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BMW X5 (28 Reviews)
Have had my 2007 X5 4.8 for over a year, bought it as a replacement for my BMW 330CI. Have been completely satisfied with the car, plenty of power, good on the highway, responsive braking, all around good vehicle. I did replace the rear air springs as the passenger side was deflating when sitting for extended periods, about $340 in parts and repairs were done at a local garage for another $300. BMW has a very specific list of services that have to be performed at predetermined intervals, such as, changing the brake fluid, the engine coolant, the transmission fluid, and so on, the diagnostic system that comes with the car keeps you informed on what service is required and when. As a buyer it is imperative that you remember, you are buying a 9 year old vehicle, and your going to get some problems that occur with age, if you want one that requires little to no maintenance, buy a new one at 5 times the cost of a used 2007.
I absolutely loved my X5 at first. You couldn't tell me nothing. I thought I was the $HIT!!!
I brought my X5 about 3 years ago. the first year I had it everything was awesome. Then here comes the problems. It started with the air suspensions. Got them fixed at the dealer. $3000. Next it needed a module...Whatever that is. Another $1200. It drove ok for awhile then I was getting a 6 cyclinder misfire. I got a tune up and a diagnostic and car drove fine for another 6 months. Now check engine light came on and the fan started to run on high speed as soon as you turn the car on at a cold start. The claim my water pump and thermostat went. Got that fixed $2200. Now my check engine light is back on and I smell oil. Guess what now. Oil cooling unit and housing filter is leaking oil. That will be another $1200 also they claim I need a new valve cover gasket. $2000. WTF!!! Like really BMW get yall $hit together. We pay all this money for these damn cars and yall cant accommodate us and do a better job in building these cars??? I give up. Im trading my car in for a Audi A8.
Nothing but issue after issue. Lights ,valve covers,radiator, water pump you name it.3 batteries in 4.5 years.Bought the car in 2010 with 36,00 miles on it. Great car when it isn't acting up. Problem is that it has repair issues all the time.
I just got my 2007 BMW X5 and I love it...
I have never been so motivated to write a review of a vehicle. I have owned a lot of cars in life and fancy myself a bit of a backyard mechanic. I've spent a lot of time under the hood figuring out how to bring life back to my loved machines.

I'm now learning BMW is NOT a car to pick up if you want it to last you a lifetime and be that reliable partner in adventures you are expecting. New, they are outstanding machines. Used, move on.

Costly to repair and carrying this feeling of hesitation about doing anything but sitting at the curb these vehicles are a disappointment. I have an 01 X5 4.4. It sounds great has decent power but weighs as much as Jupiter so you miss out on all the good stuff once you spend some time with it.

Driving it is wonderful. You're seating in a very well thought out cabin with almost subconscious access to controls. The handling is excellent and the functionality keeps impressing you with each little discovery of "Oh they put that THERE? That's perfect".

I've owned mine for just under a year. In that time I've had to let the pros work on it a few times. It left me stranded on the highway when smoke began billowing from it's nether regions. $1200 PCV repair
The drive shaft and front crank case went on me a couple of weeks ago a block from my couch. That was $3800 and luckily the shop was able to find me a used part, new it was a $6000 repair.
I've also had a series of issues such as fuel filter replacement (that's normal wear and tear so I wasn't too concerned however I was on the highway out of town so had a shop do the work and the $250 price tag surprised me.
Heated seats stopped working.
My sunroof wouldn't close one day then just suddenly did. That was odd.
There's an oil leak from the drain plug which seems to just leak. This SHOULD be an easy fix...

I recognize I may have gotten "a lemon" as they say. However after reading so many reviews I have come to realize that's not true. These vehicles are marvelous new, but not built to last.

If you're looking at the price tag on an older BMW thinking "oh with just a few repairs I can bring new life and love to a used car" think again. Even with Bruce Wayne's trust fund you never see him in one of these, too expensive to maintain.

I don't trust it to take me to work anymore, every little sound smell and hesitation I fear is another fortune in repair costs out of my backyard league waiting to happen.

