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2003 Ford Taurus (12 Reviews)
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I bought my 2003 Ford Taurus SES in Feb,2009 from Empire Ford. It must be a lemon. The car only had 85,285 miles on it when I bought it, thought with only that many miles on it with 6 years use, the car was built in June 2003, one of the last ones of the '03 models one would think Ford would have got it right after a whole model year. I thought I knew about Taurus's as I bought a 2001 Taurus SES with the OHC engine, it was a program car and only had 23,900 miles on it. Drove it 250,000 miles from June 2002 until June, 2005 when I traded it for a 2004 Ford Taurus SES w/o the OHC motor, a mistake, it had 33,560 miles on it,also a program car I put 190,000 miles on it until it was totaled out, not my fault in an awesome car wreck I was turned upside down and hit a block wall at 30-35 mph upside down, tore a gas meter off the wall and natural gas spewing everywhere. The point I am making is with being able to put that many miles on both of those Tauruses and doing nothing to them except oil changes,air filter replacement, tires and front brakes only I thought I knew them damned cars pretty well. No sir that ain't the case, the 2003 I presently own, bought in Feb,'09 has had to have the transaxle redone or replaced twice, the first time it just quit, seems they had bad torque converters in 'em. That was back in 2012, had trouble with it from the beginning after the rebuild. The second time was recently, Nov 2014, had it done at Allied Transmissions, they did the first one also. They did not rebuild the original that came with the car they put one they had there, it has an 02 tag on the top of the bell housing, no other ID tags on it, they also left a rag on the top of the tranny. The job was done on Dec 19, 2014 a Friday and I picked it up at their closing time. The first thing I noticed was when it from a standing stop and reached the first shift it shifted hard and or with a shudder. On Monday after I got it back I took it to them and was told it was a complete different tranny than the one that came in my car and it would take a few miles for the tranny and the computer to catch up with each other. I was told to drive it 300-400 miles and trhat should do it. Wrong it still had problems. They then said it was the computer, the engine, eveything but their screwup. Now just Sat. Mar. 7, 2015 the radio just quit working. I have tried every fuse in the box, outside and inside to no avail. Oh after the first rebuild of the tranny the radiator busted, the part where the trans cooler is. If anyone out there knows how to get this radio to work again let me know. Now that is why I believe this present Taurus is a LEMON and should be recalled thru the LEMON LAW.
Good family car the 32V DOHC engine is smooth, ride is a notch got all the bells and whistles. I wish this car had digital things more like a luxury car but its amazing vehicle runs like new. We bought this car 8 years ago never did us wrong best car ever cloth bucket seats comfortable - automatic trans is smooth handles snow perfect. Our Taurus is equipped with couple features with SEL includes sunroof and remote keyless entry have done all minor repairs. I planning to drive this car another 40k miles plus be looking an 2008 or upper Taurus since these cars are solid and reliable has an great stereo system lots of spacious although auto shifter is at console car has an larger interior love the car.
Have had great luck with my 2003 Taurus SES ohv 6 cylinder. Have had very few problems, except car at apx. 60,000 miles started sputtering when hot and at red lights, felt like bad gas or a misfire problem. For two years I had it tested for every thing one could be tested for for. Replaced plugs the s p wires, several sensors, ford up dated the computer, complete waste of time. Finally a diagnostic man replaced the " HOT AIR SENSOR, to the left of air filter. Engine light went off and engine is 100% better 3 + weeks ago. Had replaced H A S several months before, didn't help first time , maybe part was defective. Car has 75,000 now. spent apx. 1500 to 2000 trying to fix. but OK now.
Problem with starter - will turn motor over when engine cold with no problem but struggles when hot.ounds like belt, pulley, slipping. no other problems, is serviced routinely every 2000 miles.
it average but things go out it them like dominos
53000 miles AAAwarrarty
I had a 2003 DOHC. Had to give it up at 196,000 miles. Wish I would have kept it. I'm looking for another one with low miles. First time I hated to give up a car. LOVED it. The DOHC has 200 horses. Very nice smooth and stable at speeds I cannot mention here. Never had a major problem. Had the orignial engine and trans at 196,000 miles. The dealer was amazed at the milage and shape the car was in.
I have a SEL DOHC 3.0, I keep reading these reviews and wondering... are these people driving the same car. It has been good to me for sure, 165,000 miles and has started up everytime I wanted it to. My brother had it for about half the miles and he didn't take care of it at all. All interior parts work, all the paint is still on it and it has never been in a garage. Power seat works, sometimes the 6 disc changer will not work in the cold, but that is it. We had an O2 sensor we replaced at about 102,000, no other parts. It still gets 27mph!
Air condition had a problem under 30,000 miles according to mechanics at Ford of Cary. Last year we were told car needed
brakes master cylender. Took car to Franks all it needed was
brake fluit. Now in the back of my head I will always wounder. Did
the air condition was really in need to repair, since it was cooling.?
Other then that, I love my car.
Would I buy a Ford again. No it does not hold value as Honda or toyota.
I bought my Taurus SEL Wagon new in 2003. I've had no major problems until recently. First the starter made an awful noise once while still under warranty. We could not reproduce until 2yrs ago. The starter which is a sealed unit had a bolt in it. We don't know whether it came from the crankcase or the starter, but we do know it happened on the assembly line. Ford did pay to replace this. Now I have just replaced the crankcase seal which developed a slow but annoying leak after the starter was replaced. Result of the bolt we don't know, but my guess is yes. Other than the fact I got a Monday or Friday car, I completely love this car. Its a tank. It will go anywhere in the winter snow and is very comfortable to drive. If you can find a good one, you can't go wrong.
my dad owns a 2003 with the pushrod engine.this is our third car the ford ever made.shes got 172000 miles and keeps going.only thing is we had to replace the coil pack and biggie $180 bucks for coil pack wires and new plugs.runs like brand new.were looking to buy the SHO.ive driven one and man do they fly.rides like a lincoln.this is just a great gets better milage than my focus.i would definatly buy and recommend this car.oh and another thing is the lights are a little hazy.but hey what can you expect for it to be stored out side for 6 years and driven almost everyday.
I have put 100k miles on this car in just over 5 years. The only concern I have had is that the transmission fell out at 96k. Otherwise, it's been a very comfortable car to drive with no major concerns. The a/c continues to blow extremely cold, even in Texas!