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2007 Ford Explorer (2 Reviews)
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In comparison to other mid size SUV'S the 2007 Ford explorer is well built and sturdy! Maintainence is simple and not to expensive to adhere to maintence schedule! The Explorer has a compfortable ride and handels well!

The interior is could use a more compfortable seating system. The base of the front seats are short and do not support large individuals comfort. They seeemed to sacrafice the seating legnth to gain more interior room. The exterior lighting in this vehicle tends to create moisture on the inside of the lenses of the head lamps, fog lamps, and tail lamps!

The under powered engin is a handicap on the highway when attempting to pass other slower vehicles! The truck needs a more horse power and a redesigned transmission that compliments more power and sufficient fuel economy!

The downside to the explorer is the engin's lack of power, fuel economy associated with minimal power as well as it's lack of ability in towing. The 210 Horse power engin is weak with the transmission design. The tramission and differential's lack of transference of power consumes too much fuel with limited performance! The wheel bearings are a vast improvment from prior explorers and the comfort in ride has improved!

Otherwise, The 2007 Ford Explorer Is a a sound built SUV with a dominate appearence. The 4 wheel drive is average and sufficient with the weak performing enginn. The truck his durable and can uphold it's value for the money. Just as long as it's not bought for towing or off-roading. I love my exploerer and has served me well! Minimal repairs other than basic matainence. She's reliable and sturdy! I would reccomend the V-8 model! This would then be a top ranked SUV!

As I finish the service is excellent, Ford stands strongly by thier product and has gained a lifelong customer!
Had to replace aluminum heater lines after the lines rubbed together and formed a hole causing all water and coolant to leak out and overheat the engine. Out of warranty only 188 miles but repairs cost over $500. Metal bar under passenger seat broke about the same time. At 64,000 miles, A/C line rubbed up against frame and made a hole so all coolant leaked out. Line and coolant had to be replaced as well as actuator and orifice tube. Parts alone cost approx. $350. This is the first, and ONLY, Ford I will ever own! Sorely disappointed in the car and Ford itself!