The romance is dead BMW. I think we should start seeing other people.
Really lovely car to drive,quiet,powerful,handles well,good brakes, tows my 23ft Haines Hunter boat easily, averages 20-23 mpg. Only trouble Ivé had is Alternator packed up at 200,000 kilometers which auto electrician said was caused by oil from an engine oil leak and allowing oil into cooling fins which caused brushes in Alternator to disintegrate. New Alternator $654.00 NZ. I did the job myself but not easy first time. Also top radiator hose the top plastic fitting onto the radiator neck became weak (plastic) and the fitting on it for the small hose to the expansion tank broke of. I tried to repair it reasonably well but bought a new one in the end. You have to by the whole thing even though it has 6 or so parts to it $ 260.00 NZ ??? Luckily I am a mechanic so do my own work but boy o boy these babies are not easy to work on I can see why it is costly to have repairs done !!! My car has done 202,000 k now and still runs sweet uses about a liter of oil in 10,000k ( most of it leaked ) Have changed the life long Auto trans fluid which is important to do I believe. I would have another one a later model and less Ks one day.
The worst truck I have ever had. Never again. And they talk about ford.
When it's running,it's great.But when you have problems with it. Ether you know what your doing,when it comes to working on it yourself or have plenty $$$$$.
My x5 has been nothing but problems. It's great to drive when it's fine but it spends most of the time in the shop. Will not purchase another BMW again! Be prepared to spend a lot in repairs even if you don't go to a dealer for service. Very disappointed not to mention the lack of thought in the design. Buyer beware..
First bought this X5 is very stunning good rugged looks but unlike other trucks this is elegant and stylish. Love bmw's because they never go out of style, even for an older model does not look so old. As with any car/truck common problems plauge such as Coolant reservoir, PCV system, Sway bar links, front axles, mass air flow meter to name a few. but not so bad.
I pruchased a 2003 BMW X5 and just about three years later, I had to replace the transmission and now I constately getting the warnings of Stop! Engine oil pressure but the truck do have oil within and I do not know if I should continue to drive the truck or not because I do not want to cause any damage to the engine. I do keep oil in the truck just in case. But between thursday and Monday, I have put more than 5 quarts of oil in it. I am going to take it to the dealership for them to find out what is going with the truck.
If you are going to own an X5 (mine is a 2003 with 98k), you MUST find a reliable mechanic outside of a dealership. I have a guy here in Houston at a little shack who is a wizard and is honest. The dealers are absolute thiefs both in their overcharging and willingness to find new, expenseive issues every time they pop the hood. These are wonderful cars but they will have minor issues with some regularity (as noted in these other posts) -- save 75% on these repairs by going outside the dealer.
Many costly repairs. Transmission $1000,battery $350 door latch $150 Brake lights $50 . Had car for 3 months. You pay dearly for nice style. Hondas are better because it goes a long ways with no repairs.
I have had a lot of steering problems
Good car so far when it come engine and driving but sensors go off like crazy. Luckily my hubby learn to read code himself and understand the car but otherwise might be in the dealer. Must sensor were false alarms. Costly when in need of repair. Glad we have the opportunity to own a BMW but might be our last due to high repair cost and ton of unneeded sensors. BMW makes them complicated to repair for to make money. Many things the regular mechanic can't due because special tools are needed. Lots of electric wiring. One window ($500 plus and only BMW had the tools) and sunroof motor ($2000+ but manage to get a discount) burned out and need replacement.
I purchased this car with 26000 mles on it. It now has 166000! Read the reviews and had many of the same issues. Wipers just stopped, the dealer tightened the linkage and used lock tight. Prob solved. Locks frozen in winter, try to get some lubricant in there if you can. Solved my problem and I had this issue for years. Console light intermittantly indicates that my headlight is out, but it is not. No major repairs and it is still going strong. It seems to burn oit though and I always keep 5 quart container of Mobile 1 and check between changes. Love my car. Would get another one but I want to see when this one gives out first..
Bought vehicle new - now has 125K miles. Great vehicle - excellent tow vehicle (5000 lb boat). Love the vehicle BUT costly to maintain and repair - has cost $0.15/mile for R&M.
my 2004 x 5 looks great, but so many problems at only 58k .this may be my last bmw.
Really nice car has 82000 had it two yrs now and only thing bothers me is the stock brakes leave a ton of dust on the wheels. If you open the back hatch with the button inside and then open & close any of the front doors it will cause the hatch to stick as it sucks the hatch down on the lock.
2004 x5 4.2 has many minor issues around 100K despite regular routine maintenance. Blower fan running right now despite having parked in the drive a 7:30 p, great riding mobile.
This vehicle is my life line when it comes to my occupation. I am so impressed with the reliability! I have 155,000 miles and counting. It is still like a new car
Overall great car, but I have had serious electrical issues with this car from day one. First the LEDs in the center console went out, the the doors wouldn't catch when closed (only in the winter oddly enough), then the sunroof would open at random times. Now, today, the windshield wipers suddenly just stopped in the middle of a downpour while we were on the highway. Otherwise, it's driven very nicely. Repairs are extremely costly though. Choose wisely!
Great car. Electrical problems but otherwise solid.
I bought my X5 new in 2001. In the beginning I had tons of minor issues, which were all covered under warranty. I only had one major repair since the extended warranty was up in 2008. I absolutely love my truck and hope to drive it for many more years to come.
Fantastic car. Especially love the tailgate on this model. Drives like a dream in rain & snow.
This car looks pretty good, and handles well in the rain (what little we have seen) and snow (in the mountains). It's a comfortable on the open road, and carries quite a bit of gear. No problems at all with this very low-mileage vehicle (7.5K per year). In fact, I don't believe this '05 X-5 is even broken in yet. City driving mileage pathetic at 15mpg, and we've sen 20+ on the freeways. My only concern is the 3.0 litre engine which is underpowered for the size and weight of this vehicle.