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2009 Kia Rondo (3 Reviews)
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Purchase my 2009 Kia Rhonda used in 2012, no problems except I noticed I have been changing headlight bulbs frequently. As of 3.3.2014 I took it to Auto Zone to have the driver side light replaced. Come to find out the bulb has not burned out. Was informed that the bulb was not put in properly and then told to take it to the dealer, because they did not want to dismantle everything to put it in correctly. I took it to Firestone, they also said the bulb was good and that they had tighten it and it should work. Not. Two days later it was out, went back to Firestone and it was determined that the internal connections needed to be repositioned or replaced by the dealer. The bulb was not connecting properly to the internal system. This sounds like a major cost. Wondering if this should be covered under warranty or considered as a recall problem?
bought my kia rondo in 2009 and in 2012 started to have problems with the headlights they kept burning every 3 to 4 months. i got them originally fixed at my mechanic since kia said was not under warranty and wanted to charge double the price than my mechanic. Now my mechanic is been fixing them under their warranty. i think there is something wrong with the wiring that keep burning the headlights and kia should be responsible for all the times they have been replaced. Anybody else has headlight problems?
KIA SUCKS! 2009 Rondo has loud transmission solenoid (hear it 200 ft away). Did not do it when we bought it. Started 2 weeks later. Dealer pulled trans dipstick and inserted mechanics stethoscope into tube. Dealer says we know what it is. Can’t help you. Talk to factory rep. I did. He said when it fails, bring it back. Complained to Kia. They said rep told them he said it was just a start-up issue. A start-up issue goes away. This is heard any time trans is in gear. Either Kia lied to me, or rep lied to me. Apparently, the solenoid is in the trans, and can’t be replaced w/out pulling it.