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2003 Ford Expedition (5 Reviews)
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We have had our 2003 Ford Expedition for about 5 years, and never had any issues til recently, the security systems kept locking up, and we took to Ford dealership, and they said the computer was bad, so we wrote down the numbers on the old computer, and the dealership charged us to put a new computer in it, about 2 weeks after getting the truck back the truck did the same thing, so this time they said it was the door locks sensors in the back, so we paid to have that changed then 3 weeks later the vehicle does the same thing, we check the numbers on the computer and it is the same numbers we wrote down before they supposedly replaced the computer. Does anyone know if all the computers will have the same numbers on them..or should each computer have its own set of numbers??? We have the reciept showing where they say they changed the computer and charged a lot of money for it. So if you do know if the numbers are suppose to be different please let me know. So we can get this taken care of. Thank you all in advance
This car has earned it's nickname; The beast. It has 260, 000 thousand miles on it has the original drive train in it. Have had to replace all the ball joints, wheel bearings, fuel pump, 5 batteries, rear wiper motor, rear window motor, front power lock motor.... all in all for the miles it has Been great. At 210, 000 miles we used it to tow a car and trailer across the country either no issues. Rocker panels on both sides have completely rusted out, and when you use the remote to unlock the doors, it adjusts the mirrors to the sky. Has gotten US through the rockymountain pass numerous times with ice packed roads. The only car I truly feel safe in.
We got our 2003 Expedition from a friend with 204,000 miles on it last December; as a 3rd car for guests to use at our B&B. So far, it's worked well - I'm changing out the spark plugs this week (100,000 miles + on the old ones) and keeping an eye out for problems, but so far it's been a great "carriage" for us.
I bought my 2003 Expedition with 90,000 on it three years ago and it now has 155,000 on it. I absolutely love this vehicle! Handling is fantastic. Love the power it has. So far I have had to change an injector, two wheel bearings, and front brake assembly. The shocks are now going but let me tell you, I drive it fast and rough and it has taken the abuse magnificently. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a bigger more luxurious SUV.
I have a 2003 Expedition that I bought used in 2004, with 11,000 miles on it. It now has 110,000 miles and I still love it. I have had very few problems with it, and nothing out of the ordinary. WELL worth the tradeoff as far as gas mileage, this is the best vehicle I've ever owned. I'll drive it till it falls apart!