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My only problem in my 2009 canyon with 4cyl engine extended cab occured after 100,000 miles.For some reason the engine would not start.If I wait for 15 minutes the engine started.This usually happens once a month. I now have 150,000 after seven years.


I own a 09 GMC Canyon and I have had it in and out of the transmission shop since I have had it! it has a warranty yet after I get it fixed it starts shifting hard from first to high!
I am so flustered about this. Thank you
I bought this truck new. Put the first set of front brakes on at 95k miles. Back brakes at 100k. Had a couple of glitchy electrical issues in 9 years, nothing serious. For some reason it eats lights. Have changed probably 6 head lights, and just as many brake, turning and running lights. Just hit 140k and had to take it to the garage for the first time. Totally my fault. Plugged oil return ports. Have heard people complain about the 3.5 5cyl. but I tow a trailer with a bobcat skidsteer every day accounting for probably 100 of the 140k miles on my truck and have never had an issue with power and still get great gas mileage. I love this truck.
Family member disabled, 07 Canyon not driven or seldom started in 1 year; now dead battery (NE area 13502); do we need new battery or will it last with a jump and recharged by driving?
96548 miles as of 29 august 11

plastic parking brake handle separated from parking brake cable assy at cable plastic snap end (one of two tabs broken off). no repairable. requires cable assy change. snap end molded onto cable.

stop lite bulbs inop. found bulb wire contacts and bulb socket contacts corroded due overheat typical of high current draw.
cleaned sockets and replaced bulbs as required.

engine intermittently runs rough/hesitates at idle and sometime quits. when steady, idle at 600 rpm. during rough event, rpm drops to approx 500 rpm and recovers back to six. no problem starting / restarting after quitting on its own. occurs when engine at normal temp. changed air filter no help. suspect possible bad/ contaminated fuel load. treated twice with injector cleaner no help. replaced and gap checked spark plugs no help. checked for vacuum leaks and none found/obvious. no check engine mil lite on.
no fault coded detected.

several radio/cd select switches legend background lites burnt out.

to date no air filter available, except napa.

black plastic trim atop cab "rain gutter" disbonded at aft end where it curves down. bonding poor. plastic has high memory.
cleaned trim with mek and rebonded same but loosens again in time.

front tires worn prematurely. tire outboard tread feathered and worn thin relative to center and inbd tread section.
front end grossly misaligned. aligned same and replaced front tires.

warranty doesn cover any of above problems
Purchased new and to date w/60,000 miles this is a good dependable vehicle, good fuel mileage. The rear brakes squeak occasionally and with the high back rear seats vision is slightly obstructed.
I purchased my new Canyon in Dec. of 08.
Firstly, I am extremely satisfied with the performance, relaibility, and versatility.
It out performs any other truck in its class with great fuel mileage, and tow/haul capacity.
This truck rides nice and handles perfectly.
But it does have its faults.
1. I find that a lot of parts wear or fail too prematurely.
This I find unacceptable.
Things I had to fix or have replaced
Repaired myself - Heater resistor circuit for HVAC fan speed (connector plug was burnt)
Failed and replaced at 2010 inspection year (MVI) - Inner tie rod (front end steering part)
NOTE: If I could have had the option of using MOOG replacement parts, I would have.
All original parts are none servicable (none greasable) that is why they wear out.
Lube Oil and Filter (there is nothing to lube but the door hinges, and they don't even do the tail gate latch - I have to do that myself)

Dash light sometimes fail to come on at night. Radio light blinks. A/C switch only worked on high.
My problems are rough idle, that I don't know how to fix and the brackets in both windows broke so now I can't roll my windows down at all and then the mirrors quit moving. What to do?
I have a 2004 GMC Canyon with 80500 miles on it. I recently had to put in the shop for a total of close to 45 days. During this time Haselwood GM Supercenter was suppose to fix a factory bulletin regarding the head on my truck. After being without my truck for almost a month I got the truck back and it ran rougher than when I put the truck in the shop. They some how missed a bulletin regarding the throttle body even though I had asked if there where any other outstanding issues. The whole better part of a month I was without a rental. After the throttle body cleaning the truck still ran rough. I took the truck back and and was advised that the gas in my truck contain to much ethanol @ 11-12%. I was advised to use a higher grade gas. I have been running a higher grade for the past couple weeks. The truck still runs rough in the morning. But besides that I had an even greater problem today. The drive shaft for my truck literally fell off tonight. there has also been other issues with the truck in the past, a malfunctioning gas cap, broken U-Joint, torn front drive boot, brake light failure, history of mis fires, brakes that last 15,000 miles and not having a horn installed by the factory.
this has been a very good truck I haven't had any problems at all with it