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2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer (14 Reviews)
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Purchased this 2004 Chevy trailblazer used with 108300 miles on it biggest piece of junk I have ever owned I regret purchasing with in 3500 miles replaced All brakes rear rotors, front Hub assemblies,ac compressor,ac cutoff switch,clutch fan ,tstat and gasket, the steering rack started leaking. today the blower fan stopped working . having owned over 70 vechicles in my lifetime to date don't waste your time or money and buy 1 of these pieces of garbage.honestly folks what a pos
This is the worst vehicle ever made. It's worse than the ford pinto, the Chevy corvair ( which is exactly what this piece of garbage is like ). I repair one thing and an hour or less later something else goes wrong. I keep hoping the thing would catch fire most of the time. It always breaks down when it is cold outside also. I will never buy another GM product again.
I am 57 yr's old and always drove a Chevy but my 2003 Chevy Trailblazer is a big disappointment to me, on Chevy's part. If it is'nt one thing it is something else. I am going to get this POS running the best I can and it is going to another fool like me for buying it in the first place.
So I want to say this is a nice ride because it the nicest i have ever owned. The interior and all the bells and whistles are sweet, When they start to crap out its not worth repairing all the over engineered electrical though. So the seats are in a fixed position and the dash lights and gauges are dropping like flies.

So before I get into it, I was the second owner, and the first may have been a complete nincompoop.
Bought it at 135ish and have had to replace almost everything on the engine within the first year. Glad I'm handy or I would be looking at well over $6000 in repairs. Lets see, waterpump, power steering unit, alternator, ac condenser(which seized,snapped the serp and left me stranded in bfe Nebraska), then of course the bearings in the belt tensioner went. Then the MAF sensor and temp sensor needed to be replaced to get the thing to even stay running at idle. *advice, clean the throttle body asap, its gummed trust me. Oh and three replacement coil packs were "faulty", just my luck. I was buying them at a dealership to replace one that died. they replaced them though.

Trans has done me right, and the 4wd always works. It does leak tranny fluid at all of the compression fittings, but i top it off once in a while.

The suspension is pretty capable actually. I have replaced all of the stock parts because all of the ball joints (8) were F'ed, and the sway bar end links. Have done three wheel bearings in 2 years too.

Exhaust issues are pretty common for Winter state cars so it rattles and can be a little noisy in the morning. I have replaced both O2 sensors also.

So Im in it for almost 4000 more than i bought it for but it runs like a champ. (always does until it quits) Hopefully at this point I will drive it to 300,000. I'll make sure to post when it gets there or something expensive goes and I drive it off a dam cliff!

Oh now i have to add a $270 fan clutch yay. Seriously overengineered, electric clutch when its right on the water pump shaft anyway. Really is the mechanical advance tech that has worked for 50 yrs on trucks just won't do it anymore.
have had my 2003 Chevy trailblazer 4x4 for 3 years and other than normal maintenance its a great vehicle.
I have a problem with my ac@herter cold on one side @ warm on the drive side .
I have had way to many problems with my 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer and am the original owner. I had to replace brake lines and power steering lines due to them rusting out as well as the master cylinder and calipers that keep sticking. I would not recommend buying one.
i have a 2003 trail blazer is it called a cluster panel i need or instrument cluster?
my shifter keeps getting stuck and wont let me take the key out
Had a transmission go out at 100,000 and found out the transmission in the car wasnt the correct one, It was not a 2003 transmissiom. It was a series one and not the correct one. Brakes have 115,000 on originals and wont need new ones for inspection.
Trans cost me 2500...

Ron Burke
Bought this new. Had to replace the engine at 82k. GM did not want to talk about it. Service engine on the computers recommendations. I got 93k out of the brakes and 80k out of the tires. I now have 180k on the vehicle with 98k on the new engine. Just replaced the catalitic converter. Is on third set of tires and second set of brakes. Alternator, power steering and water pump all orgiginal. Just have to replace the AC hose (blew out). I have driven it off-road many times and drive it fast and hard. Interior and exterior still like new. Fan switch failed at 50k.
vehicle in very good condition with all necessary maintaince done
Had high mileage when I bought it. No real problems aside from regular preventative maintenance. Works great.
year&half no problems