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Isuzu Amigo (2 Reviews)
Bought my baby in 2004 with 80k miles on it. The owner of the car put 50k miles on it the year before I bought it. It now has 223,000 and still going strong. Only thing that I wish was better is the valve cover gasket, I have replaced two of them. The large tires help handling. 2.2L Engine still runs good. Five speed tranny is fun and crisp. Mileage is averaging 23mpg. Wish they kept making them. May have to retire her cause parts are getting scarce.
Bought this Isuzu (my 3rd) new from the dealer in 2000. It was the last of the Amigo badged, 2-door Rodeos. It came with 6 cyl. engine (lots of torque), a trans-cooler and heavy-duty draw-tite hitch (hard top model). I towed trailers and boats with nary-a-problem except for stopping. The brakes were never great for stopping short especially loaded with camping gear. After 10 years and two teenagers, the Amigo looks and runs great. The engine still has lots of torque and repairs have been the usual stuff. A few weather-strip leaks on doors (but never any leaks on the dual sun roofs). AC & Heating could be better but that was not a key feature needed for this fun-to-drive vehicle.