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Mercury Sable (59 Reviews)
I have owned my Sable LS Premium for 11 years, bought it used with 11,000 miles on it. I've hardly had any problems with the car. I had to replace the transmission position sensor on top of transmission, cheap repair. Had to replace ac clutch and pulley last summer. Replaced engine and transmission gaskets due to some slight leaking. The brakes were original to the car and lasted 75,000 miles and still weren't worn down completely but changed them anyway. It now has almost 78,000 miles on it and still drives very strong and is a very dependable car and always has been. I have no complaints whatsoever about my sable!!!
II have a 2002 mercury and it keeps cutting off I change the wires and the plugs change the water pump got a new starter..changed the battery.Idk can someone please help me it keep cutting off now it's making some popping noise
The 2002 Mercury sable is a all around reliable car. However I did encounter a few problems. Recently I had to replace the alternator, the Power Steering pump leaks a little, I need to replace the Inner Tie Rods and possibly the outter ones, and after putting in fuel treatment/injector cleaner several times over the past 6 months, Im still getting poor gas mileage??
The Sable is probably the most troublesome car that I have ever owned. There have been multiple things that have broken and it's never something cheap. First, it was the fuel pump. Then, the alternator, the starter, the bearings, electrical problems, and now my transmission is starting to stick and has even fallen out of gear a couple times. By far, the worst car that I have ever owned.
best damn car i ever owned 21 years + 88,000 miles will drive it forever!
i have a 2008 sable it just started jumping in first gear only when i pull off from da light it the transmission or a o2 senor
Why would a Torque Converter fail when the car had less than 83,000 mils
I bought this car for my wife in 2006 and she has driven it daily since. She has been very happy with the car and it seems to be holding up well. She has 126,000 on the odometer and just put a new set of michelins on the car...the second set. Not perfect ratings due to the spoiler paint fading unlike the rest of the body and sporadic windows not working in the AM, although the dealer fixed that problem when I paid the 900 for a major tuneup,. brakes, and a couple of small repairs. Yes, we are both very happy with the car and an sorry to see the three others are having problems with their Sables.
One of the best cars I have ever owned. 180000 miles and other than brake pad being replaced never had to touch a thing.

Luxury ride and great interior. I cannot say enough about this cars quality.
Parts are easy to find for it. In the last year I've had to put around 2k into suspension and steering components alone. Besides that the engine is reliable and I haven't had problems elsewhere. (131,000 miles)
I bought 2004 mercury sable LS premium 24v dohc in 2010 the car had 23700 miles now I have 69850 miles a year after purchase replace ignition coil in #1 cylinder other than that has been a good car.If i find another mercury sable LS v6 24-v dohc I will purchase it!!!
I have had a Mercury Sable - DOHC new from the showroom since January 2000. I had a problem with it trying to overheat whenever the temp was over 85 degrees, but because of a great mechanic who refused to fix things on suspicion, it did take about 2 years to reslove - couldn't get the issue to replicate in the shop. It was suggested that we wash the engine, and that fixed the issue - cost of $00000. The air intakes were clogging up because of Cotton wood and other air borne crud. Replaced the springs both front and back like most other owners - not an expensive fix. The brakes have required only normal maitenance in the 165000 miles I have driven it. I do see on my car and similar cars for about the year (Taurus and Sable's), rust on the rear rocker panels. My mechanic has said that the body will wear about before the engine. I beleive him. Car fires right up in below zero weather every time! I can live with the rust issue when the car has been this reliable. I would buty this car again.
I brought my 2005 mercury sable in 2010, it ran fine until 2012, Aug the light came on, took it to Auto Zone, etc, it said the sensors were bad six of them. Pep Boys said they could not all be bad. The transmission went out and the car kept overheating, I would up paying for a new computer chip, about $700.00, had the heating repaired, $85.00, the transmission redone and ball joint changed $1900.00, $300.00 for tune up. This thing eats gas like 10 dollars every 2 days whether I drive it or not. I have the vehicle from hell now. The light came on and I kept trying to get it off. It finally went off. Now, I'm told I need to pay $80.00 to get the computer reset because of the transmission work. the gear shift indicater will not stay in gear.. Worst piece of _______
I have ever owned. Will not even say the word again.
When I first bought my 2000 Mercury Sable, I had starting issues, plus stalling on me. Then we took it to Ford garage and 3 other mechanics....NO CODE errors came up on their high tech machines. So, my husband n I did the process of elimination with help of the fancy mechanics manual. Found that if we wiggle 2 different megafuses, it would start. Then we had to replace 3 important electrical parts, ECM was one of them...Now it works, starts, very nicely. Great car, but I found that if I put the car in 2nd it goes up the hills nicely without the skipping and bucking, then put in OD once over the hill. Now, I am trying to figure out why I only have the high speed wipers. Replaced the arm that runs the wipers, but no change with new piece. If anyone has any idea what else I need to try, please post your solution.
I drove my Sable out of the Manhattan showroom Christmas 1993 and she has been a very sweet ride for the last 19 years and 180,000 miles. I had various parts replaced in recent years ie: alternator, water pump, radiator. Major issue was the head gaskets replaced Jan 2011 and for no apparent reason since the car never ran low on coolant or overheated. Its 6000 miles later and she flys as she always has. She is happiest on the open road in any kind of weather torrential rain or snow this car is unwavering and stable holding the road like a magnet.
I have had the car for 18K miles now and have put in about $2,000 in repairs. Mainly due to not having inspected it properly when buying, so its my fault really.

