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I bought this 1997 Mercury Villager a year ago and overall I love it I drove in from work and from Little Rock to Pine Bluff and back from North Little Rock to Alexander Benton and Bryant all the time I put the miles on them about her at a hundred and twenty five thousand miles and so far she is sitting at 200500 miles not too bad she is really really good there's always some issues but that's just an overtime thing for how many miles that she had and as old as the vehicle is even better yet just come to find out the vg30 motor that's built into it is also the same motor that they used in the 300ZX from Nissan I said I never had a problem out of it other than the fuel pump but I replace the fuel pump replaced knock sensor and she was like a mofo I'm a delivery driver for Domino's down and so far I believe I put at least 50,000 miles on it what says I've been driving for Domino's and that was like almost here I can give it 5 Stars overall for reliability durability and easy and cheap to replace Parts I end up punching my transmission pan on the delivery one day and we got all my tranny fluid I went to the junkyard and I could not find his name anywhere other than the one that was wrecked that part was already gone so I looked around and I look at a Nissan Sentra looks like probably 99 to 2002 same type of transmission pan fits right on no problem about 25 bucks that's and there's a few other things I had to replace light brakes brakes up front cost me $13 and I did it myself it was quick and easy but despite the star-studded but I had to take out and I was kind of expensive but that's okay am 6 foot 4 about 300 pounds now it is a little cramps on my legs I mean with wives hey I got all the woman in the world but my knees are like seriously injured that has it's kinda quiet for a premium vehicle but other than that it's stable on the road it's quick and I did some tinkering and I managed to Max it out over 125 an hour and yes to point out I deliver pizza in this thing and yes I do that well all funny Parkside bad the durability this man is remarkable they don't make them like this anymore the parts that I can find from multiple year vehicles from the D12 Hardbody to the Nissan Sentra this thing is fairly easy to get parts from I even started looking for parts from the 300ZX 1984 just give her a little bit more power bill is 5 and 4004 pounds she is quick and easy to maneuver even though it's slightly top-heavy I love this man to death and I actually do show Much appreciation to the design and work has been put into it Nissan and Ford in a bang-up job I don't know why they got rid of partnership but they did a good job issues like fuel line issues in fairly easy to do yourself he doesn't even know how you can get the part fairly easy from from the distributor to the fuel pump is easy and quick to replace there's a little bit of Banner set socket what are you can do this yourself
how to repair waterpump
If You go banking or MDonalds better park and walk it save gaskets and seals. If "check engine" turn on buy a injector cleaner also before inspections. After 100t miles start full sintetic and You will get 99t more on that motor easy. Change transm oil, termostat and coolant at 90t, brake pahts every 50t , new tires as needed and You will be a happy person w low taxes and nice rides. My have 148t and no problems. New RadioCD and front wipers motor. Will keep it to end. Better ride that my Toyota corolla. Thanks Mercury.
my a/c compressor stay on at all the time even when the switch is off
I've had my van since new. I currently have 159,000 miles on it. The engine has been bulllet proof. Only negative with this car is it tends to go through front brakes every 15K miles. Front rotors also tend to warp to easily too. Another problem is that the front A/C - Heater fan speed resistor tends to burn out every year or so.

Major repairs (other than normal maintenance) include:
CV Shafts (LH 2x and RH 1x)
Rear O2 sensor
Engine Distributor (only time car left me strained on the road).
Motor mounts (all 4)
Lower Ball Joints
A/C - Heater Fan Speed resistor

