Heater Core

Symptoms of Wear or Failure

  • Little or no heat
  • Coolant leak under the dashboard
  • Windows may fog up
  • Sweet smell inside the vehicle
  • Mysterious coolant loss

Related Repair Advice

  • Some vehicles may require removal of the dashboard to replace the heater core
  • Some vehicles will require the evacuation and recharging of the air conditioning system, which can increase the cost of repair
  • We recommend using a high-quality replacement heater core. Cheap heater cores tend to leak and not last very long.
  • The heater hoses should be inspected when replacing a heater core. Problems with the heater hoses can cause similar problems to a failing heater core and are less expensive to correct.
  • Worn engine mounts allow the engine to move more than normal, which can damage heater core connections. Worn mounts should be replaced to avoid damage to the new heater hoses.