2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse Reviews and Owner Comments

2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse owners review and rate their 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse (2 Reviews)
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Great car for the most part. Handling and acceleration good for a 4 cyl. Fun and comfortable on a long freeway trip from Florida to Michigan.
The driver's seat could adjust a little lower. (i keep brushing the top of the doorway when i get in.
The fabric is coming loose from the headliner in a number of places. (above the doors on either side and at the top of the windshield on both sides just where the defroster would strike) I think the glue just dried up. Also, last year, insulation (or something) started blowing through the ac/heater vents.
There is a rattle coming from the engine compartment at times. I think it is the shielding on the motor making contact with some parts of the engine/frame.

I had an issue with the antilock brakes not resetting last year, but found (through research) that if i made the wheels slide by braking hard and then pumping the pedal a bunch of times. (i did this procedure 3-4 times that the problem went away.

The headlight enclosures are sunburned on the inside. I can't think of any fix except to replace them.

The only other thing that is amiss is of course the pistons holding up the hatch. I keep a miniature hockey stick in the rear for a prop.

I have had my eclipse since 3300 miles and have had it serviced (oil, lube etc) every 3000 miles using Mobile 1.

I enjoy driving this car and other than the multiple minor issues mentioned above, would certainly buy another one IF they kept making them.
Can't believe there are NO! reviews for the new body style Eclipse (introduced 2006 model year). I bought the car new in early 2006 and it has been one of the most reliable and enjoyable small and sporty looking cars I've owned. Oh, there are some preference items I would want different if money were no object; but for the money I spent (around $22K brand new), the car is a terrific value & loaded with stuff that is optional on most other cars of its status. There have been no issues except for a water pump that was covered by the warranty just before the 5 years expired. It still has the rest of the 10 year power train warranty left. Consumer Reports didn't like it - too bad. It is a better car than probably a lot of people may think.