I have had this Villager since September of 1999 when it was new. It has 125,000 original miles. Over all I have been very pleased with the van...used it to haul my wife and five daughters all over Texas, now it just gets me back and forth to work...Valve covers started leaking at 100,000 miles, replaced the front, back is a @#$&* to get to. Some electrical problems, had to have the front window motors replaced ...back power vent windows still do not work. front A/C went down last summer, rear A/C works so I have dryer tubing routing that to the front area...will have to break down some day and have it repaired, especially with summer coming.
I found this 2002 Mercury Villager Sport in Florida, the woman who owned it said it belonged to her husband and he died in 2004. I bought the van in 2011 AND IT ONLY HAD 34,994 MILER ON IT. THE ONLY PROBLEM I found was with the rear windshield wiper, it makes one swipe and goes to sleep. I guess I can't complain, I only paie 3000.00 for it and have put 1,000 miles on it had to replace some seals and all four wheels where she had let it set for 11 years. It is the best running vehicle I have ever had. Wouldn't buy anything else, run it until wheels fall off. Can anyone tell me whats wrong with rear windshield wipper. T. J.
Bought it used. The detailer had steamed the engine so I had to put in a new Alternator. While I was doing the normal used car 'runs fine' stuff I changed the filter and fluid in the Transmission. New Battery, Alternator, Trans Filter and Gasket. Pulled the radiator and cleaned the bugs out. So far it's great. The 'check engine light' is annoying. They have it set to have you turn off the overdrive. Doesn't need it, downshifts just fine with no load on engine. Love it. Only complaint would be the middle seat comes out fine. Back seat slides up, but not out. Could use the floor space but it's ok. Don't worry about the check engine light. It seems to actually come on less if you just use the down shift in the trans and leave the button alone.
I have had my 2000 villager for four years and i love it except for the fact the the brace for the motor broke off and took a piece of the frame with it. now it just sits in the drive with a jack unde the motor
I just bought this 2000 Villager and so far everything is great the side door on passenger side needs a handle but I got it for 4200.00 financed so I didnt do to bad,I will never EVER own a Dodge again the Caravans in the 90s have many problems that should have been recalled but they took the easy way out and let it go.little shimmy on passenger side after 65mph but im gonna have that fixxed and I will repost what it was I beleive its a ball joint going bad thats what it feels like...Very very confy love it hopefully it will last me a couple years.
425,000 miles on this car speaks for itself. Two timing belt replacements, plug wires, 1 water pump, 1 strut, 2 half shafts, belts & pulleys, 1 radiator, elect fuel pump in the tank.
Use AmsOil in engine & trans. Both original except as noted above. Has had body work done 4 times, but still drives as good as our 2007 Odyssey. All power windows & seat work fine. GREAT CAR, and still gets 22-24MPG.
Had this car since it had 10,000 mi on it and it has done well as it now is approaching 200,000. the ignition key switch was replace by a dealer and continued to be a problem to this day. Heater/AC controls for the rear had a bad ground the dealer couldn't fix (still bad after 12 years). Presently battery light flickers, ABS light comes on and off, and battery charging is not dependable now. Brakes in the front wear out frequently. Headlights burn out about twice a year.

Other than these things, i have been happy with this vehicle.

Good luck
I just bought this car with 168k miles and so far it is the most comfortable car I have driven. Good on milage. My van also has a little shake on 65mph. I did not take it to any shop yet, so I do not know what it is. Another auto center told me that the van needs some service on transmission because the fluid is turning light. Everything is working except the A/C and Heat. A/C needs to be replaced and the heating is not blowing warm air. It also does not blow any air to windshild.
Last thing that is calling my attention is a little smell of burning rubber coming from the front brakes when I got home.
Despite of those problems I am very glad with this car.
165,000 miles and still going despite some work, very reliable, recent needed work fuel pump.
I have had this van since 1997. From 16,000 to 135.000 and it has paid for itself. It has needed repairs but considering the years - it has been reasonable. It will probably do another 100,000.
have driven this van 95000 miles no problems at all except now it is rusting under doors , very reliable this is the only problem and they tell me fixing it will only help for maybe a year that it will keep on rusting. any suggestions?
I purchased this out of desperation as a previous van I owned was hit by a deer. As I travel six states with my business, I was in a fix. The salesperson and I knew each other fairly well and he had me look at a Villager LS. It had just over 64,000 miles on it and he showed me the paperwork on it. Nearly all the miles were highway miles as evidenced by the small paint chips on the hood. That was 10 years and nearly 300,000 miles ago. I still use it everyday and just put another 1000 miles on it this week. There are some problems with the engine light sensor, which seems to warn me earlier than before when the oil needs changing, but I change it and the light goes off. The ABS light stays on, and brakes do wear a little more quickly than I'd like. I've replaced the 6 cd changer twice as I listen to a lot of cds and don't listen to the radio, and I don't even know if it works. The interior is fine and I love the digital read out. To the point- best vehicle I've ever owned.
Obviously, I have had few problems with this van. It is roomy and comfortable. I am able to carry all the stuff I need to haul. My only vexing problem, after about 130,000 miles, is a shimmy at 65 MPH plus on the freeway. Not dangerous, not getting worse, and not getting better. I have had the front end serviced, replaced parts, tires rotated,spin balanced. But, nothing has worked. Any suggestions on how tho fix the problem will give you good karma. I will appreciate it, too!
My 1993 Villager is a hand me down, But I love it. Millage is currently at 193,000 and those last 90,000 were probably a a torcher test as my relative is not big on oil changes or general car maintenance. front brakes have needed replaced twice since I bought it three years ago, it only get driven around my town, lots of stop and go...the seat belt both driver and front passanger are stuck in an upright possition... I had more than 5 poeple stop me in parking lots and comment that they used to have villagers and loved them...
pleased with van. One problem we seem to not be able to figure out is it keeps coming up with a p0300 multi cylinder misfire. We are completely lost. Done tune up, new distributor,timing,brakes,oil change. If anyone is having this same problem please contact me via email and let me know. Tired of paying mechanic bills. email is
great ride & good mileage. Experience problem with cruise comtrol
and air conditioner
owned the 95 villager for a year now and i find it good on gas and easy to handle. for it's age and over 255thou km it is holding up very well. just having a problem with air flow sensers but otherwize normal maintainance.
Bought used from dealer at 26000 now 86000. Excellent car. No major problems except replaced front axles at 79000 and one fuel injector replaced. Good gas mileage, 19-20 in town, 24-26 on highway. Middle seat heavy to remove and replace.