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I have a 2004 Taurus. Its a nice car in all but we bought it used ran great for a week or two then all of a sudden, any time the rpm get lower the car will shut down.I have no clue what could be the problem.this car has already caused t racks dew to the shutting off suddenly.
I love my 2004 ford Taurus se. has 3.0 Vulcan engine and no problems with motor or transmission,replaced coil and power steering hose.drives great gas mileage could be better.
I have (2) 2004 Ford Taurus and they both have issues with water getting in the trunk am I the only one with this problem? What could be the problem? 1 of them has a hesitation.
2004 Ford Taurus Se, great car 135,000 stalling, coil pack replaced, told by mechanic it need a tuneup , that will be done next, plugs, wires, fuel filter and we shall see the results, also the throttle position sensor was replaced, high RPMs was the reason for TPS changed.
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Visitor, Eureka, MT, August 11, 2010 11:24
"2004 SE Station Wagon with 90,000 miles. Was doing well so far but... the catalytic converters just busted completely (result: huge loss of power), along with the O2 sensors. Around $2,000 for the repair with aftermarket parts (Ford's are a grand more). Ouch. I guess it was just bad luck since it doesn't seem to be an issue with this car. Oh well."

Ford should have told you that the catalytic converter was covered by the emissions warranty up to 100000 miles. Mine went out at 70000 and it was paid for by the warranty.
I have a 2004 ford taurus that I just had to replace the camshaft censor. Does this mean that the cam is fixing to go out on my taurus. I was told that it was please let me know. My car only has 83,000 miles on it and I have always kept the oil changed in it I just don't think I was told right. It has always been serviced and kept up very good. If my cam is going down I know for sure that I will never buy another Ford if this is true. I think this car should not have a cam going down at 83,000 miles I purchased this car new and I have always loved it. But if it is true I will have to think hard before purchasing another Ford will you please answer my question.
i own a 2004 ford taurus se with the dohc motor and just before 95000 miles or so everytime i turn left my motor revs up and it acts like it is coming out of gear. after a second or two it catches again and launches like i dumped the clutch. it is an automatic. anyone else have this problem? or know of a manual tranny for it?
I have a 2004 ford taurus and the car runs good when its at running timp. but when its cold and warming up it cuts out when idleing and idk why?
When I bought my 2004 Ford Taurus it had 69000 miles on it. Now we are at 87000 and with no warning at all my trans has gone out. I drove the car all day no problems. Went to pick up my son and all of the sudden the RPM's went through the roof and the car wouldn't go. I have researched this issue and have come to find this is a recurring problem. So why then is Ford not doing anything to help it's customers????
Gas mileage continues to do down. Went from 18.5 mpg in city to 16 to 13.5. Car seems to be running okay, but gas mileage keeps dropping. Any ideas?
I drive a 2004 taurus. I have had nothing but problems with this car. The MPG has dropped from the 20's to 13.5 MPH. I have replaced everything I can think of and still no change! Piece of junk!!!!
2004 SE Station Wagon with 90,000 miles. Was doing well so far but... the catalytic converters just busted completely (result: huge loss of power), along with the O2 sensors. Around $2,000 for the repair with aftermarket parts (Ford's are a grand more). Ouch. I guess it was just bad luck since it doesn't seem to be an issue with this car. Oh well.
I have 118000K on this 2004 SES...It runs great...Headlight lenses faded and brakes have been fixed numerous times. Improve these problems at the plant and the car would be great
I really like my 2005 SLE. The brakes really could be better, like someone said, but over-all it's a very reliable car. I'm a SAAB driver for decades but the upkeep is ridiculous on them so thought I'd try something else. V6 so the gas milage poor as expected. The transmission just went out, which I've just been told is TYPICAL for this model.I like the car an awful lot, but that would have been a handy bit of information to have had, Ford!!!
I bought this car from Valley Ford in Florissant, and I love it. I've had my car for a little over 3 years and only put 43,000 + miles on it, it came with 19,360 originally. I have the 3.0 Vulcan V6, but it sounds great and is pretty quick, well since I've had a 3 system fuel clean on it. I have'nt had any real problems, probably because no one but me has owned my car, it's a dealer car with options. This car is the only reason I love Ford vehicles! Unfortunately, my first car, a 1997 Mustang Coupe did'nt give me that feel at all, I guess the second time was the charm.
car has been a piece of junk since I bought it. on second transmission with a problem on this one. I think it had been wrecked before I bought it at 112,000, but with 174,000 why do I have two transmission problems. Last transmission was used with 50k on it.
Bought the 2004 se at 47k, absolutely love it. Yes it's plain inside and it's performance is not worth talking about, but it's cheap to run and put some rims on it and it looks great. One thing is the stereo speakers are shit, as usual they aren't good enough for the stereo fitted. I changed them for a minor upgrade and now it's great, clear, good bass. All round this is a great car, I do wish it was RWD, but maybe an upgrade to a SHO for the next one.
I just pick up a 2004 Taurus with 24 v DOHC 3.0v6. for 5000$ 66K Miles in excellent condition
this will be my 3 Ford Taurus , my first was back in 1990 it was call sable it was my first Front Wheel Drive and I did not change the transmission fluid when I should have and transmission went out at 90,000 miles . I replaced the transmission for about 1,800$ and drove it for another 100,000 .

I bought a used 2001 ford ses Taurus it was program car with about 2000 miles . It is now has 200K on it and still runs like a new car . I change oil 3000 miles Transmission fluid every 30K. and I hope it makes 300k my son drives it every day to school .
If I get this kind service out of the 2004 Taurus I will be a very happy owner
I have 220,000 miles on this Taurus and I had almost 400,000 miles on my 95 Taurus when I sold it. Total repairs on this one to date (not including oil changes, a battery and tires) are the front tie rod ends and ball joints, and a starter motor. I'm taking it in for some minor overheating, but that's about it. Only irritating item is the "Passenger Door Ajar" signal which sends out false reading for a week at a time once every year or so. Otherwise it's great. And our temps where I live vary from -25 in the winter to 95 in the summer. Heater and A/C are always perfect..
i own 2 taurus SE's 2004 (40k) + 2006 (55k).
my last car was a honda civic and i had more problems with it than i have with any (6) ford ive ever owned. not that i would never buy a honda again. im just stating my facts.

PROS: nice more than adequate engine, spacious, reliable, cheap to repair, insure, maintain. very inexpensive ride.

cons: i HATE the brakes on the car. the gas mileage isn't what has ever been advertised. kind of a boring car inside and out.

Bought new taurus in 2004 and drove just about 53000M before the transmission died on me. Spent about $2400 on rebuilt transmission and other stuff. Totally disappointed in ford and will not even consider buying another ford.