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2005 Chrysler Crossfire (6 Reviews)
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I bought a 2005 Crossfire Limited last fall with 68K miles. White/convertible. I get more compliments on this unusual car than any vehicle I have ever owned. To get one in good shape at a reasonable price I had to buy it in Florida where the cars are more common. Car is fun to drive, comfortable and opening/closing the top is fully automatic and takes about 30 seconds. If you buy one, find a good European service center. Chrysler dealers don't know how to work on them and when they do they charge about 3 times what they should. Crossfire Forum is a great source of all kinds of help with the car.
2005-The heater/AC fan control switch, when set on "2" sometimes runs at "5" and visa-versa. When I giggle it a bit it will change fan speeds and sometimes shuts off. I took it to the dealer and learned that you can't just replace the faulty switch, it's a "module" that includes several other items and are you ready for this... $790.00 WITHOUT labor. When I choked, the parts guy (being friendly) commented, welcome to the world of Crossfire. I'd like to keep it in 100% tip top shape, but the costs are driving me crazy.
I found a 2005 in S. Dakota, shipping would be $1000, so I flew up and drove it back. A lot less and I had a wonderful drive back. The only complaint I have is that the right side headlight adjustment is broken and it is about $600 to replace.
I love it........
I bought my Crossfire LTD roadster last summer. It looked showroom fresh, except for the ugly marine glue the dealership used on the back window so that it wouldn't fall in. I thought it was a small problem, but nothing I could handle. The car had one owner, 65,000 miles, and was pristine. The OEM wheels had been replaced with beautiful Foose chromes, and the headlight shields, which tend to get crazed pretty quickly, had been replaced with something that looks great. I was in love. I've driven the car 3,000 miles, and I'm not so happy anymore. While turning a corner the other day, the entire vent on the driver side, the one that goes over the lights knob, fell out in my lap. The glovebox clasp fell out, so the thing hangs open. The rubber hose that connects the coolant overflow to the engine fell apart - you can only get that part from the dealer - so it's taped temporarily. I'm scared that the whole thing is going to fall apart before I can trade it. Gorgeous car, though. I'm going to miss it.
"2005" - Recently purchased "used." Was unable to adjust the right headlight, had to order the entire light assembly costing: $654. Had to go up on the dealers lift to make the change. Also ordered a replacement key costing: $179. The seat heaters for the bottom seat cushions do not heat up, (is that normal?) but the seat backs warm up nicely. Tire pressure sensor light is always on but tire pressure is perfect.
We purchased 2005 Crossfire Limited Roadster this spring. The car randomly does not start. Now it also randomly shuts down while driving. The dash board lights flash during shutdown. Car has 28,000 miles. If anyone has had these issues and found the solution please let us know, dealer cannot find the problem. Love the car but...........