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2006 Ford Taurus (10 Reviews)
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I bought my 2006 Taurus in 2007 with 8,000 miles. It was a dealer show car. It has ran very well. Had to replace the starter at 100,000 miles. Have done regular maintenance, oil, tires,etc. Now has 110,000 and starts with no problem, milage is still right on, runs like a charm. It has been a good car.
I bought a 2006 Ford Taurus in 2013 about 6 mths in I needed a catalyc converter; about a year after that I needed a starter; Currently my exhaust system is done!!!!! I was also told the suspension will need to be repaired on the front and back. I bought this car with 81,000 miles on it.
probably the best car I have had has 134K miles and only had to replace the alternator about 10K ago this is really the only repair other than tires and oil changes been a great car
i hate this car. Just got it in November 2012 and it need a catalytic converter.
My 06 Taurus SEL looked fine on the outside...I thought I would have a great car here ( I purchased it used w/ 18K from Gaudin Ford here in vegas..extended warrenty too)Today, the A/C quit..Windshield washer system died also...rubber hoses cracked to lil pieces from the heat... Ignition sticky.. had it repaired..Ft speakers of the stereo quit...Steering wheel squeeked while turning..repaired it too..Power seat went off track..repaired it. Iv'e replaced the drive belt 3 times beacuse of squeeking..and have to do it again...5 yrs owner..and Im beggin someone to take over payments...I WANT OUT!!!
Intermittent problems getting car started. Replaced fuel filter,
key reader, cam sensor,and crank sensor. Nothing seemed to help. When it happens all the information in the information center window resets such as trip mileage, MPG, outside air temp, ect. 2006 Ford SEL 41,000 miles.
I bought a 1999 Ford Taurus in 2002. It had about 75,000 miles on it, so I was somewhat wary but it was a good price. It needed a new transmission at about 120,000 miles, but that is the only major repair (other than brakes, routine maintenance, etc.). In 2009 with 186,000 miles on the car, I was T-boned at an intersection by a F-150 pickup going about 50 miles per hour. Hit me right on the driver's side door. I walked away with no injuries. The outside of the door was completely caved in but the interior side of the door barely pushed into the passenger compartment. That car saved my life!

The insurance company totaled the car and I immediately started looking for a newer Taurus. I purchased a 2006 Taurus with about 70,000 miles on it. The car now (in 2011) has about 110,000 miles and it hasn't needed any major repairs. I've only changed the oil, etc. for routine maintenance and recharged the air conditioner. I expect to get at least another 90,000 miles out of it!
Have had this car for two years. Just don't like the 16 inch tire with the low profile Only air up to 30 lbs (advise no higher) otherwise one of the best used vehicle I have owned in a long time.
I drive about 1000 miles a week for my job. I chose this car, because I have a 92 Mercury Sable with over 200,000 miles, and this 3.0 engine is been very reliable. For the price, its a good reliable car, and fairly easy to repair. Have always done my own oil changes, every 3-4000 miles, and feel like that has helped make the engine last that long. This is my first "fancy" Taurus decked out with moonroof and leather seats, very stylish.
I bought a 2006 in 2006 from Hertz (25K) for my son. I drove it for three years until he finally passed his license exam. It is a very responsive and stable car for a new driver. The car has had minor problems with a blend door motor (no heat - $45 part) and left front bearing (45 to buy and $112 to have someone install it - I may have hit a curb hard but still drove it for a year with bearing noise). This required an alignment ($70). I replaced the front brakes and rotors (cheap do it yourself about $100). I have replaced all of the tires. The car has 100K, and with tires, I have spent about $1K in maintenance in 4 years. Since I paid 10K for the car I rate the Taurus very high as a daily driver.