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Isuzu Ascender (6 Reviews)
I bought this SUV in spring of '08, she only had 40,000 miles on her. This has been the best vehicle I have ever owned, still looks gorgeous and drives like a caddy! However, this past year and with a now 122,000 miles she having issues, mostly electrical, but if I'm not replacing one headlight or tail lite, and engine light now on, something to do with some idle "what what", now must get that repaired, all and all for 8 yrs old, she's still the best and also.....she's paid for too!
my ascender has has problems with two throttle body changes, recalls, two bad ignition switches, gear box, air conditioner blows through only two vents. and dealer changed sensors so many times so cincinnati now has no dealers after all have closed. now who will really fix my truck or do i find new dealer to give my funds to just to have it have issues they claim to fix. help i need my huge investment to run i homeschool and need a running vehicle again.
Electrical problems from day 1 with this vehicle. Alternator replaced 6 months after purchasing brand new. Lights flicker on and off, key remote stop working and back hatch will not open. It rides great but too many issues...
Engine vibration
My Husband brought my Ascender in 2004 as a Mother day gift to me.. I was so happy about my brand new gift.. "A Car that I had prayed for. Well the story go's like this. Day one first it was the gas cap three times i went bk becos my light came on all due to the gas cap. then my car went in again for another job which cost me between 5,000 to 7,000 to fix.My Husband brought the extended plan for me,the another exited,something to do with my radiator??and 700$ went to fix my car which came out pocket..then another problem happen and now my car is in the shop at cutter ford again??this time its my ignition coil,and a mis fire on one of the cyclander,Cutter Ford service dept said it would be better to change all of them which is 6. Now its another cost to repair.. The problem is that I never enjoyed my mother's day gift at all.. My ascender saw the car doctor then me as the owner... Is there anyone out ther who know the Makers of Ascender/Isuzu cars..they really need to help me with my car. And the real trouble is that Jackson Auto sold this car to me,and now they are out of Business here in Hawaii/the island of Oahu-Honolulu...Each state has the Lemon law,however my car(Ascender/Isuzu was made with Defects from start to finish and it hurts so much. I'm due for a brake with I'm so tired of paying for the OWNER DEFECT WHEN THEY BUILT MY CAR...BECAUSE THERE IS NO END TO MY PROBLEM, PLEASE SOMEONE IF U KNOW WHAT TO DO PLEASE CONTEXT ME I REALLY NEED HELP WITH MY CAR...PLEASE HAVE COMPASSION ON my email. I needed to tell someone about my story..the owner who builded my Isuzu/ascender will not help??and I know that there's a listening Ear out there who can help,and direct me to a person who really cares....thank you Kar
I bought my 2006 Isuzu Ascender brand new in July of '06. I absolutely love this vehicle! I am going on 4 years now and have had no issues until last week. I have to replace my alternator and battery. I think that 4 years is pretty good for no issues!!!

I originally bought this SUV because I needed something with more room in it. This vehicle is the size of an Explorer, yet it has way better gas mileage. I usually get 29 mpg, hwy, and 25-26 mpg, downtown. I have yet to find a regular SUV with that kind of gas mileage.

The Ascender drives like a dream. Even my mother, who refuses to drive anything but small cars likes to drive my Ascender. It is very comfortable, and doesn't feel like you are in a big vehicle. If anyone is getting one of these, I recommend getting one with the separate air/heat controls in the back. Otherwise, your passengers may not get comfortable.

My only regret buying this SUV is not getting the 7-passenger. I never thought I would need the extra flip up seats in the back, but since I get such good gas mileage, everyone always wants to ride with me, and there always seems to be more people than my 5-passenger can handle (especially now that I have 2 children)! :)