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GMC Sonoma (20 Reviews)
Bought 1997 Sonoma with 4.3 V6 and 5 speed Trans with 36000 miles on her. Since then I have 0ver 373000 miles on her as of today. She's one tough truck. Since New I have replaced 1 water pump, 1 fuel pump, 1 intake gasket. Believe it or not. I,m still on the original clutch, though She starting to chirp once in a while now. So my baby letting me know its getting to be time for replacement. I'm not afraid to travel anywhere in Her. and as I work out of town we've spent a lot of long hours on the road. Hope to find out just how long she'll keep going. And I'll definitely be buying another GM truck if its got the Vortec Engine.
We have just hit 198,000 miles today with no major problems our 14 years together have been good she had 6 miles when I bought her and yes there has been a lot of parts replaced but she only stranded me once when I put a cheap starter on her. she has only had mobile one oil and will run very ruff if she sits for more than 4 days. any way you do the math she is well worth it, and I don't know what I can replace her with when her wheels fall off ( yes I have replaced all four wheel bearing )
I have the same problem, that was addressed some years ago, Without an answer that Question is "I have gas going into my exhaust pipe, I have changed spark plugs and wires, Fuel injector, coil pack, pressure tested cylinder number 4, It still has gas going into the exhaust pipe,on cylinder number 4, Someone told me it may be my fuel regulator any other suggestions , I WANT TO HEAR THEM,HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THIS PROBLEM ON A 2000 GMC Sonoma 2.2 liter motor??
brought truck into garage for possable work on the ABS and Check engine light. they said it was the abs computer and the tuck computer were not working property. drove truck home aprox. 5 miles. truck sat in driveway 1 month. drove it 5 miles up the road starting loosing power and check engine light started blinking. turned around and drove home, picked up plugs and wires figuring they were bad, pulled them and they looked new, checked fluids at this time and found no Transmition fluid. found the bolts on the transmition pan finger tight figured i was there, so i changed the filter and oil transmition. i changed the oil as well. truck still running like crap, changed the break position sensor. truck atleast stays running and throtles up but no power still, next step changing out the fuel filter. but truck sounds like a moped. at this time any ideas.
i have a 2000 gmc sonoma im havin problem with my vechile there is gas goin into my exhaust and i had change my sparks plugs and the wire and even the coil on it is there a reason why its doin tht
I can assure you if you have a feul filter on the car with many
miles the fuel filter can cause blockage and cause the vehicle to stall. To much E-85 fuel or fuel with the added ethenol can
cause dirty and dripping injectors and you should change the fuel filter 25-30 thousand miles/2 years. Rule out the obvious
lest expensive first. You will probaly do some needed PM.
I have a 97 gmc sonoma and it stalls out at times while driving. the mechanic can't find the reason for it happening. He thought it was the module so he changed it but it stalled out again. I suggested that it might be the fuel filter but he said that was not possible. Any suggestions?
one of the reasons why a fuel pump goes bad is lack of changeing the filter and the pump has to work harder to push the fuel through the system
my 2001 sonoma is giving me a hard time
Have had the Ext Cab V6 engine model since new (now 91,000 miles). Now have problem with ABS LIGHT on dash - no one knows what to do to fix it. Have replaced the 3rd door latch 3 times - running lights go off when direction signal is on - but seems everyone has the same problem and GM does nothing to remedy it. Do routine maintenance and it will run forever, I hope. Would rather spend a couple hundred dollars a year for maintenance than to incur a $350 a month car payment.
Great truck that will get you anywhere, mine is a Vortec 4.3L V6 and gets 22-24miles to a Gal. Nuts!

It can take me on 4 hours trips or across the street. Drives in water and snow ok. Get the 4x4 though the RWD is not very good in Snow/Water.
I have a 2001 GMC Sonoma with 139K wit a 2.2L 4.... Great engine never had a problem with it, Just needs a little more power.... Had transmission flush and a coolant flush wit a new water pump... And at some point A/C clutch went out :( other than that a very strong truck!!! :D
awesome little truck that i bought for my kids and now is a family run around vehical. Have found it very low maintenance and dependable. It might sit for 6 months then get used for 10000 miles in 2 months etc etc. With regular maitenance it has been a great little truck and i expect to have it around for many years to come!
Good truck have broken it in with 453,000 on it . All original motor 4.3 just keeps going and going. Passes emish with flying colors. Just keep them cool and tuned and run super in it will last for ever.
This truck is dependable for work use for me. I replaced the engine in this and at the same time replaced the transmission with the correct one. The image here is not the same type as mine as mine is a swb with a regular cab. Has a 5 speed transmission with a 2.5L engine in it.
I have a 02 GMC Sonoma and the passager side cab is rusting. The thired door handle broken because its plastic. Its automatic and some times when shifting it does not seem like it wants to shift. The daytime running lights work but when I turn on the turn signial they go out until the turn signial goes out.
4.3 v6 is a great engine. drives and handles great.
gets 22 mpg at 70mph on interstate.
A door pin was replaced and then the third door was readjusted and wind noise is gone. Have problems with seat belt on occasion not retracking properly. Still get antifreeze smell on certain dial settings.

The truck has developed wind noise on the drivers side door upper right. Had trouble keeping the antenna screwed on but I think the dealer took care of that. Tried E-85 fuel but truck ran terrible and it sucked up the e-85 like it was nothing. Get much better power from gasoline. Don't particularly like the double door as the doors tends to move when traveling over the cities's bumpy roads. I get an anifreeze smell when heater is on max setting in about 7 minutes but if I turn the setting down there is no smell.
My 4wd Sonoma has been an excelent truck. The engine has a bit of a rough idle (from new) but runs strong and gets OK gas mileage. Front brakes wear out on the early side and now I have developed a noise in the front end, maybe worn control arm bushings. The only major repair has been a fuel pump replacement at 70k.