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2004 BMW 325i (9 Reviews)
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I have had so many problems with this car and I can speak to owning from the show room floor until now about 10 years so far. I have reached my last breaking point for us. It is so high maintenance lately that even things seem to break while it's parked. It started with transmission problems and had it in the shop 3 times in the first 6 months. First two times were said to be computer problems. The third time, being Florida has a 3 time lemon law, they kept it about a week and called in the engineers. I wish today that they couldn't fix it the third time and I could have walked back in and handed them the key and parted ways. However, I like the looks, sound, all that stuff and waivered on. Every time I turn around there's another engine light coming on for something. Had to replace the radiator, multiple valves, head gaskets, fuel pumps, you name it. Now the computer is bad and it'll cost around $1800.00 to fix. That's it will be cheaper for me to give this away than let it set in my garage.
what do you do if you changed the pvc valve hoses and the car was running but won't stop now what s the problem Anthony of Houston texas
Contrary to other reviews this car has been extremely reliable. It has only needed oil, fluids and bushings. The power from the 184hp engine is amazing and transmission is as smooth as silk. The AC is surprisingly very cold and all electronics work great. The steering is tight and the car handles like a dream. The styling is timeless. All in all an excellent car.
The window regulators had to be replaced on 3 of 4 windows. Car has 120K. Bought parts at Autozone/Ebay and installed myself. Care taken when removing door panel.Dealer wanted about $325. Got parts for around $90. Used existing window motors.
All I can say is BMW why can't you admit to a faulty VANO's system,did every thing to try to figure out stalling problem on cold starts, this is my last option hope it works rebuilding it now with new "improved o-rings"
bought the car 2010, 79,000 miles bought new tires,new brakes, one year later stalling problems,by the way it's a stick, found vacuum leak fixed it ,problem persists,stalling on cold starts, bring it to BMW dealer to read fault codes, it the computer ,now to find one and have it programed for my car, by the way dealer wanted $1600 just for the part , good luck with that,other options?
I previously purchased my first BMW new in 1987, it was a BMW 325 is, which I drove for 12 years and about 185,000 miles. I absolutely loved everything about this car, which had no problems - other than replacing a seat belt. It was a gem - extremely reliable and it drove great. This lead me to purchasing my second BMW. I purchased a new 2004 325 i - in late April of 2004, and it has truly been a nightmare vehicle! I' ve had more problems with this car than I can list. Almost from the beginning my car had problems with the engine and/or engine cooling system, (towed to dealership at least 4 -5 times for this alone.) the fuel system, fuel pump, gasoline delivery, radiator hoses, housing unit replaced, tail lights, turn signals, hazard lights, and door locks/latches sticking. I've been stalled along the highway, and in rural areas far too many times to count and towed to my home and/or the dealership around 6-8 times total. I have spent a small fortune on far too many repairs. Mostly, what frustrates me is the unreliability of this so-called very expensive luxury vehicle I purchased. I do not neglect my BMW, I schedule it for regular service appointments and follow the recommended guidelines of the owners manual. My BMW has a history of the service engine light coming on and the car's cooling system - overheating. I was recently stalled (again), where my BMW overheated. The dealership replaced the auxiallary fan, thermostat and a few others parts, totaling over $1,700. I had the vehicle home less than 12 hours and I was stalled the following day - again. Without going into a detailed account of my recent incident, the dealership stated that I need a new engine. My car has 105,000 miles on it with a service record a mile long. I do not want to put another dime into this vehicle. Nor do I want to get too far from home.To replace the engine will be around $3,800 to 5,000 - with minimal warranty. I recently paid my vehicle off (Jan. 2010) and was enjoying no car payments. After reviewing "the maintenance, recalls and technical service bulletins" on my 2004 325 i sedan - (the list of problems is almost 8 pages long) I believe my car is a lemon. I want the dealership to "man up" and replace my vehicle with a reliable car, at no charge to me. Does anyone know if a BMW dealership has any recourse with BMW (manufacturer) North America? Doesn't the dealership have a responsibility to fight for their loyal customers. I KNOW that I'm not the only one with problems, the list of complaints is lengthy. Any advse or suggestions?
I got my car with 38,000 on it. At 72,000 its had a radiator hose, belts, one wheel bearing, windshield spray pump, front and back rotors replaced(upgraded to cross drilled rotors and ceramic pads). Other than the spay pump thats mostly wear and tear parts. It has had no problems with the motor at all and I love this car. It looks as good as it drives.
I don't drive the car hard. Only 37K miles in 6 years, but so far no problems, just routine mintenance. One oil change. Still on the original set of brakes.

Only quality problem is exterior trim. Glue that fastens brackets to window trim is failing and falling off. No way to repair except buy a new trim piece.