The heater hoses provide a flexible connection for coolant flow between the engine and the heater core.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Heater Hose

  • Coolant leak if hose cracks
  • Little or no heat from heater

Heater Hose Related Repair Advice

  • Since they're likely the same age and in similar condition as the hose being replaced, you might want to consider replacing the heater hoses when any coolant hose is replaced
  • We recommend replacing the hose clamps, as the clamps will weaken over time and new clamps will help prevent coolant leaks
  • Coolant hoses can be damaged by oil leaks. The issue should be addressed in order to avoid damaging the new hoses.
  • During replacement of the heater hoses, the heater control valve should also be replaced (if equipped)

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