Oil Pump

The oil pump creates the pressure necessary to circulate oil throughout the engine.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Oil Pump

  • Oil light may come on or engine oil pressure gauge will read low
  • The engine may make loud clicking or knocking noises

Oil Pump Related Repair Advice

  • Low oil pressure can be caused by using the incorrect type of engine oil. Be sure to check with your owner's manual to ascertain the correct type for your engine and climate.
  • The oil pressure should be checked before condemning an oil pump. A good quality repair shop will perform an oil pressure check and record the readings on the repair order.
  • Low oil pressure can be caused by a plugged oil pick-up screen, leaking seals, or worn bearings in the engine. It is important that these items are inspected before replacing the oil pump.
  • If the oil pump is located in the engine oil pan, the pan must be removed to replace it
  • If the oil pump is driven directly by the crankshaft, the accessory belts, timing cover, timing belt, and crankshaft pulley must be removed in order to access the oil pump

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