In response to the post by "Visitor, Prescott, WI, February 18, 2012 23:01" I had the same problem where it turns off when stopping. This is very likely because the car is not getting much Oxygen. The primary cause of it was a hole in the main air line (underneath) so it was not easily detectable because it was not visible. There was also a leak in the manifold exaust. It cost about 300 to fix the issue.

In response to the post about going up hill and the tc going up but not shifting. I have a similar problem. My car hesitates in shifting when I am going up a steep hill. It doesn't know whether or not to upshift or downshift and kind of jerks a bit. I don't have a solution for you though :(
My Mercury Sable is a p.o.s. Worst car I have ever owned. Bad gas milage, transmission, breaks, air. NEVER have I had to spend so much money in car repairs. Would not ever buy another FORD product.
I'm glad I read the first story, because of the comment about the gap between the dash and instrument cluster. My car has this, and I assumed it was because the car was hit and maybe someone did a lousy job fixing it. I bought the car used so I don't know its history. I bought this as a station car but have gotten fairly good use out of it. It has a lot of features. Acceleration isn't impressive for a 200hp car, but maybe the car wasn't well maintained and needs a fuel filter replacement. It's homely in black, though, but not a lot of choice in the used car market in this price range (cheap!)
I bought my 97 sable in 2000 and I love her and am having a hard time parting with her. She still runs but is on her last legs the only real issue I have was with the a/c it is very expensive to repair so I have been done without foir several years. It was a great car for teaching the kids to drive and I am looking for another. I will drive her till she no longer runs which will be very soon hence looking for another. The transmission was rebuilt several years ago and it still runs
the engine light has alway been on since I bought her & the several mechanics I took her to cannot find out why so I dont let it bother me I would recommend the sable for anyone who wants a reliable car
I bought a 2000 mercury sable ls last june. i have replaced the tyrods,breaks,struts,ball joints,front control arm. recently i have been driving and everytime i come to a stop light or stop sign it wants to die and will. Even in the mornings it will not stay started it kills. so i have to keep my foot on the gas. and when i am at stop lights and signs i have to keep my foot on the break with one foot and use the other to rev the engine so it does not die. it is driving me nuts for how much i have put into this car.
I have a 2003 sable wagon and I am have a proble with the seedometer bouncing when in idle and in geen but not moving. It will bounce up to 60mph and the car stalls out when it starts bouncing really badly. It will even cut on and right back on while driving it. I really dont know why and it's freaking me out really badly. The shop keeps telling me there is nothing wrong with it.
I bought a used 2000 sable and absolutely love the car but i've been some kind of issue with the car going up hills. For some odd reason the tac is going up but the car is not shifting out of low gear and is taking me up over the hills at 40 mph. There is no noise coming from the engine and no shifting problems otherwise with the car. Does any one else out there have the same problem or know what this might be? Is there a sensor for this? Please help
We have own this car for 2 yeaars. The fuel milage is rated at 29 hwy 24 around town. We around town about 17 miles per gal. Hwy at the best is 25 miles per gal. Ford garage say there nothing wrong and it is not the diver. it also very from time to time. It run great.

1989 sable original owner 3.8L. Gas peddle got stuck on full throttle. I managed to brake and release pedal that was flat to the floor. Is this technical bulletin sheet issue?
I just bought a Pre owned 1997 Mercury Sable from someone. I just have a question maybe someone out there is a mechanic or knows something about this. I turn the steering wheel and it like makes a noise kinda like an runs and drives great but just wondering what it might be. I have not been a mechanic in so many years. does anyone know is it a belt or the Rack or what do you think it might be. I would love to hear from someone if they know something. I am in MN. my email is so if someone possibly knows and can tell me. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks Sean
got a 1996 gray as my first car, 126,000 miles and its still running like a champ for the year. i only have small issues [the brakes pull very slightly to the left over 55mph, it idles at 1-1/2 but thats to be expected of a 15yr old car, and the a/c needs recharging] every thing else is smooth as silk. id recommend mercurys to the grave. and yea it is a taurus and vice versa
MY 97' SABLE, was my 1st car, and i loved it like it was a luxurious car, UNTILL it started to mess up a year after i bought it.
my dash-board 's electricity was shot, so the check-engine light would stay on, the car door open light would stay on, which means my interior lights would not cut off unless the car was off and sitting for an hour, and when i made right turns, my power-steering would cut completely off. My car radio would only work in Park, and Neutral. And my car would only have electrical problems in Reverse, Drive(1 and 2)
i still haven't gotten it fixed but as soon as i do i'll be happy again.
but other than ALL THOSE PROBLEMS, it rides so smooth!
My 2000 mercury sable has been unreliable. I bought it used with 69,000 miles in '03 and rebuilt the top half of the engine with 80,000 miles on it due to a burnt valve in early '04. Next the transmission went in mid '05 with 92,000 miles. Now in 2011 with 149,000 the transaxle is giving me problems and car will not go into any drive gears. My suggestion is to stay clear of all mercury products. If you have not had a problem yet one is surely soon to happen.