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2007 Chevrolet Impala (13 Reviews)
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I had a '97 Lumina until lady TEXTING N DRIVING crashed into me totaled whole front end well I bought another GM a Impala that is a lemon. Its nothing but problems tranny/brakes even stalled on me at stop light nearly rear ended. Took into several shops everyone tells me can't find anything I'm second handed owner this car is a lemon never will purchase another Chevy again after bad experienced. I am so mad to this point that feel driving over the ladies house telling how she caused me problems purchasing unreliable transportation as other one was one of the best cars ever had. Impala is the worst car had compared a 1980 Ford Fairmont wasn't nothing liked my Impala had lots of problems that are expensive fixing - Trannies, brakes, engine etc. Next week I'm going car shopping either Toyota or Buick for me be last and first Chevy damn it because really loved the first model owned know never trust later models that used because not so durable like the older models as my 1997 Lumina that was really my first best car ever owned.
Since we got this car its been giving us problems first the steering than the ac/heater which cost four hundred and something just because it makes a really loud noise than an oil leak and a transmission leak and a belt went we have the inside the seat of the driver side won't move front or back and the drivers window went down and never came up we change the master control and than it went out in matter of days and we have the dashboard light where it shows the speed well it stop working i dont know what else is gonna happen smh
2007 Impala with only 70,300 miles bought it at 56,000

The high pressure hose went on me while driving making it hard to steer twice.

My back tires seem to wear out on the outside like its out of alignment but they have been aligned

Im having a growling noise fllowed by a crackling or static type noise where it is said to be my ball joints.

There is a hole in the plastic container for my antifreeze only allowing so much in
Purchased 07 impala with 8800K,biggest problem is rear tire wear,due to defective rear spindle rods which affect the rear wheel alignment,inside of tires wear out,GM (government motors) denies any problem,even though they repaired/replaced Spindle rods and tires on all fleet vehicles (police etc),GM says different spindles eventhough
parts numbers match for fleet and domestic cars,NO DIFFERENCE,a class action law suit has been filed,GMs stance,That was the old GM,we are the new GM,should have gone bellyup,typical GM Junk!!! fix it on your own!!!! Stay away
Bought the 2007 SS Impala with 13K miles. have since replaced the battery twice and and about to replace it again. Four batteries in 5 years? They seem to last 15 to 18 months and then they are deader than a hammer and can't be charged. Otherwise the car has been great, with plenty of pep and great brakes and handling. What's up with the battery?
what would make my car not go in drive the car start but will not go into drive?
I have an 07 impala 3.9 V6 with 75,000 miles. Since new I have had 2 power steering pumps put in, a water pump, right rear hub, right front ball joint. It goes through tires every 20,000 I have alignments done every 3 months and I also keep them rotated every oil change. Since about 50,000 miles I have noticed the transmisson slipping from take off some times once or twice a week as well as when rolling through a stop sign it will make a clunk and then harshly go into gear. I have taken it to the dealer 4 times since the 50,000 miles and every time they can't duplicate the problem. My warranty is up in 1 month and I have a tranny thats getting ready to go.
I love my Impala but the AC unit went out at 40,000 miles and a repair bill of $1,118.00. Just put $300.00 into the camber problem that Chevy should of recalled.
It has been a very good car mechanically. The rear end was an issue, wore tires out as the tires were pitched out on the bottom. Seems to be an issue with the police issue vehicles which Chevrolet took care of but the same issue. Contacted Chevrolet, they acted concerned but never did much more than phone tag or email. Finally put new struts on the rear and took it to a good alignment place and they modified the holes in the struts to get it aligned....figure on a $300 bill. If the car has new tires on it beware! Been a good car overall with 98k on it. Probably won't buy another Chevrolet since they gave me the run around.
making squeaking noise in the rear,like shocks or maybe even brakes
I've had a couple "$200" dollar problems but nothing too big. The great thing about these problems is they almost ALL occurred when I still had my bumper to bumper warranty. Other than these simple problems she's been nothing but Good to me. I love my Chevy just like any other proud Chevy owner should. I can confidently consider my car as a hobby of mine, yet an expensive one.
What can I say this is a very very good car if you are wanting plenty of passanger room,leg room,with excellent gas mileage. I have owned this car for one year. It has great power for when I need to get up and go. My only two complaint on this car is that there are no cup holders in the back seats??? And the driver front door is not very wide. I find my self having to be careful not to rip my pockets of my pants and gliding into the car.

Overall I am very happy with this car.
I've had this car about a year now and so far it's been pretty good. I was looking for a car that would be cheaper on gas and more reliable than my SUV and this was a good choice so far. Aside from regular maintenance, only a few problems. About a month after getting it would not start and took it to the dealer and was fixed at no charge. Under heavy acceleration the tranny doesn't want to shift until 5000 rpm (1000 before redline). On the positive side, the car is very easy to drive, a pretty comfortable ride for Michigan roads, and the E85 option for fuel, though it decreases mpg is nice for the environment