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2007 Chrysler Pacifica (9 Reviews)
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I purchased my '07 Pacifica used in '11. Only issue in the beginning was the rough start when accelarating after stopping. Transmission jerks, still does and from what I have read this is pretty common in these models. In '12 car started having issues w/cranking. Would have to jump off frequently to start engine. Changed battery yeth this still happens. This year, '13, in June the AC started blowing hot air only. This too is an issue I have seen in other reviews/complaints of this model. We had this fixed for around $600, but now the heater blows cold air until the car has been driven for about 15 minutes. I'm ready to trade cars now. Never had these type problems w/other vehicles I've owned and I've had many vehicles. Most likely won't ever get a Chrysler again.
OK first if you looking for a PACIFICA make sure its the 4.0 engine and not 4wd I have own both the 4.0 by far is a better Suv better MPG and also 4wd recoments lots of maitance !!! we have 98k on in still runs like new got new tires brakes and a tire rod for $1200 not bad for a every 3 year maintance very reliable great for the kids with the 3rd sit or put them down for you shoping. 100% happy oh and im a german car guy great job cryler :)
I bought a slightly used pacifica and the A/C has gone out. The battery has been checked by 3 different professionals and found it to be good. However, every morning when I try to start the car it has trouble. The rest of the day it does fine. If I try to turn on the A/C the motor shuts down???? What's the problem?
Bought my '07 in '08 as a lease/rental return. With 103K miles on it the only real problems encountered so far was a vacuum line coming undone and the CD changer breaking. The CD changer was covered under the extended warranty that I purchased (thankfully because those suckers are expensive) and the vacuum line was an easy fix that costed more to diagnose at the dealer than it was to fix.
The automatic transmission is a little slow to respond if making a "Hollywood stop" and can throw you back in your seat but this is avoided by not "Hollywood stopping."
Mine doesn't have automatic lights which I thought was kind of dumb since it has almost every other kind of gadget but this is just a slight inconvenience.
Bought this car in 09 , have had nothing but problems ever since !! First we had it to dealer 3 times for transmisson ( only had 12,000 miles on it) , third time they put a new tourqe convertor in. Then we had to take it back for the antispin (traction control) which makes a grinding noise and causes the car to slip and slide when going around corners, to be told that is normal !!! Now we have 47,000 miles on it and it is using a quart of oil every 1,000 miles.Dealer says they don't know what is wrong /
I bought this vehicle brand new in 2006. I ordered it from the factory with every available option. This replaced a 2004 Mercedes 550SL (drastic change), but I must say, I love this car. We have had the seats configured in every combination. Taken long trips and arrived fresh. I intend to keep this car for ten or more years since they stopped making them.
"Leather trimmed seats" are actually a mix of leather and vinyl - majority of vinyl. Side bolster is cracking at 45k miles, Chrysler won't honor it without a deductible payment. Not pleased with mis-represented feature, faulty product and their lack of customer service on this issue.
My husband and I bought this car a month or so ago and we love it .nothing major wrong the only thing we found is when we put on the brake it sounds like the passanger side wines down and it can be loud at times.
Overall I love the car. I have had a few issues that have yet to be resolved. Otherwise, the drive is smooth and comfortable. It is very roomy.