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2005 BMW X5 (3 Reviews)
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Really lovely car to drive,quiet,powerful,handles well,good brakes, tows my 23ft Haines Hunter boat easily, averages 20-23 mpg. Only trouble Ivé had is Alternator packed up at 200,000 kilometers which auto electrician said was caused by oil from an engine oil leak and allowing oil into cooling fins which caused brushes in Alternator to disintegrate. New Alternator $654.00 NZ. I did the job myself but not easy first time. Also top radiator hose the top plastic fitting onto the radiator neck became weak (plastic) and the fitting on it for the small hose to the expansion tank broke of. I tried to repair it reasonably well but bought a new one in the end. You have to by the whole thing even though it has 6 or so parts to it $ 260.00 NZ ??? Luckily I am a mechanic so do my own work but boy o boy these babies are not easy to work on I can see why it is costly to have repairs done !!! My car has done 202,000 k now and still runs sweet uses about a liter of oil in 10,000k ( most of it leaked ) Have changed the life long Auto trans fluid which is important to do I believe. I would have another one a later model and less Ks one day.
Good car so far when it come engine and driving but sensors go off like crazy. Luckily my hubby learn to read code himself and understand the car but otherwise might be in the dealer. Must sensor were false alarms. Costly when in need of repair. Glad we have the opportunity to own a BMW but might be our last due to high repair cost and ton of unneeded sensors. BMW makes them complicated to repair for to make money. Many things the regular mechanic can't due because special tools are needed. Lots of electric wiring. One window ($500 plus and only BMW had the tools) and sunroof motor ($2000+ but manage to get a discount) burned out and need replacement.
This car looks pretty good, and handles well in the rain (what little we have seen) and snow (in the mountains). It's a comfortable on the open road, and carries quite a bit of gear. No problems at all with this very low-mileage vehicle (7.5K per year). In fact, I don't believe this '05 X-5 is even broken in yet. City driving mileage pathetic at 15mpg, and we've sen 20+ on the freeways. My only concern is the 3.0 litre engine which is underpowered for the size and weight of this vehicle.