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2005 Ford Taurus (9 Reviews)
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It's 4/3/15, To be short and direct, I've dumped right at $4300 in repair costs on this '05 Taurus SE (3.0 V6 Vulcan flex-fuel ) since new, this Does NOT include tires/oil-filter changes, I've got 68K miles on it and I feel the repair costs on this Piss Poor Taurus have been outrageous. It's in the shop now for a new oil pan gasket because it leaks oil, cost estimate is approx. $300. Past repairs include Trans/Torque converter, starter, cam synchronizer thing-a-ma-jig and easily three sets of lower ball joints. Way-WAY Too much repair money - - - WAY WAY too Quick !! !! I wonder if the engine will make it to 75K ? FORD >>> They call 'em FIX or Repair Daily ! ! ! ! !
Listen. I bought this car in 2009 with 63,000 miles on it. It currently has 120,000 miles on it, and I couldn't be more afraid of it. My alternator went out on my while I was driving down the interstate - had to pay for an emergency battery switch and wait for some rando to charge me 500 to put a new alternator and battery in. Then, the accelerator got stuck! The car was driving itself! After i got it back from the dealership that time, it happened again! I didn't think I had bought a toyota. Shortly after, the AC went out. paid to have it recharged but then they said it would be 1200 to get it fixed! - no way jose. Compressor out, Condenser out. And did i mention when I walked to my car after a dinner out that the muffler had randomly fallen off? Had to drive the 4 hour ride home with the entire thing in my car and all the windows down. Currently, because I can't afford a new vehicle, I'm having to replace my rotors - again, along with having the transmission serviced because it's getting 'stuck' and chugging on my when i'm driving down the interstate in the snow. The wheel wont' even turn sometimes! It gets stuck and my car won't do anything! Terrifying vehicle, although I've heard nothing but wonderful stories from all of my other relatives that have owned one. Maybe it's just my luck.
Bought my Taurus in 2006 with 9k on it from a Ford dealership. It has the 24V V-6. The car was fairly inexpensive, so I didn't expect to get something "maintenance free." The car now has 100k on it, and overall, I'm pleased and would buy another Taurus. It had quite a few problems during the first two years I owned it, but the warranty covered the work so I can't complain. Outside of the warranty, I've always had problems with the seals in the doors and trunk leaking, and last year I had to re-charge the A/C due to a small leak. Everything else has been routine maintenance.
Hi,my name is Dallerie Williams and i have an question,i have an 2005 ford taurus that i had since last feburary of 2011 & i was driving 03/12/2012 and went on an interview and when i got back home and parked but when i tried to park my car closer to the curb it would'nt start back up.can you please tell me what the problem may be...
I don't so much like my car. I purchased this 2005 Taurus back in 2008 as a get to college car. I try to keep up with the maintenance, but as a student, the car has had to skip a few services. I have had had to have its "front-end" replaced 3 times. As a result, of the front-end work, I cannot (I was told it never will) get the car 100% aligned. I have refurbished the brakes once. I now have an acceleration problem with it. The car sometimes accelerates and jerks forward without me pushing the accelerator. I am told that since my cruise control is also broken, the cruise control cable is either loose on, too tight on, or blocking the throttle body. I think I made a mistake in buying this car.
What a great deal. I bought this can in 2007 with 75,000 miles. It has been very reliable and cheap to operate. Best car ever. The only problems has been getting the alignment correct and now I think I have a CV going. That is acceptable as I now have 170,000 miles on the car. This model has the 24 valve engine and has lots of get up and go.
I bought my 2005 Taurus with 12,000 miles on it right before graduating college and it has been awesome. My mom had a Taurus and my sister bought the same model 6 mo. after me. Only problem I've noticed is that the check engine light will randomly go off and on for no reason (happened 7-8 times in the last year). I had REALLY tight finances right after graduation (hooray for student loans) so I was not as diligent on the big maintenance as I should have been (missed got the 60,000 mile check-up at 80,000 and stuff like that, although I always got regular oil changes) but it has given me few fits. I needed brake work done a few times and have replaced the battery and tires, but it has really been a great car. I even got hit by a deer (I had slowed down but a deer ran head first into my driver's side) and the car had very minimal damage, everything was still functional. My A/C and heat get really cold/hot really fast. Was kinda annoyed to have to get a "mom" car in college, but it has been a real life-saver with the low cost, low maintenance for this poor college student.
Very reliable car, best car I've ever purchased.
great car. have always love the taurus/sables. faithful performances.