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2005 Ford Expedition (13 Reviews)
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2005 Expedition 5,4L, 4X4, Fully Loaded, w pw,ps, pb, abs, p rear side windows, p sunroof, all tinted glass, two-tone, Aluminum wheels, auto trans w OD, tire pressure sensors, chil-locks, leather interior, AM-FM CD w Surround sound, rear DVD Player w surround sound, rear passenger Fold down bucket seats, then electric fold down seats to make way for cargo bay that can expand cargo bay to the back of front seats. We can carry our chlidren that are the size of football players, and grand children w their lock down Baby Safety Chairs, AC front and rear regulated grom front or rear, Suspension second to none, corners as if on rails with proper tires.
Heres the kicker, some stories are familiar, as if its on a timer, shortly after 100k it all starts happening, dsmn japanese parts, belts went shortly after getting, then went for long time then it has quut twice, once for ignition electronics, now its throttle body and sensor the very next day after rebuilt transmission reinstalled. Costs were about the same as others, but still managed to get parts cheaper, its only $5000 for a new block in Canada and thats the installed price. Engine has a tic but thats Ford, that can be easily remedied with new or reconditioned heads, easy and cost effective if done befote it lrads to clogging sensors. Recommend new air filter after costant checking, goto keep it breathing easy otherwise sendors with cause electronics to make damaging adjustments if left for too long.
I bought a 2005 expidition eddie bauer, had 82k miles,only 3 wks and the altinator goes $130.00, cd player jams full of discs $260.00,8 months later the battery goes $125.00, 11months its time to get it inspected now remind you its only been less than a year and the engine lighe comes on and wont go off, first garage TRIES to fix it only to tell me to bring it to a ford dealer AFTER putting $1820.00 in parts and labor and couldn't fix it, goes to the dealer and after $920.00 in parts and labor they tell me it needs a whole new ENGINE for a mere $8000.00 and cant be inspected because the engine light wont go out...yours truly FRUSTRATED and BROKE both me and the truck. and do you think ford would work with me? nooooo...
I have a 2005 limited ford expedition but not thrilled with the driving. Air suspension compressor gets me sick constantly turning on. Advance Trac w/ABS light on dashboard is annoying. Love the interior, the electronic button for 3rd row seat, very roomy and exterior looks great. Not too happy with the stability of the vehicle. I had a 97 Eddie Bauer for 13 years and loved it..never had to replace the engine or transmission. My only concern was the ABS, It locked twice and failed to stop very scary moment...If anyone can share other problems please let us know so we can have an idea...I think Ford is not as bad people make it seem it just depends on the vehicle and maintenance...
bought my 05 n 06 w 28000 miles been happy w it drive alot nows has 134000 miles just replaced the tranny now the motor starting 2 sound like a lifter noise was told could b bad cam phaser bad lifter or rocker or thurst bearing problem which means new motor truck paid 4 soo dont no what iam going 2 do like the truck so i whould buy another 1
Interesting idea from Florida comment on Aug 11th about putting in another old school engine and transmission. I have considered doing that myself, finding an old 4x4 pickup with a 302 or 351 and having it rebuilt and swapped out professionally. The expedition has good looks and a good ride, but the 5.4 engine and transmission i will not repair or replace ever again, I mean ever!! Ford didn't need bailout money from the government because the people have been bailing them out for years with this garbage hi-maintenance 5.4 Triton engine.
We bought our 2005 Expedition XLT 5.4 4X4 used with 20,000 miles. It had been a fleet vehicle with great maintenance records. We changed the oil religiously eveery 3,000 miles and followed the service schedule. At 54,000 without warning, no warning lights, nothing, the engine blew up on the highway with cruise set at 65. The engine was damaged beyond repair. After $4,800 we had a new engine (Ford Rebuilt). Now at 107,000, with the same religious maintenance, the new rebuilt engine is knocking and ready to go. The piece of garbage E4OD transmission is slipping and overheating (Had an E4OD in my Powerstroke and it was junk too.) Clearcoat is failing on a large part of the Expedition. Ford had a great vehicle, with a lousy engine and tranny package and crap paint. Since I don't owe anything on this Expedition. I'm putting supercharged 5.0 with a properly matched tranny, and having it repainted. Far less than buying a new one.
We bought our 2005 ford expedition new and have very little trouble up until now it has 105000 miles on it and the air conditioiner decides to go out just when it got hot here in florida I took to the dealer and he was going to charge 1900.oo dollars to repair it I call around and I can buy the parts for 693.00 dollars so I will fix myself I mean come on for 1900.00 dollars I can have outside unit for my house put in and that la encluded labor
I guess if you look at reviews at other websites, the 2005 Ford Expedition was a very good, reliable large SUV. Usually around 4stars+. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone- PROS: great ride, comfort, handling above average for a large SUV, reliable transportation, good HVAC, engine/drivetrai plenty of power, no more wear on tires than the norm. Maybe since we have the Eddie Bauer edition is more loaded w/leather I'm more biased on the vehicle.
CONS: Overall Gas mpg is about 16.0 avg., I have gotten around 17+ on Hghway, but around 14 mpg in city. Brakes some pulsation issues, but other than 1 battery replacement and two ABS sensors it's the only thing we have replaced in 4 years (we bought it 4 years ago used w/42K).
Have about 62K now, the third seat fold down is a plus with large packages or dogs in tow. Again I would rate it a 8.5-9.0 if it got around 20mpg Hghway it would be close to a "10". Not bad for an American brand!
This vehicle is wonderful, worked almost flawlessly, the only problem I've had is the advancetrac light coming on
I have an 05 Ford eddie bauer expedition my advice is dont buy one- This truck has had more problems than all the vechicles i ever owned combined- the transmission , steering column ,front axle,all were replaced before 70,000 miles and these are just the things i could think of off the top of my head -window motors,bearings,belts,ball joint are just some of the others it now has 90,000 miles on it and is still a continuous headache- warning if you want a reliable vechicle dont buy a ford repairs will cost you more the value of the vechicle- definitely get an extended warranty - it will pay for itself tenfold- if you have an expedition.
Was thrilled to finally get my 05 Expedition limited 6 months ago w/ 74k miles. But noticed shortly thereafter a shudder when accelerating while in overdrive. Now starting to shudder in 3rd also, and emission light, which started going on intermittently, just came on full time last time I drove it- 4 days ago. Any help appreciated.
I should have known that the FORD still meant found on the road dead bc without any warning this truck just shuts off and the wrench light comes on in the dash..It had to goooooooooooooooooo