfectly. With minor problems. My check engine light comes on occasionally, but other than that there is not anything wrong with my car :)
I have never owned a car before that had so many issues until I got my Altima. We have replaced all 4 wheel bearings, we have replaced the top catalytic converter, we have replaced the air compressor, we have replaced the a/c lines, the vehicle burns through brakes, we have replaced two oxygen sensors the camshaft sensor, the buttons on the radio quit working so we had to replace the radio, we have replaced all the shocks and struts. This car has been a never-ending hassle. This was my first Nissan and it will surely be my last. its like as soon as we get one problem fixed something else breaks. I feel like I have bought my car twice. unless you're in the mood to blow some money then buying a Nissan is not the way to go.
This has been the worse car as far as maintenace i've ever owned.I feel like i've paided for it twice.Can't wait to trade in in!( Brakes,motor mount,struts,lifter,air conditioner,throttle body sensor,ect!!!!!!!!!!!
2005 Nissan Altima compressor went. Car has 80k miles. Not a cheap job! Had many cars exceeding 100k mls and never had a/c problems. Read alot of problems with Nissan Altima compressor's not only 2005 models. Also, dashboard melts in the sun. Whole cover behind the steering wheel just uplifted and got warped. i don't think I would ever buy another Nissan. One of my most least favorite cars.
Within the first year I replaced the radiator. Then... I replaced the battery, a steering rack, wheel hub, alternator, big belt, lost track of the number of break jobs including entire rear brakes with the calipers and all that goes into it ( and I am a highway, long distance driver with minimal breaking) The car's alignment is never quite right. The rims are a joke. One had to be reconstructed and another had 2 massive metal failures that I have never seen on any rim.
me gusta mi nissan altima es comodo facil de reparar no gasta mucha gasolina es lo mejor de todos los carros
I'm considering a 2005 altima from a honda dealership, but it has 163,000 miles on it. The previous owner only had maintenance check-ups. No big accidents, just lots of highway driving. Would it be work 6 thou?
I've been very happy with my 2005 Altima. The only issue is that it seems to go through brake pads quickly. The 3.5 engine can keep up with any situation.
I bought my Altima 2.5 SL new in 2005 and have only put a new battery in it. I'm having a problem with the TCM sensor but besides these minor things I absolutely love the car and plan on driving it till the wheels fall off!