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2005 Ford Escape (12 Reviews)
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2005 Ford Escape.....Biggest P.O.S. vehicle I have ever owned. YOU SUCK FORD AS USUAL. Didn't want to purchase vehicle, but I was in a pinch and needed one asap. Having to put a couple courts of oil in it every week, with no leak found. And it being hard on gas. 4 months after purchasing, out of the blue, it starts running like it's running on 3 cylinders and then just stalls driving on the interstate. Took to a dealer and they run diagnostics on it and tell me the ignition coils, plugs, amd ecu (computer) need replaced. 2000$ JUST FOR PARTS at the dealer.
At auto parts store: Coils=430$ Plugs=32$ Computer=525$ Total=987$. I bought everything and installed myself which took maybe an hour. Computer I purchased is supposed to be ready to go. Already flashed, no key, no programming, no dealer needed. I install, and anti theft light is flashing on dash. Car won't start or even so much as crank over. Parts store gave me another replacement telling me it was wrong computer, and as of this very moment, same issue as first one. I HATE FORD AND I HOPE THEY GO UNDER!
I have a 2005 model and the open door lights stay on most of the time; the horn beeps twice when locking the door and the alarm horn goes off around the same time every day. The Ford people don't seem to know what's wrong so they want to try this and try that all at a cost to me. I'm preparing to buy a new car and it was going to be a Ford; but now I think I'll try another brand. No reason they can't fix this right first time and at a reasonable cost.
I bought my 2005 Escape with 4 cylinder motor brand new off lot, never had a problem untill 2010 when Transmission went out. Put new tranny in at 2300 dollars and has been great. This vehicle is now going on 9 years old and is still running strong love this car would buy another.
The repairs are too expensive. Alternator - $895.00 - located under the motor

Catalytic converter - 3 at $800.00 each just for the parts
NEVER BUY THIS CAR................
my escape drivers seat and along the console got hot what might be the problem
have had to replace the roters 3 times and completely replace the ENTIRE transmission. AC has always smelled like mold when you turn the car on. Have had to replace the battery 3 times. We'll probably never buy another Ford again. We're just holding our breath until the next repair to it. Hate this SUV.
Debra McClelland Sebring, FL. February 22, 2011 Best vehicle I ever bought. Have had almost 6 years only replaced battery. Been rear ended twice-no damage to my vehicle.Love it !!!!!

thank you Ford.
One of the best vehicles I have ever owned, and I have owned several. Just installed a new battery after (5) years. Brake pads of course and new wiper blades. Will keep this car for many years. The clearcoat sealer Ford used keeps the car looking new, even in our severe winters.
The only con: tires that come with are cheapies, loud and rough ridinig. Switched to Michelin's and what a difference.
I bought my 2005 Escape XLT used over a year ago. Absolutely love this vehicle! Obviously, since it's used and almost 6yrs old, I expect to have to replace things on it eventually. So far, it's been only brakes. Which do not cost much when you do the work yourself. Numberous friends have owned the same vehicle for much longer than I have and they've had no problems. I would buy this vehicle over and over again!!
Thanks Ford for a great truck
About the Worst vehicle I ever purchased, I will never buy another Ford vehicle because its going to cost me about $3000 to fix. And now I'm finding out that other people have had the same problems as me. I haven't even had the vehicle for a year yet. The vehicle started skipping but only did it one day, so I brought it in and they found the rear wheel bearing was out but no other problems found. 2 days later, I couldn't start my vehicle and when it finally started it was completely skipping and wouldn't accelerate to much, the RPM's had to go really high in order for it to shift. Brought it back into the dealership (not the one I bought it at)and they had to call the ford hotline because when they put it on the computer it was saying there was no problems, so they called and they suggested they change all the coil packs, which they did but it didn't change anything so now there saying it will need a new computer in it but that I can't get a new computer until June 15th.