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Ford Contour (25 Reviews)
'98 Ford Contour beige/fake convertible choc. brn. top bought new. 16 yrs. old. Usual maint.. Serpentine belts, new muffler, rear/front light bulbs, new fuel pump @14 y. o., brake work, rust repair X 2...Maine/salt on roads. Overhead light plastic part snapped early on, driver side plastic door knob broke @ 15 y. o., dash air blower quit @ 16 y. o.. Its resistor or something changed/temperamental...mostly doesn't work...I question if dial mechanism worn out and not engaging/something not making good connection. Lost/replaced two hubcaps. Trunk excellent design in keeping debris/water out. Car is a beauty/sharp looking, has been totally reliable, excellent in snow, good on gas, great on the road. Have used Irving gas unless not avail.. 7 yrs. ago began using synthetic oil. Rarely allow anyone else to drive it. Absolutely love it and am growing sad at the thought she may die on me soon due to age. Inherited parents' well maintained 2000 Chevy Impala...twice the cost of my Contour and it has been a royal pain in the ---. I'll take my Contour any day!!!
My car got stuck in park . rocking back and fourth got it out of park , but I lost turn signals ,heat , cruise control and back up lights. I replaced the thermostat , but still no heat !1 the blower works fine !!
I had the same problem with the battery not charging. Check the mega fuse on the back of the engine its in a small black case between the battery and the alternator. you may need to take the intake box off of the top of the engine to access it. you will have to take it out to test it.
This is my second contour i went from a 98 to a 96 and I love these little cars. Only ive been having a problem that i cant seem to figure out for the last 3 months. My battery isnt holding a charge. Ive taken out the alternator and had it tested twice. Napa said it was bad so i took it to Allied Auto electric and they tested it said it was good and that i needed a new regulator so I bought one and put it on and it didnt fix my problem so I bought a whole new alternator and put it in and it still has the same problem. If anyone has any advice on what I can check next, please let me know.
my 2000 ford contour has a problem the gas tank has gas in it when im driving down street gas gauge will go all the way to empty and gas light will come on what is wrong with my car
I bought this car used for my daughter. Anything and everything that can go wrong has gone wrong with this car. It's a money pit! We started with little things here and there and now we can't find a "filler neck". The part for the gas to go in. Ours just fell off from rust. Ford made 3 different filler necks and guess what they don't supply them any more for this car. We've been to every junk yard in our area and on-line with no luck. Needless to say as soon as we find a new car for my daughter this one will be sent to the junk yard because who wants to only be able to put in $10 worth of gas a time so gas isn't leaking all over the ground. Save your money and buy a HONDA!!!
My car's temp. gauge reads hot. The dash console was replaced, both temp sensors were replaced, checked fuses, connections, and the computer reads all temps are fine at 190F and the cooling fans kick on at 210f like it should and cost a small fortune to find this out! The car has 114,xxx and come to find out this March 2012 the a/c shot to craps. Rides nice but it is now for sale and I don't recommend anyone to buy it unless money, time, car issues, crappy days and bad moods are your thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is officially now a money pit.
I have a 1995 ford contour that doesn't keep a charge and hood locks and will not open.
the battery will not hold a charge. some times it will run for a few days or 100 miles or better, then stop with a dead battery. checked for a circuit fault none found. alternator is the suspect but can't understand why it will run the 100 miles or better then the next time it won't last 10 miles on a fresh charge..
can't the car out of park, car is running, brake is applied
Purchased used in 2001 at 7600 miles, now at 149,800 and counting. Reliable as long as maintained, still gets 30-32 MPG consistantly. Keep tune-up, change fluids regularly, fully depreciated and will not buy a new car again!
my car cant pass the smog they told me it is running lean what does that mean? And what is involved in fixing the problem?
It was my upgrade in 1998 -- my old faithfull -- good car keep up with maintenance and it gets you from A to Z
i got a lot of rumbling going on and stalling when i come to a red light..dont know what it is plus i have a small oil leak in front passenger side
recently had timing belt replaced drives good new engine only 94,000 miles
Love my 1999 SE! Bought it with 129K, now has 180+. Still gets excellent gas mileage. Preventative maintenance is key! Still have a tough time understanding why a timing belt would be designed to be replaced every 45K, but if caught before breaking, $300 not bad cost every two years.
Had a 1995 that was put down after 400K+ miles on it. When the 1999 became available, bought it without even a test drive! Its got big "shoes to fill" but I am confident my 1999 will go for quite a few more miles.
I bought my '98 Contour with 26,000 miles on it. It now has 97,000 miles. No problems with the exception of an anti-lock brake module whose 60 amp fuse is shared with the blower motor. But after 70,000 + miles, I have no real complaints. The car handles so well--like a "real" German car. (2.0 I-4 VCT Zetec, 5 spd). A winner !!
I love my car, I've had it for almost 3 years, when I got her, she had 124,242 miles on her, now she's got 175,190! I know that's alot of miles to put on a car, but she's hanging in there, and I've had no major problems! Love my car!
ONLY BUY THE 2.5 V6 one i had one 164,732 miles once and the value body was starting to have a problem but lucas trans works every time and it should be put in every automatic trans every 3000 miles first car
I got my contour for free with 119000 miles on it. felt it was worth just about any amount to keep her in good shape.I am very happy with my lady.
Love it.
It's a wonderful machine. all you need to do is maintain a proper servicing schedule and your car will take you anywhere you want to go. It's simply great to own this car.
great four door car all around
My 1998 Ford Contour has been an excellent car. It has 227,114 miles. New brakes just put all around.
Excellent driver's sedan. Go for the SVT version if you can find it. Solid power, exceptional steering and cornering, and a subtly good-looking, unpretentious exterior.