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2002 Chrysler Sebring (12 Reviews)
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I have had major electrical issues with my 2002 Chrysler Sebring Sedan. My power locks, car charger and interior lights all quit. No one can find out how to fix these issues.
I have a 2002 Chrysler sebring have had it 4 years and really had any problems. Got it paid for in Jan 2012 and the nightmares began. Had to have a water pump and they have to take everything apart to get to it and a tune up and that was almost $1000 and then had have it towed the starter relay went. This is all in a 2 week time. The car still was not starting right went back and then they said thought it was the fuel pump that would be about $600. I wanted to know how they came up with that and the guy said that is what i think it is. Did ask if they did any test to come up with that but I got a smart remark and so told him they got my last dollar.Did call the dealer ship back and asked if they could look and see what or if any test was done and they said they did a pressure test. I said when I asked why didn't he just tell me that. Let see i'm female and I think he thought I didn't know anything about cars.I have taken it to a another place that my brotherinlaw goes to and he just said that it is looking like the injectors. I have 69000 on my car and this is my first chrysler and my last one. I had my ford van with 135000 miles and in the shop one time. This car has got me broke if it is the injectors not sure how I will pay for this one.
Where do I begin? Paid off the car in 2008 and it started falling apart. I did have problems before it was paid off but afterwards they seem to come non stop. Water pump was the most expensive and time consuming repair... $1300 ...motor has to be removed to replace it. Battery is in a very inconvenient place...although the manual says it is easy to replace ... turn steering wheel all the way to the right to replace the battery...NOT THE CASE....the front driver side tire has to be removed. Struts replaced a couple of years ago $650.Ball joints replaced a couple of months ago. A/C has gone out 2 times. Tomorrow I am getting the oil sending unit replaced. I will not own another Chrysler. Think Iwould rather have a car payment than have this car nickel and dime me to death !
when i turn my wheel it sounds swiky and when i start my car the motor is to loud, my brakes are good and everything else but my front is no wsmashed in because the car is too low
I have recently purchased a 2008 sebring convertible. The dash lights for the gas guage, temp and rpm were working and about 4 weeks after the purchase they went out. I made an appt with the dealership and the morning of they started working. So they could not trouble shoot. They worked for a week and now are out again. Owners manual does not talk about this light specifically. I have turned all the settings on the control knob and nothing works. I am really frustrated with this intermittant problem.
The other problem is the steering wheel wines when turned and the dealership wanted tocharge me $400.
i hear a noise when i turn the wheel and if i back out of a parking place and turn the wheel. i went to sears and they told me the rotors on the back brakes were too big. they did the front brakes.
ve electrical problems, transmission problems. should not be
I am having a issue when it comes to starting my car up. When it starts up it sounds lie it is restarting itself over and over. Took it in to get checked they ran it on the machine. The machine came back stating i needed a fuel flush and a heating and cooling sensor. I did the flush but that did not work. I am skeptical of getting the sensor? Please help. The starter and alternator are fine.
ALL Chrysler vehicles with the 2.7L engine should have been forced to recall. This engine is just an engineering blunder that owners have had to bear too much expense over. There should be a class action lawsuit, but I couldn't find one to join. lol First signs of the problem occur as overheating...coolant level may appear low, but where is it going? Chrysler was telling customers it was excessive oil sludge caused by failure to change oil properly, but BS on that because my mechanic said my engine(in tear down) was CLEAN. The engine coolant will eventually flood the block mixing with oil and your car is DEAD. Don't bother spending money to fix it because you can't prevent it from happening again even if you paid Chrysler the $6100 they want for a new engine....duh...defective engine. I was lucky to have my engine rebuilt at COST for $1700 then rushed it to auction and got $3700 for it. I feel fortunate to have managed to salvage any value from it towards buying another more dependable car.
Also, I had to replace 2 starters and the battery (which by the way is located in the most ignorant place causing you to remove drivers side wheel and wheel housing just to change a battery...not to mention high water compromises it. not walk...RUN from this and any other Chrysler vehicle with a 2.7L engine.
my 02 sebring is pretty reliable but some problems. only 92200 miles and had to replace ball joints and thermostat housing unit. if this happens to yours do not drive it anymore than you have to it almost ruined my motor. brakes squeeke,speakers rattle,check engine light never goes off,passenger window motor is almost done,goes out of allignment quick,shakes really bad at 55mph,acts like it wants to not shift into 2nd gear,jerks when i slow down,theres more. it runs fairly good but i would not recomend this car for anyone.
Overall, I'm happy with this convertible. Looks good, rides well after 80000. Convertible top is strong, but has some excessive wear at a spot on the side. Rear window defroster contact points easily broken - poor design. Engine runs exceptionally quietly and the transmission is smooth. Only an oil light problem (solved via TSB) and a thermistat problem in 80000. Electro-luminescent dash had to be replaced at 36000, but no problems since. Front end weak. replaced tie rods, control arms. Chrome wheels rust, causing tire pressure leaks around the bead. Car finish is great. Very few rattles creaks at 80000. Good stereo except door speakers rattle when bass is high.
BTW, we have 2 Sebring 'verts. The other is a 2001. This, too, rides smoothly, looks good and has no engine/trans issues. Only the rear window defroster has been a big pain - the contacts breaking frequently.
This car runs good but the heater system does not work when idling.I had to change my tie rods at about 70,000 miles . It cost about $42 , and I was able to do the repairs myself .