GMC Canyon Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your GMC Canyon

GMC Canyon
$80 to $119
GMC Canyon
$545 to $802
GMC Canyon
$569 to $1,106
GMC Canyon
$295 to $623
GMC Canyon
$525 to $969

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The HVAC blower motor may stop working at one or more speeds due to a faulty blower motor resistor block. Our technicians recommend to confirm the resistor is at fault by first checking the operation of the switch.

The engine may develop a misfire due to worn valve seats. This fault will cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate. Replacement of the cylinder head may be required to correct this concern.

Illumination of the Check Engine Light can be caused by a loose or worn gas cap.

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truck is cranking almost sounds like it is not getting any fuel.

Took it to the dealership. to repair the right brake hub and ABS sensor was 710.00. Everyone says that was too much. They charged me 3 hours of labor.Brakes started making noise and ABS fault/traction light would go off and on. Also has 270,000 miles. I don't doubt it needed it just wondering...

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The latch for the console compartment lid may not operate properly and may allow the console compartment open. Dealers will replace the console compartment latch assembly free of charge to resolve the concern.

The front brake calipers may have an issue from the manufacturing of the metal caliper body, resulting in brake fluid leakage. Dealers will inspect and replace the front brake calipers if necessary free of charge to resolve the concern.

The driver's front seat frame attachment hooks may not be secured to the vehicle body as required. Dealers will inspect the seats and correct their installation as necessary free of charge to resolve the concern.

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Dash light sometimes fail to come on at night. Radio light blinks. A/C switch only worked on high.

My problems are rough idle, that I don't know how to fix and the brackets in both windows broke so now I can't roll my windows down at all and then the mirrors quit moving. What to do?

this has been a very good truck I haven't had any problems at all with it

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