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2006 Kia Sedona (17 Reviews)
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I'm fairly happy with my 2006 Kia Sedona. My biggest complaint is with the Kia dealership. They charge outrageous prices for their replacement parts. They claim they put superior(to other dealers), genuine parts in the vehicle. Two new catalytic converters with labor cost $2500.

They also charged me $440 restocking fee when I changed my mind, after they supposedly had ordered the parts. I still saved a few hundred my going elsewhere.
bought the 2006 newly designed 2nd generation sedona in 2008. it's had some issues, mostly electrical eg. air bag light on (was a bumper sensor)... front brakes need replacing a bit more often and i had to change the throttle position sensor. but other than that it's been a solid reliable van. i know ppl will criticize kia harsher than other makes, but we also have a 2008 chrysler minivan and it's been a migrane. the kia has had minor issues, but the chrysler has also had minor issues - plus a blown transmission! the chrysler had 78k miles when it blew up. the kia so far has 130k miles and runs smooth as the day we got it. i take it florida without worry. point is kia is no more problem ridden than the domestics.... kia is perhaps less problem ridden than domestics.

the one thing we saw with the new style sedona is the power sliding doors are prone to problems. we don't have that option so all is well for us, but our kia salesman says those were improved on in 09 or 10. but if power doors are a big issue just turn the power off and manually use the sliding doors instead... sometimes it's not worth spending $ on power doors. power sliding doors are the sedonas achiles heel. other than that it's a great van.
Problems galore with my 2006 Kia Sedona. Started with sliding door problems not closing correctly, tightly. Then problem moved to my back hatch door just falling and not staying open. Both had to be repaired. Then my automatic locks stopped working (that was very expensive to fix). Headlights constantly going out and having to be replaced. Horn stopped working. But the worst part of all is it will not start up on me on a regular basis at random times. I've had to have my car towed about 8 times in the last year. After about the 7th time and a lot of money later Kia replaced my junction box because my key was no longer sending the signal to the box (part of the anti-theft system). Well here I am 10 months later and it is happening again and Kia won't replace the junction box even though it would be covered under warranty since since same problem happened less then a year ago. Although the Kia looks nice don't judge a book by it's cover. It's a piece of junk, very unreliable and has caused nothing but stress in my life.
Code P2106 - Throttle Actuator Control System and P2135,P1295 for APS sensor A/B voltage correlation.There is a bulletin in these codes covered at the dealer.Heres the bulletin number TSB 09-FL003-2. The TPS needs replacing and reprogramming the ECM.This should all be fixed at no charge at the dealer.Hoped this helped.Positive feedback and bonuses greatly appreciated.
Brought van a few months ago. After driving 2,000-3,000 miles started having electrical issues. The ability to accelerate while driving occurs. Definately would not recommend this van to anyone!
Don't recommend this Van. Driver's side sun visor won't stay up, had to replace rotors and shocks like within 2 1/2 years, intake tube was replaced Dec. 2011, and been having problems with a/c. Needs major work $800-1,200 to repair check engine light code to pass smog for registration renewal. What a headache! Great on gas, though and fits my whole family comfortably. Besides that... really don't recommend 2006
purchased used '06 in '08. We've had several no-starts since then, at least one a year; this year ('11) twice, spending $1200. I saw the sermon about "doing your homework" which provoked me to tell my story -- I DID MINE and was pleased with the price / reviews, until I bought it. Currently we have problems with the sliding doors and power mirrors. Wife almost side-swiped another vehicle due to mirror problems. After 80,000 miles Warranty has expired. It didn't cover previous problems which is reason I haven't purchased an extended. Will sale as soon as I get current problems fixed. Next van: Honda Odyssey!
@ the end of it all you get what you pay for.
Love my Sedonas! I have an '02 with 92k miles and a '06 with 55k miles. Only major issue has been rotors on both vans however, this is to be expected since I tow 5k lbs every summer through the mountains. Harsh useage like this can cause rotor issues. I cannot stress strongly enough the need to PROPERLY MAINTAIN YOUR VEHICLE on time per the manufacturers manual. This is the only way to keep a car running properly. I absolutely hate it when people comaplian about a car and then you find out they have done nothing to maintain it. I went in for service last month and a man with a fairly new (under 40k mile) Kia Rio was in the shop arguing for a new engine under warranty because his engine had seized up. However, it was the first time the car had been in the shop at all. The man had never even done an OIL CHANGE! Yet he was in there critizing Kia cars as cheap crap!
We've had numerous problems with our van including but not limiting to: break downs, shorted motor on sliding doors, tire pressure on with adequate tire pressure, etc. Recently, while driving our van on the freeway, we heard a cracking noise and saw smoke coming from the rear of the van. Subsequently, we lost all power steering and dash lights. After pulling over for safety, we found flames under the hood. This van was on fire!!!
You know, you do get what you paid for. BUT and this is a BIG but...DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE SPENDING 25K on a brand new car! We have a 2006 Sedona and I absolutely LOVE my van! It's a wonderful family car. Very safe, drives beautifully, and when things have gone wrong with it (which yes, there have been some electrical hiccups) THE WARRANTY COVERS IT...EVEN IN KOREA!!! I don't know why people blame the car, the maker...if you do your research, stay on top of recalls or letters from the dealer telling you to come in for a replacement part then your car will run better, the way it's supposed to! All those who had "horrible problems" did you do your regular scheduled maintinence? Did you get oil changes when you were supposed to? Did you make sure the gas tank had some fuel in it? If you're car didn't work right did you call the dealer and take it in or did you try to fix it yourself? Are you a certified technician? Do you know about ALL the electronics in these cars? Did you spend the little extra money for the extended warranty or were you cheap? If you want a car to last more than five years these days (because face it they don't build them like they used to to last twenty+years) YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT THE MANUAL TELLS YOU TO DO and IF YOU DON"T HAVE A MANUAL GO ONLINE AND GET ONE OR GO TO THE DEALER AND GET ONE!!!
I love my van. My kids and husband love our van. It's been a wonderful first brand new car experience for us. When we bought it, the 2006 Sedona had the highest safety rating of all the vans out there. It's a great van. Would recommend to anyone!
air worked great 4 days now none ,dont know if im turning it on right,no owners manual,also alarm on key dosent work,is there a battery in key ring.high beams wont stay on
You get what you pay for. Looks great new, lots of features for the price. But it deteriorates quickly. Cheaply made, electrical and a/c issues out the wahzoo, and everything everyone else says. Owned the car only 45 months but 3K miles over warranty on basic and you are screwed - even on problems they are well aware of. Ford has more recalls, but that is becausse they actually recall when they know of a problem. KIA just waits you out.

In the end, this brand can't be trusted, now matter how much they upgrade the styling.

Never again. Never.
bought this car in january of 09' and only 58,000 miles on started having problems with it 6 months after I got it. electrical, radiator, engine, well u name it and thats whats wrong with it. this is the worst thing i ever had bought.. i'm goin to stick with my chev.
Had air bag, battery, side door, headlight and numerous other problems.
A great car so far! A few electrical problem with the side door slider, etc. But my warranty covered it.