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2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer (14 Reviews)
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I know this is a review only forum. However, I'm at a loss where to go. I bought my 2004 TB (as the 2nd owner) in 2007. Still had the mfg warranty from Chevy. It now has 173,746 miles on it and overall I love it. I've had to replace a few wheel bearings and ball joints. I've had the differential redone and the exhaust manifold repaired. I've had the transmission lines redone, a tune up , fuel pump replaced, replaced shocks and struts only once so far. Most of my repairs have occurred after the 100,000 mile mark and they have been "one time only" repairs. The one exception of a repeat repair happens to be the water pump. I've had the dealership and another trusted mechanic who have replaced 6 water pumps in a period of 5 years. I would like to know why?? One could argue that the replacements were not GM parts. The counter argument is why would AC delco water pumps continously fail?
The dealership told me that the next time the AC delco water pump fails there will be no more warranty,that the warranty is a "one time"offer. Meaning even if it fails within the mileage noted, I will be paying all over again. This of course will be a conversation to have at that point and trust me I will be ready to have the lemon law conversation with AC delco.
Ok moving on. For the last two weeks or so I've noticed that there is what I call a slight "sway" in the rear end while driving on straight freeway and after going over bumps. I've had the sway bar links,bushings and bars replaced in 2010. Of my two trusted mechanical sources, the dealership said the sway bar system does not need to be replaced and the other mechanic said that it did. Naturally I want to believe the dealer because I would hope that that as the dealer they would have mechanics more qualified to determine such things. Has anyone else felt the "sway" in the rear end?
I should note that the state I live in has some awful roads and I am not totally convinced that my TB is at fault completely. Does anyone have any suggestions of what the "sway " could be?
At the end of this though I do wish that GM would start building the TB again. The cars they have now are way to " computerized", which leads to more money on repair when you have to repair them and they just don't look as nice. Please bring back the Trailblazer :)
My 2004 trailblazer has had its share of problems. When I first got it, about a year ago, I had the sway bar end links replaced. I've had to replace both wheel hubs in the front. there's a short somewhere cause every once in a while when I take my foot off the gas the lights inside and out will dim then when I push the gas it will brighten back up. It's actually died before when I stopped at a stop sign or light. It hasn't done it in a while but it will. It's got a brand new battery and the alternator is reading fine. The short will blow a fuse or 2 sometimes. Also when I change my oil I put in the required 7 quarts of oil in and 3 weeks later I'll check the level and it reads low. 2 quarts low. There's no leaks or no burning of the oil. I changed the plugs and 2 of the 6 were covered in oil so I'm guessing the missing oil is staying in the crank case. So I'm guessing it's got bad rings or valve cover gaskets. One of the blend door actuator went out. It will also read gross emissions leak every now and again. My rpm and mph gauge both will stop working if I'm driving the vehicle for longer than 20 minutes. I had trouble with the shifter button and the ignition. I couldn't get it to go in gear and I couldn't get my key out of the ignition.
72,000 miles as of 04-16-2014 = Purchased new 2004 = A/C has not properly worked from day 09-03-2004. When turned on I have to wait for 60-75 seconds before A/C comes on. No tech can give me any help on this . . . ..........ANY SUGGESTIONS?
I have a 2004 chevrolet trailblazer LT we purchased in 2007 we have had nothing but complications it started of minor now its major we had the transmission rebuilt and now the 4wd is bad and this was the way they sold it to my husband, we are also having the power steering pump and acurators replaced for the a/c , we have this great mechanic who is helping us with all our problems at a very low cost that is why were able to fix this LEMON!!!!
I have a 2004 Chev trailblazer. The worst item is the memory seats and settings for 2 drivers and seat heaters. They intermittently work at best. I never know when I get in the car. Seems they work about once a year then stop working for months at a time. Also the 4WD stops working--about once a year. Usually stops for a couple of days then starts working again. The On Star people said it is a sensor that can't sense. It then defaults to 2WD.

I have 187,000 miles now. Just had(2013) to replace the A/C compressor. In (2012) I had to replace and ignition coil. 2012 replaced front upper and lower ball joints in the front suspension.

Not bad if compare repair costs vs new car payments.
I have a 2004 Trailblazer that has 62,000 mi on it and my problem is that it has had 4 water pumps and 2 clutch fans installed and it is now leaking anti-freeze again. It also has a squeak/rattle in the front end when turining that has been there since new.Now the ABS light is on code says ABS pump. This is the worst most problem auto I have ever owned !! Finally it slugs fuel like pouring water out of a glass. Time to cut my losses and trade !!
I purchased my 2004 in 2006. It had approx. 60,000 miles on it. My Trailblazer and I have been from the Midwest to the far East Coast states and as far south as Tennessee. I now have 215,000 miles. I have not had any major problems until now, but in all fairness it is probably partly due to some neglect. I have within the past two months replaced both wheel bearing and hub assemblies, upper and lower ball joints and tie rods on both sides, and water pump. Despite all the repairs, it still looks and feels good to drive. Some people close to me have asked why I don't buy another vehicle with all these problems, but its paid for and I honestly think I can get another 200,000+ miles out of this boy.
I bought my 2004 Chev Trailblazer used from a rental car company in 2005. I never expected it to be so reliable and tough. I have only had one issue, the heater core went out and dumped lots of antifreeze in the interior of my car. Easy fix and it has been fine exer since. I have been thinking about getting another car but after reading the glowing reviews on the Trailblazer and bad reviews on other cars I was considering, I will keep my loyal, tough, well built Trailblazer. Thanks, Chevy!
I bought my 2004 Trailblazer in 2005 with 30,000 miles on it. I now have 149,000 miles on it and it is still running strong. I drove it threw a mud bog one month after I purchased it and had to replace the alternator on it. Just replaced today the thermostat and there is a berring going in the water pump. Not bad for a vehicle that has almost 150,000 miles. I love it and would not trade it for anything. My son is begging me to give it to him next year when he turns 16....I think it would be a great vehicle for a beginner.
I love the trailblazer, however I have 94,000 miles on it and I am replacing the wheelbearing for the fourth time. I swear I got a lemon.
I brought my 04 Trail Blazer in 07 and it had 36000 miles on it, Now in 2010 I have 115000 miles on it and it`s still running strong. I`m hard on vehicles so out of all the ones that i own, This ones the best.
I bought this truck in 2007, and love it! With the amazing tow package, it toted my 4 place snowmobile trailer with no problem. I pulled many people out of snow using the front recovery hooks and some with the rear hitch.
Only problems so far were both front wheel bearings, but I knew those were a common problem with Trailblazers before I bought the vehicle. I didnt mind though because the warranty covered the replacement of both.
I even got rear ended a few months ago and since I had the ball mount on the hitch, the only damage to my rear end was a bumper cover (bumper was still fine too) and new muffler that got pushed forward. The hitch was solid, frame still perfect. Nothing else wrong with the TB. The car that hit me was so demolished, it looked like it hit a huge concrete wall going 100mph. (I was stopped and he was going about 40mph)
I will keep this truck until it dies in a few decades or so.
The inline 6 cylinder engine in this Trailblazer is one of the best engines from GM in years. Combine this fine engine with a smooth shifting automatic transmission and you end up with a fine running midsize SUV. Seating is confortable for 4 adults and is capable of handling most hauling needs. GM seems to have worked out the minor electrical issues that showed up on some of the early models.
I have owned this vehicle since new and have had one problem (malfunctioning speedpmeter assy) which was replaced by the dealer at no charge. Other than that there were no problems and I am now going to have the Auto Transmission serviced at 30K miles (Fluid and Filter change))