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1996 Ford Contour (5 Reviews)
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I had the same problem with the battery not charging. Check the mega fuse on the back of the engine its in a small black case between the battery and the alternator. you may need to take the intake box off of the top of the engine to access it. you will have to take it out to test it.
This is my second contour i went from a 98 to a 96 and I love these little cars. Only ive been having a problem that i cant seem to figure out for the last 3 months. My battery isnt holding a charge. Ive taken out the alternator and had it tested twice. Napa said it was bad so i took it to Allied Auto electric and they tested it said it was good and that i needed a new regulator so I bought one and put it on and it didnt fix my problem so I bought a whole new alternator and put it in and it still has the same problem. If anyone has any advice on what I can check next, please let me know.
i got a lot of rumbling going on and stalling when i come to a red light..dont know what it is plus i have a small oil leak in front passenger side
ONLY BUY THE 2.5 V6 one i had one 164,732 miles once and the value body was starting to have a problem but lucas trans works every time and it should be put in every automatic trans every 3000 miles first car
I got my contour for free with 119000 miles on it. felt it was worth just about any amount to keep her in good shape.I am very happy with my lady.