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2005 Chevrolet Uplander (6 Reviews)
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This van is so, so the power door quit working on the passenger side. Your able to open it, only if you want to hear it ding really loud and not turn off. The ac quit and I've had it checked several times and they can't find anything leaking etc.Like most people I've replaced the rotators three times and brakes. However, after researching I found the size they have on there is to small. Once I upgraded to the next size I haven't had any issues. My motor broke on the rear wind shield wiper. I feel as though I've stuck more money in repairs for the van then it's worth.
Bought our Uplander used with 72,000 on it. WORST PURCHASE I EVER MADE! We spend at least as much on the vehicle each month IN RECURRING REPAIRS as we spend on monthly loan payments. I wish someone would steal this vehicle, but after about 2 days, they would probably bring it back! I used to be a Chevy man, but I wouldn't wish this piece of crap on my worst enemy! If this is an example of Chevy's best, they should get out of the automotive industry! Can you say LEMON. Even the Chevrolet certified mechanics can't figure this thing out. BUY FOREIGN!
We have a 2005 Uplander, when purchased it had 18,000 miles on it. We have had it for 5 years and now have 108,000 miles.
The good: I really like the van and my kids love the dvd system. I have driven the van from Kansas to Connecticut and back and from Kansas to Florida and back. It gets pretty good gas mileage about 18mpg in town and about 22mpg highway. Seems to have plenty of power, and haven't had any major problems (except a leak) I love the power doors, and everything else.

The Bad: I have had some recurring issues with the drives side automatic door. One time it wouldn't shut, other times it wouldn't open. Kind of has a mind of its own. After replacing virtually everything mechanical on it, I haven't had any trouble. My powersteering pump apparently has a leak and is throwing power steering fluid all over the right side of my engine. When I back up, it sometimes makes a loud noise...I think it might be my suspension? Everything is difficult to get to under the hood. Even the battery. In order to change the battery they have to take off a metal bar and take the cover off the fuse box. When I had the spark plugs changed, they had to actually go in through my dash to change 3 of them. I have the leather wrapped seats and the material in the inside of the seat stains very easily.

I've had this vehicle since 2005 and it has 100,000 miles on it. I've had few issues with it running well, other than changing the oil and brakes. Great gas mileage and super comfortable. I notice that it's a bit bouncier as it ages, but that's to be expected. I also think the brakes pulse too much. I, too, have had issues with the right rear sliding door. Absent these issues, it's been a work horse and held up very well. Here's to the next 100,000!
I bought this van used, and I must say it's been a good one. It's not the best van out there, but it is one of the most affordable. It's definitely been worth the money.
Have had for 1.5 years and driven 27k miles. Good so far, no malfunctions to report. I like the styling changes made when the Venture platform was modified to become the Uplander. The ONLY shortcoming I see is that GM minivans (ALL since at least '97) are 2-4 inches NARROWER than their Chrysler/Dodge counterparts, giving them less cargo capacity, less room to move around, and a more 'tipsy'' ride.