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2003 Ford Escape (11 Reviews)
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I bought 2003 in 2002 the only major part i had to change so for was the alternator and stuff like tires wipers etc. not bad for 13 years so you have to remember most of us and i am speaking for myself i use my escape for an every day work horse i use it for work i hall a lot of heavy stuff in it and it never stops its on the road 7 days a week from morning till night so i will say that this is the best vehicle i have every owned and i have owned many to compare it to
Owned this 2003 Escape since Sept 2002. Best vehicle I ever owned. Spent a few bucks on recalls. Spent a few hundred on some small repairs and approx.$2000. on brakes over the years. This vehicle is dependable as hell and I highly recommend it. Preventive maintenance makes all the difference girls!
we are having all kinds of things go wrong we are blowing break lines left and right the accelerator cable is giving us hell and come to find out all the issues we are having is what has been recalled but we just got it used in 2010 so we are stuck with it broke abs light and brake light always on and feels like the front end is falling apart
Bought my 2003,6 cyl. 4WD Escape, in 2004, with 74,000 miles on it. Whoever owned this car before I did drove a ton in one year! This car is great! One recall on it, something with the ABS Unit catching on fire, minor wear and tear, great 4WD.
I had a major problem with the running lights and interior lights shutting off while driving, headlights remained on, found out it was a relay that had filled with water, because the water drain had clogged up, backflowing the water behind the fuse box, filling the relay with water. When it overheated, the lights went out! $230.00 repair, not bad, better than a $300.00 ticket!
Best vehicle I ever owned.
I have owned a 2003 Escape for 5 years. It now sits in the yard with a transmission that has completely failed. The white paint has started peeling off in large patches on the roof and the back hatch around the rear window. It leaks oil and it chews up front break pads like chewing gum. And it has horrible gas mileage. This is the worst vehicle I have ever owned! I DO NOT recommend it to anyone. It will cost over $2,000 just to get the transmission fixed, then I'm sure something else will break down on it after that.
I just bought my 03 escape in sept and man i love it I love to drive it it seems ford made this vehicle for me , It was like it was made just for me , It drives great looks great, I m a poor cat but it makes me feel rich when Im in it . Thanks Ford for making my suv and thak Honda /toyota for having in stock for me to buy . AWESOME RIDE !!!!!!
Purchased 2003 Ford Escape Limited 3.0 V6 Feb 2010-veh had 40K on it, currently has 56K. Replaced belt/hoses in July, ignition coil in December, and now FULL brakes, pads, calipers, ect to the tune of 1200.00 this week. Would NOT recommend this vehicle to anyone!! Currently attempting to get dealer to replace.d
We've had this car about 5 years, and we bought it used. Certainly not the most reliable car we've ever had. Like another reviewer, we've had to constantly replace the battery/alternator. We've taken it to multiple mechanics, including dealers, with no luck. Looks like we may be due for another, as every time we give it gas, the battery light faintly comes on.

We've also had to replace the tone rings in addition to a few other minor repairs. Even regular maintenance can get fairly expensive as the vehicle seems poorly engineered and can be difficult to get to common things like the spark plugs.

The car already has paint peeling and is starting to rust out in places . Probably our last Ford Escape.
Best vehicle I ever owned. Road noise is an issue, later models adjusted for that. Only issues were idle control valve (needed replacement, used to be listed as a common problem on this site); and the DPFE EGR Sensor mentioned under Common problems here. Outstanding little truck.
I own a 2003 Escape Limited and I love it. It drives and rides as well as the Lincoln Continental I owned previously. The height gives me better visibility of the road and there is plenty of room for 5 people. The lift gate has a cover that can be used to conceal anything in the rear of the vehicle. It also has 4 wheel drive which was an added bonus. We have only experienced minor problems which our Ford dealer resolved quickly. My next new vehicle will definitely be an Escape.